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My “family tree” with photos.

The surnames of my ancestors and the locations where they lived are:

If the surname is highlighted in blue, then click on the link to go to that surname’s website. 

ALLEN – Virginia, 1600s-1700s

ARBUCKLE – Virginia> Garrard County Kentucky

ARMISTEAD — Virginia 

BALL – Virginia, 1600s – 1700s
BARNES – Missouri


BENNETT — England>Virginia

BLACK — Pennsylvania 

BOKER/BOKERS — Holland>Pennsylvania 

BOOKER — England>Delaware

BOONE – England> Berks Co. Pennsylvania

BORDON — Missouri 

BOSCH/BEST/BESS – Germany>Pennsylvania>North Carolina>Missouri, 1600s – 1800s

BRACKEN/BRACKIN – England>Pennsylvania>Delaware>Tennessee. DAR Patriot #A213872


BRIDGER – England>Virginia>North Carolina — My immigrant ancestor Joseph Bridger was one of the wealthiest men of his time in Virginia. In 2007 his bones were exhumed from St. Luke’s Church and brought to the Smithsonian. To read about that, go to the website plus link to my Bridger Family page on the right side of this page. Also, if you are a Bridger descendant, go to the website.


BUND — Maryland>Indiana 

BUTCHER – Missouri

CAHILL – Ireland

CALDECOTT — England 

CARTER — England>Virginia 


CHANDLER — North Carolina>Virginia>West Virginia>Missouri 

CHAPMAN – Scotland




CORBETT — England

COTTON/COTTEN/deCOTTON — England>Virginia> North Caroline>Tennessee

COUGNOUR — Maryland 

COVINGTON — Virginia 

CROWLEY — England

CROWSHAW — England>Virginia. Raleigh Croshaw is a Jamestowne Society Qualifying Ancestor # A2008

CUMMINS — Kentucky>Tennessee

CURLING — Virginia 

DABNEY — England. Jamesowne Society Qualifying Ancestor #A2103

DALE — England>Virginia — Jamestowne Society Qualifying Ancestor Edward Dale; Burgess from Lancaster County, Va. Edward was a loyalist who emigrated to Virginia after the death of King Charles I of England. Dale settled on the north side of the Rappahannock River in Lancaster County in 1655 and served as clerk of the county for nineteen years, justice of the county court for fourteen years, high sheriff for four years, and as a member of the Houses of Burgesses for two years.

DAVIES — Wales 

DAY — Kentucky


deBEAUCHAMP — England

DE CLIFFORD — England 

DE LACY — England


de TOENI — England 

DEW/DEWE — England>Virginia (My Jamestowne Society ancestor is Thomas Dew, Speaker of the House of Burgesses

DILLON/DILLANE  — Ireland (County Cork) 

DRINKARD – Virginia> Kentucky — Link to my Drinkard Family page on the right side of this page.

DULIN/DULING/DOWLING – Ireland>Virginia, 1600s – 1700s

DYMODE — England

ENGLAISH — England>Virginia 

FERRAR/FERROR/De Ferrers England>Virginia

FERRIS – England> Virginia

FITZJOHN — England

FORNEY – North Carolina 

FOSTER — England>Virginia 

FRENCH — England>Colonial Connecticut

FREY/FRY/FRY  —  Switzerland>Pennsylvania>Virginia>Missouri>Pike & Lincoln Counties, IL

GIBBS — England 


GRAVES — Thomas Graves, one of my Jamestowne Society qualifying ancestors — Ireland>Virginia 

GREEN — England>Delaware. Martha Green is DAR Patriot #A204470

GRIDER — Pesnnsylvania>North Carolina 

GRUBER — Germany (Prussia)

HADDAR — England>New Jersey 

HARRIS — Virginia


I am involved in a one-name study for the surname Hatfield. I am researching this name throughout the world. My earliest Hatfield ancestor that I have documented is my 6th great grandfather John Hatfield, who was born in Germantown, Pennsylvania in 1686. He died in Montgomery County, Pa. before 1756. He was married to Elizabeth Travis. John’s father might have been Adam Hatfield, who was born in 1655 in Germany; however, I have no documented proof of that. Adam’s wife might have been a Miss Pauling. 

My Hatfields: PA>VA>Vigo Co., IN> Keokuk, IA>Calhoun Co., IL>Ripley Co. MO>Lincoln Co. MO 

Hatfield DNA Results webpage:

HECKSTALL — England 

HELMS — England


HEYL — Germany>North Carolina 

HINTON/HENTON – England> Berks Co. Pennsylvania>Virginia

HIRTZELLER — Switzerland>Germany 

HITE/HEYDT — Germany>Virginia 

HOBDY/HOBDAY –  VA>NC>TN>KY — Link to my Hobdy/Hobday Family page on the right side of this page.

         See info on The Bridal House (built by Moore Cotton for Richard Hobdy and his bride Betsy Cotton) at – 

Moore Cotton built a log cabin in 1819 as a wedding gift for his daughter Elizabeth Frances “Betsey” Cotton and her new husband Richard D. Hobdy, who were half first cousins, once removed. Richard was the son of Robert Hobday and his wife Talitha Cotton, my 5th great grandparents.

HOBSON – Virginia, 1600s – 1700s

HORSFALL — England

JAMES – Virginia>Kentucky 

JEFFERIES – Virginia> Missouri

JONES — England>Virginia 

KEISKER – Prussia (Germany)> St. Louis, Missouri

KELKE — England

KEMPKE — England>Virginia 

LACY — England 



LEE — England>Virginia>Kentucky

LLYWELYN — England 

LOCKETT — Virginia 

LUBY/LOOBY – IRE>St. Louis, MO Link to my Luby/Looby Family page on the right side of this page.

MANOR – New York>Missouri

MERKLE/MERCLE — Germany>Virginia 

MERRITON — England 


MITCHELL — Virginia 


MORRIS — England

MOSBY/MOSEBY/MOSELY — Virginia>Kentucky

MOYLE — England 

MULLER — Germany>North Carolina 

MURPHY — Ireland 

MURRAY — Ireland>KY

MYLES — England 

NAISSANCE — England 

NEEDSHAM — England 

NEUCE — England


NORSWORTHY — Virginia 



OSBOURNE — England>Virginia 

PARKER – North Carolina>Kentucky 

PLACE — Virginia 

POWHATAN — Virginia 

POWELL — Virginia

PRIEISCH/PRICE – Germany>Virginia

QUECHE — England 

RALMSHEN — England 


REES – Glamorgan County, Wales

REINHARDT — Germany>Pennsylvnia

RICH — England 

RIDGE — England 

ROCHE — Ireland 

ROUSSEL — France 

RYTHER — England 

SAVILLE — England 


SCHERP — Germany>Virginia 


SEGRAVE — England 

SCHERP — Germany>Virginia 

SHEARER — Virginia 

SHERLOCK – Ireland> St. Louis Missouri


SKIPWITH — England>Virginia  (Lady Diana Skipwith is my Gateway Ancestor to the Magna Carta Barons)

SKYNNER — England 

SMITH — Virginia 

SMYTHES — England 

SPEAKE/SPEAKS – Maryland>Kentucky, 1700s

SPEARS/SPEERS – Germany>Pennsylvania>Kentucky



STANTON — England 

STARKEY — England 

STERRETT — Pennsylvania>Ohio

STEVENS — Massachusetts 

STONE — England>Maryland

STRESSINGER — Netherlands>Pennsylvania 

SUPPLEE/SOUPLIS/de Saint SOUPLIS — France>Pennsylvania 

SULLIVAN — Ireland (County Cork) 

SUMAREZ — England

SUTTON — England 

SYMES — England 

TANNER — England 

TAVERER — England>Virginia 

THOMAS — Pennsylvania 

THOMPSON — England 

THORNTON — England 

THROSTLE — England 

THURSTON/THRUSTON – England>Virginia

TILNEY — England 

TODD — Virginia 

TRAVIS — Pennsylvania 


TUCKER — Maryland>Kentucky 

UNTZ — Germany>Virginia 

VAN DE WALLE — Prussia 

VEALE — England>Wales

WALDEN — Virginia 

WALKER — Virginia



WARREN – (WARING, WAREN, WEAREN, WEARREN, WARIN, WEARINS)-ENG>NY>PA>VA>Garrard, Butler & Ohio Co., KY> Greene, Lincoln & Madison Co. IL — Link to my Warren Family page on the right side of this page.

WEAVER — England 

WETZSTEIN — Pennsylvania 

WHETSTEIN/WHETSTONE — Maryland>Missouri 

WHITE — Connecticut>Massachusetts

WHITELAW – Glamorgan Co. Wales>St. Louis, Missouri

WHITLOCK — England>Virginia 


WIRTZ – Prussia (Germany), St. Louis, Missouri 

WILBRAM — England

WILLFORD — England 

WINDSOR — Rhode Island>Massachusetts 

WINSTON — England

WISE — England>Virginia

WOMACK – Virginia

WOOD — Maryland 


WOODNETT — England 

WOODSON – England>Virginia – My Woodson Research Blog –

WORSHAM — Virginia 

WRIGHT — England>Virginia 

If you find a connection or have a question, email me at [email protected]

I have also been researching my husband’s side of the family for over 25 years. The surnames in his line that I have researched are:

Baines Eng>IL
Baker VA>NC>IL
Barrett — MA
Brannan  VA>NC>IL
Burge — NC
Clement — MA
Davenport — VA
Frye — England 
Gentry  Virginia>Kentucky 
Hammer  Germany>Pennsylvania

Hardcastle —  Hardcastle Bible page (includes KIRBY)
Hobson  VA>GA
Huggins  PA>OH>IL
Jones  KY>IL
King — MS
Knight NH>IL
Langdon  VT>IL
Mathews  VA>TN
Powell  — TN>Greene Co., IL (Descended from the Isle of Wight Co., VA Thomas Powell — 1600s)
Quarton — Eng
Rhodes PA>IL
Riley  Ire>VA>MD>KY>IL
Robertson — KY
Sleek/Slick — Holland
Snydnor — VA
Stiles — MA
Swallow  Eng>MA>NH>VT>IL
Taylor — MA
Tillery  — VA>TN>MS>IL
Waddell — Ire>PA
Wharrie — Eng
Wood — MD>KY>IL

Quarton — ENG
Woods — MA

If you find a connection or have a question, please make a post to this website.

Elaine Hatfield Powell

Orlando, Florida

9 thoughts on “SURNAMES I am researching

  • Sherre R

    Hello ~ interesting! I’m researching Heuston/Hueston myself. My grgrgrandfather was William Heuston m. Almira Hatch Barber. Their children were: Theodore, Ebenezer and Jerome DeWitt. This Heuston family migrated from IN>IL>KS between 1850 and 1870. Would love to find Wiliam’s parents/sibling info. Any shared info or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Sherre

  • Sherre,

    Was your Heuston family originally from Ireland?

    I’m sorry, I have no information on any Heustons in the U.S. other than my own. My Elizabeth Bridger Hueston’s father was Patrick Hueston and they immigrated to St. Louis, Missouri from Ireland in about 1863.

    You can use the resources of for free. You can also use library edition free at any local library.

    Good luck in your search!

    Elaine Powell

  • Larry E. Barnes

    I am looking for Susan Hayden, born about 1853 in Kentucky. She may be the same Susan Hayden that married Logan Arbuckle in Platte Co., Missouri in 1890. I locate them in 1900 in Cedar Co., Missouri where I see that she is his 2nd wife, but can’t find them after that.
    Larry E. Barnes

  • 30 yrs. ago i met arvilla drinkard gill thru the phone and mail. somewhere between’79-81. she was looking for the family of dennis and minnie drinkard. i gave her info.. and pd. $15.00 for the book. my son in 1st grade wanted to take the book to school to show his ancesters and lost it. 2o yrs later i was back in touch with my aunt pat drinnkard johnson. she was dennis and minnie’s grandaughter as was my father. i have looked cannot find the records for callaway county only a few and they are obits. i was born in fulton and still have family there. all of my drinkard relatives that iknow of are all buried there or mokane a smaller town on the river. reading the story of the brothers gave me joy as i have heard it also. my aunt has sent me photocopies of origiinal land deeds. a pa per htat shows when william became a door keeper,the william that was secretaary of war, the drinkard tavern(apicture),ect. i am interested in my family and do want to put it all together for my children and grandchildren. i would like info on the drinkard that was in the revolutionary war. arvilla had given it to me and so had my aunt. i cannot find it. also, the drinkard or drikard’s that were in the civil war. i know about the drinkard wagon in oregon. my aunt went there and sent me pictures. just would like some help putting all together. thank you rhonda drinkard

  • Hi Rhonda,

    It is good to hear from you. I also corresponded via mail, emai,l and phone with Arvilla — but in the early 90s. I purchased the Drinkard book and still have it. I have not as yet entered all the information from the book into my family tree program. I’ve only entered information on my individual descendant line from William. I also have a copy of the document that shows William as a Doorkeeper of the House of Burgesses, as well as William Rollerson Drinkard’s document about him operating a tavern in Williamsburg. He was the son of William Drinkard. I have been to Colonial Williamsburg and have found additional documents regarding William Drinkard. I have plans to scan those in and put them on my website. At one time a Colonial Williamsburg Actor/Interpreter played the role of William. I believe it was John Drinkard that was in the Rev. War and he was Arvilla’s ancestor. He is not my ancestor. I also personally do not have a Drinkard Civil War ancestor and cannot recall which Drinkard was in the Civil War, without looking at the book. It will be a while before I can get the Drinkard documents scanned in and the webpage updated, as I’m currently working on my Bridger family documents. Arvilla sent me a lot of copies and most of it does not pertain to my particular line of Drinkards. Eventually I will be happy to make copies for you and can send copies to you. Please email me directly at [email protected] and send me your mailing address and I will send those copies to you.


  • Larry,
    Logan had 3 wives. Logan died Jan 1906 in Purcell, Jasper County, Missouri. Susan died 13 jul 1901 in Missouri. That’s why you can’t find them in the 1910 census. They were married Oct 3, 1890 in Missouri. I have a copy of their marriage license, and a photo of Logan. I do not find a death record from the Missouri death records archive. If you have a subscription to you can find more info. I am sending the marriage license copy and the photo to you via email. If you need more info, let me know.

  • Marla Drinkard-Harvey

    I was playing on the computer and happened to see this site my father was Dennis and Minnies grandson and I am Pat Drinkard Johnsons niece. I have the original Drinkards in the US. My husband is British and I was told the original Drinkards were from Wales. Is that true or is it England? My husband and I have made several trips to Wales and the Drinkard physical characteristic which are similar to mine fair complexion and blue eyes are very similar to the Welsh.


    Marla Drinkard-Harvey

  • james kennedy

    Elaine, While i am kin to Molly McAdams from descending from William mcAdams,
    greene co, ill throught the marrieage of Isaac Smith and Martha McAdams,Greene co.Ill,
    I also matched a descendent of Lewis Riddle Powell,georgia. family finder dna. I am researching Isaac smith
    of greene co. il born about 1795. Came to Morgan co 1820 with David,thomas, James,.
    Isaac jr born in cincinatti ,probably came through cincinatii floating down the OhioRiver.from Augusta or berkely co. Virginia.I believe the Smiths were connected to the
    Powells prior to the migration of James powell to greene co. Probably west Virginia.
    any thoughts?
    jim kennedy

  • K. Clark

    By looking on my list of burials in Thomas Cemetery, I think I might have a few connections to some of the surnames on your list!! Let me know if I can help! 🙂

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