WILL of Robert Hobday 1797 pg 1

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  • Hi Rhonda, It is good to hear from you. I also corresponded via mail, emai,l and phone with Arvilla but in the early 90s. I puhrsaced the Drinkard book and still have it. I have not as yet entered all the information from the book into my family tree program. I’ve only entered information on my individual descendant line from William. I also have a copy of the document that shows William as a Doorkeeper of the House of Burgesses, as well as William Rollerson Drinkard’s document about him operating a tavern in Williamsburg. He was the son of William Drinkard. I have been to Colonial Williamsburg and have found additional documents regarding William Drinkard. I have plans to scan those in and put them on my website. At one time a Colonial Williamsburg Actor/Interpreter played the role of William. I believe it was John Drinkard that was in the Rev. War and he was Arvilla’s ancestor. He is not my ancestor. I also personally do not have a Drinkard Civil War ancestor and cannot recall which Drinkard was in the Civil War, without looking at the book. It will be a while before I can get the Drinkard documents scanned in and the webpage updated, as I’m currently working on my Bridger family documents. Arvilla sent me a lot of copies and most of it does not pertain to my particular line of Drinkards. Eventually I will be happy to make copies for you and can send copies to you. Please email me directly at and send me your mailing address and I will send those copies to you. Regards,Elaine

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