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  • Della Katon

    Samuel James was my great grandfather. His daughter Amy Malinda James married my Grand father Reed D. Randleman. They had 10 children, my Father was Harry Raymond Randleman. I know next to nothing of my great grandparents. I would love to see a picture of them. I do have one of Amy and Reed Randleman. Hope you can help. Della Randleman Katon.

  • Marilyn Carriere

    Hello! I am sending a bottle in the sea. Here is my family story from as far as i know. Seems that the fisrt Carriere to come in Canada was named “Pierre James” as a soldier. But since he was the only soldier surviving the battle with indian he borrow the name of his “squadron”! witch was “Carriere” so by this time he was called “Pierre James dit Carriere”. Some contact who is a Carriere to told me that they know by further genealogy info that we have root in Scotland probably by Pierre James ancestor’s. For different reason about myself and my family i am craving to know if i really have scotland ancestors. Sorry for my weirdo English ! I am French! Thank you so much . :))

  • Jennifer Stewart

    Hello, I am descended from John James and Lucy Mosby. Susanna James was my 3rd Great Grandmother.

    Thank you for your research on the James family. My current family tree ends with John and Lucy, and I welcome additional information.

    Jennifer Stewart

  • Elaine Powell

    Hello Jennifer,
    Thanks for contacting me. It’s always good to hear from a James cousin! I have only one child listed for Susanna James and her husband Thomas Taylor — Martha Amanda Taylor. If you have more information on Susanna’s descendants, I would appreciate having that info. The line is below…

    1 John James b: 1750 in Armsfield Plantation, Hanover Co., Virginia d: 16 Sep 1819 in Beaver Dam, Ohio Co., Kentucky
    .. +Lucy Mosby b: 1762 in Henrico Co., Virginia m: 1780 in Henrico, Virginia d: 26 Sep 1819 in Beaver Dam, Ohio Co., Kentucky
    …….. 2 Susannah James b: 13 Dec 1794 in Henrico or Campbell Co., VA d: 15 Aug 1859 in Clackamas Co., OR
    ………… +Thomas Taylor b: 15 Oct 1791 in Frederick Co., VA m: 17 Jan 1814 in Ohio Co., Kentucky d: 14 May 1866 in Gray’s Harbor Co., WA
    ………………. 3 Martha Amanda Taylor b: 1820

    There was a lot of information on Thomas Taylor on Jean Schneider’s website. However, it is no longer online. If you would like to have that info, I can send it to you.

    You can reply to me directly at [email protected].

    Elaine Powell

  • Elaine Powell

    I’m sorry, but I have no knowledge of a Pierre James. My immigrant ancestor was John James, who was born in England in 1688. I believe that going back several generations, his ancestors were all from England. So I am not aware of any Scotland connection.
    I recommend that you try to access http://www.Ancestry.com. I’m not sure if that would be the URL from France. We get free access to Ancestry.com from all libraries. I’m not sure if that is the case in France or not.
    Good luck in your search.
    Elaine Powell

  • Elaine Powell

    Sorry for not responding earlier. I will need more information from you before I can give you any information. Do you know when and where your great grandfather Samuel James was born, was married, or died? If not, can you give me dates and locations of your grandparents?
    I did find a Reed D. Randleman in 1910 in Benton, Andrew County, Missouri. Is that your grandfather?

    You may email me directly at [email protected] with more information.
    Elaine Powell

  • Elaine Powell

    Thanks, My regular computer is out of sorts for about another week or so. I have more info to share on Amy Malinda James and family . Later Della

  • Elaine Powell

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