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  • April Ratliff

    I am commenting to make corrections to your cemetery inventory. Roland Hatfield is NOT in the cemetery that you have him listed in. He is in the Rose Hill Burial Park in Ashland, Kentucky. Along with his brother Grover Cleveland Hatfield, and his sister Mollie Hatfield Collins. They were the children of Angeline Smith (Lockhart Thompson, she was never married to Matt Hatfield) and Matt Hatfield. But not the children of the Madison “Matt” Hatfield who died in 1895. Grover was born July 10, 1897. If Madison “Matt” Hatfield died in 1895, how would he possibly be the Matt Hatfield who was their father? So…wrong Matt Hatfield. How do I know? Well, Roland is my uncle, buried right next to his wife, my grandmothers sister who I knew personally. I decorate their graves every year, and know exactly where Grover’s grave is located, as well as, talk to his granddaughter all the time. Grover’s daughter and his granddaughter called him “Daddy Hatfield” …..Everyone on Ancestry has their father as Madison Matt Hatfield who died in 1895, because they copy everyone else’s tree instead of doing their own research. Roland was 8 years old in the 1900 census (spelled Rollin, because that’s how they said his name, so they spelled it the way it sounded) listed as living in the home of Anderson Hatfield and his wife Malissa Alley Hatfield listed as a cousin to the head of the house, but if you know anything about Pike County, Kentucky, if you are a 2nd cousin they still say you are their cousin. So that doesn’t mean that Roland was his first cousin. Just a cousin. But not the son of Madison Matt Hatfield who died in 1895.

  • Elaine Powell

    I’m sorry April because as is stated on my website, I am not able to make ANY changes to the database. It was not created by me.

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