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  • Vicki Powell

    Benjamin Bridges Powell
    M. Miss Nancy Lancaster
    Daughter bet 1825-1830
    James A. Powell abt 1828
    Son Bet 1830-1835

    James A. Powell m. Mary

    There Childeren:

    Martha M. b abt 1849 Missouri
    William b. abt 1850 Missouri
    Phoebe b. abt 1853 Missouri
    Temperance “Tempe” b. abt 1855 Missouri
    Benjamin B. b. about 1860 Missouri
    Tom b. abt 1863 Illinois
    Jake C. Mar 12, 1867 Illinois
    James Morris b. abt 1867 Missouri d. abt 1917 Oklahoma
    Fannie b. abt 1870 Granby Twp, Newton County, Missouri
    Oscar Perry b. aby 1872 Illinois d. abt 1945 Oklahoma
    Rosy b. abt 1876 Missouri

    My Grandfather was James Morris Powell, my father his son William Norris Powell.

    According to my father in 2001, James A. Powell was a civil war veteran in either Missouri or Illinois. He said that James had a second wife, Elizabeth Shipman b. 1842. This seems to be a late in life marriage with no known children.

    On the 1960 census for Newton Co, Mo, Van Buren Twp. James Powel and Benjamin Powell’s neighbor is Mitchell Shipman and he has a daughter Elizabeth who is 3 years old. I believe that this is the Elizabeth that James A. later marries after Mary dies.

    The younger boys of James A. and Mary (James Morris, Oscar Perry, and Jake C.) having been raised by older sisters left home young and went to the new territories in Oklahoma.

  • Hi Vicki, Thanks for the information. It is good to hear from another from my husband’s Powell family. As you probably read on my website, we now have DNA proof that my husband descends from the Isle of Wight Co., Virginia Powells. Now I need to connect our known Benjamin Bridges Powell back about 150 years to those early Powells — No easy task!! Do you perhaps have any information on the identify of Benjamin Bridges Powell’s parents?

    Thanks for sharing your information.
    Elaine Powell

  • Amanda Powell

    I have just googled my dad’s name John Powell 1939-2008 and it is uncanny how alike he is to this man in the photo.

  • Elaine Powell

    Hi Amanda,
    Do you know your dad’s lineage? If there is a similarity, perhaps you are related to my husband’s Powell family.

    Elaine Powell

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