Abingdon Parish Register Cover

The Abingdon Parish Register book from Gloucester Co., Virginia. From The Tyler Papers; photos taken at William & Mary Swem Library, Special Collections Manuscript Division.

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  • For some unknown reason this website Word Press program cuts off part of the photos that I put on my webpages. I will email you and send you full copies of the Abingdon Parish Register.


  • Cathi

    Can other pages of this Parish Record be viewd. I would like to Get a copy of the Christening of John Clement, January 8, 1687, parents John Clement and Elizabeth. Is it possible to get a photo that page.

    I am also looking for William Clement, John’s brother, he was born about 1683 in Glouchester, Abingdon Parish Register.

    Thank you for the help.

    Sincerely, Cathi L. Gross
    [email protected]

  • Hi Cathi,

    The only way to get a photo is if you found someone who is willing to go to the Special Collections at the Earl Gregg Swem library on the campus of William and Mary College in Williamsburg and go to the archives and have them retrieve the box that contains the Parish Registers and then someone would have to look thru the parish register and take a photo for you. I used to go there quite often, but my husband is not traveling there any more and we live in Florida. So I’m sorry I can’t do it for you.

    The library website at https://swem.wm.edu/research/special-collections says “Take advantage of our research service if you are unable to visit Williamsburg.” The request form is at https://swem.wm.edu/forms/special-collections-research-service-offsite-patrons
    so you can ask them if they will take a photo or make a copy for you.
    Elaine Powell

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