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This website is here to share information about my genealogy research. My passion is family history research and sharing that history. I love the “hunt” and the detective work it entails. I’ve visited many large and small-town archives, libraries, and courthouses over the years, to try to document my family and their history. I’ve corresponded with a lot of new-found cousins along the way, and that is by far the most gratifying of all.

All of these webpages were created by me, Elaine Hatfield Powell, aka The Heritage Lady. 

On these various surname webpages, I have so far only been able to share some of the information that I have gathered over the last 30+ years while researching my family. I have stacks of documents and information to add, and I will add those as time permits.

I love teaching others how to research their family history and to document that history in their scrapbooks, website, and their family stories. I also teach a number of classes on various aspects of genealogy research, including DNA, as well as photo and document identification and preservation. Click on the Classes tab at the top to view my list of program topics. 

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  • Janice McAlpine

    I am a retired university professor and professional researcher with lots of experience in genealogy. I note that you have repeated the genealogy contained in “An American Family Called Warren,” William Wallace Warren, Harleysville, PA: self-published, 1992, without warning that much of it is undocumented and therefore unreliable.

    I am not a Warren descendant — at least not from this family — but Sarah McCallister, who married John Warren March 10, 1807, in Monroe Co., [W]Virginia, was the sister of my 3ggrandmother Eleanor McCallister Talbert. So, I have both additional information about and interest in this particular branch of the Warren family.

    I have approximately 75 pages of DOCUMENTED information about John and Sarah McCallister Warren’s immediate family, including censuses, deeds, death records, etc. This is not information contained in William Wallace Warren’s book which is long on conclusions and short on documentation.

    John and Sarah Warren had the following children who survived to adulthood:

    A. James Warren, b. 13 Aug 1809, Monroe Co., Virginia. d. 29 Aug 1858, Alleghany Co, Virginia.

    B. Eleanor/Ellen Warren b. abt 1816 Monroe Co., Virginia, d. aft. 1880. Married Samuel Rusk.

    C. William L. Warren b. April 18, 1817 in Monroe Co. [W]Virginia, d. February 7, 1888 Lewis Co., West Virginia.

    D. Andrew Jackson Warren b. 4 February 1820 in Monroe Co., [W]Virginia, d. 27 May 1896, Gallia, Lawrence Co., Ohio.

    Uriah N. Warren and Thornton Warren definitely were NOT the sons of John and Sarah McCallister Warren. Uriah’s parents were Nathaniel Warren and Nancy Galbraith of Rockbridge Co., Virginia. Thornton’s parents were Uriah Warren and Elizabeth Hampton.

    I have about 20 pages on Uriah N. Warren, including his parents and two sisters, Arabella Warren Nelson and Anne E. Pare.

    I will be happy to share my documented research if you are interested.

    Janice McAlpine

  • Gary Powell

    Hi, Im from the N.C., Tn., Knox Co. Ky Powell line. I have been trying to find my 3rd GGF Levi Powells background and parents. Would you happen to have any information on him?

    Thank You

  • Elaine Powell

    Hi Gary, I have no information on your Levi Powell. I only know that my husband’s ancestor, Benjamin Bridges Powell was born in Tennessee in 1801. I do not know where he was born, nor do I know his parents’ names. They moved to Illinois in 1830. Good luck in your search.
    Elaine Powell

  • Elaine Powell

    Janice, Thank you so much for contacting me and giving me updated information on the Warren family. I have made the correction to this website to show that Thornton F. Warren and Uriah Nathaniel Warren were NOT sons of John Waren/Warren and Sarah Jane McAllister. I appreciate all the information that you have provided.

  • Jennifer Drake Robbins

    My name is Jennifer Drake Robbins, my grandmother is Celia Lynn Warren Drake. My family is from Morgantown KY, where I have been to Warren Mills Cemetry several times as my family is buried there. I am so happy to come across this information. My grandmothers father is Marvin Lee Warren. All this information is blowing me away! I would love to talk to you more about it. I know my grandmother is going to find all this exciting too! Contact me anytime…[email protected]

  • Hi Jennifer, It is good to hear from you. It’s always nice to connect with a cousin. It seems you and I are 4th cousins, once removed, AND 5th cousins, once removed. I will contact you privately by email.

    Here is your grandmother’s direct line back to our early Waring>Warren ancestor:

    1 Christopher Waring b: Abt. 1585 in Carlstock, Greenwich, Kent, England d: Oct 1626 in Ilsington, Devon, England
    +Alice Webb m: 15 Jun 1613 in Sydenham, Damerel, England
    …..2 Richard Waring b: Abt. 1615 in Greenwich, Kent, England d: Abt. 1670 in Brookhaven, Long Island, New York
    ………+Elizabeth Ivatt b: Abt. 1614 m: 1640 in England d: Bef. 1654 in England
    ………….3 Richard Waring b: 1650 in England d: Bet. 1696 – 1697 in Cold Springs, Long Island, New York
    ……………..+Lydia Akerly m: 1671 in Brookhaven, L.I. NY
    ……………….4 John Waring (Waren) b: Abt. 1672 in Cold Springs, Long Island d: Abt. 04 Jul 1733 in Amity Township, Philadelphia County, PA
    ………………….+Elizabeth White b: in Southhampton, L.I., Suffolk Co., NY m: 1694 in Oyster Bay, L.I., NY
    …………………….5 Michael Waren b: 15 Jul 1711 in Queens County, Long Island, New York d: 24 Feb 1795 in Rockingham Co., VA
    ……………………….+Catherine Hinton b: 1726 in Amity, Pennsylvania m: 1745 in Philadelphia, PA d: Oct 1804 in Rockingham Co., VA
    …………………………6 Jacob (Wearen, Sr.) Waren b: 1755 in Augusta County, Virginia d: 1817 in Garrard County, KY
    …………………………….7 John (Waren) Wearen b: 13 Dec 1785 in Greenbriar County, VA d: 07 Jul 1864 in Garrard County, KY
    ………………………………+Sarah “Sally” Jones b: 1785 in VA m: 09 Aug 1805 in Garrard County, KY d: Bet. 1864 – 1870 in Butler Co., KY
    ………………………………..8 Arthur Warren b: 28 Oct 1810 in Buckeye, Garrard County, KY d: 14 Jul 1895 in Warren’s Mill, Butler County, KY
    …………………………………..+Martha “Patsy” Arbuckle b: Dec 1812 in Garrard County, KY m: 19 Dec 1831 in Garrard County d: 15 Sep 1846 in Butler County, KY
    …………………………………….9 John Logan Warren b: 11 May 1844 in Mattoon, Coles County, Illinois d: 05 Oct 1905 in Warren’s Mill, Butler County, KY
    ………………………………………+Burilla Carolyn James b: 31 Aug 1846 in Ohio County, KY m: 01 Nov 1866 in Butler County d: 01 Jan 1920
    ………………………………………10 William Volney Warren b: 15 Jul 1867 in KY d: 01 Mar 1938
    ………………………………………..+Yettie Goodall b: 13 Jan 1877 in KY m: 1893 d: 28 Oct 1957
    …………………………………………11 Marvin Lee Warren b: 27 Nov 1914
    ……………………………………………12 Celia Lynn Warren

    Elaine Powell

  • I am trying to establish Richard Warren with the Colonial Dames. Their genealogist has completely disregarded An American Family Called Warren because some of the information seems to come verbatum from a Jacobus article in the NYGBR. Do you have any suggestions for sources other than An American Family Called Warren? You suggested this book to me several years ago and it was a gold mine! Thank you.

  • In reading the emails at this site I feel that there will be a connection eventually with my Warren line. My Great Aunt Mary Bandy had worked with someone on getting our family tree researched. I believe them to be related through the last name Drake (from OK). The research goes back to Liddia Ann (Warren) Gibson (1846) having a mother that was 1/2 Indian. In LDS it showed Liddia Ann Warren’s parents to be John Warren (?) and Dorcus (Jones) Warren (1810). I had someone from LDS church tell me that there was record of Dorcus marriage to John Warren. A lot of the records are locked up and I was hoping that someone could give me some information. LIddia born in Marshall, MS, Dorcus owned land in 1860 in Pulaski, Ark. Hope for help, Thanks Debbie from Santa Clarita, CA.

  • Charles Webber

    Elaine Powell,
    I hope this e-mail finds you well.
    I’m new at genelogy and have been entering our information from the various family sources all this week (my mother was a Waring).
    Today I took a break and did a computer search on Benjamin Page Waring. My grandfater was Joseph Ferris Waring, his father was Benjamin Page Waring, and his father was Joseph Ferris Waring. The location in NY also checks out and the general family history reads the same.
    Could you hlep me with details about the Benjamin Page Waring on your website and, if possible, with line moving bacwards to Richard Waring. I would also be delight to share any information I might have that would help you or others.
    My e-mail address [email protected].
    Thank you so very much.
    Chuck Webber

  • Chuck, I found out about Benjamin Waring from Michael Waring, who is a also descendant of Richard Waring. He is the FIRST descendant I’ve found that kept the spelling of WARING! So now I’ve found another WARING! Benjamin Page Waring (the 2nd) was his grandfather and Joseph Ferris Waring was his great-great grandfather. So if your grandfather is Joseph Ferris Waring then you are either a couple generations older than Michael or their was another Joseph Ferris Waring in the family. I will email you and ask for your exact line and then I can figure out your relationship to Michael and then I can put you in touch with him.

  • Charles Webber

    Elaine, Thank you so very much. I have Joseph Ferris Waring (b. 1834) as the father of Benjamin Page Waring (b. Sept. 6, 1863) who had 7 children (I have the information for the other children too.), two of the sons were Joseph Ferris Waring (b. April 26, 1909, my grand-father) and Benjamin Page Waring Jr. (b. Oct. 25, 1909) his brother.

    I look forward to receiving your e-mail. If you’ve sent it already, I must of missed it. I look forward to sharing what I have on the Warings. Agian I’m new at all of this. Thanks for all of your work.

    Best Wishes,

  • Debbie, I have searched my family file and I find no persons named Liddia Ann Warren or Dorcus Jones. I also do not find a John Warren who is married to a Dorcus.

    I’m not sure what you mean by “a lot of records are locked up.” ALL the LDS records are on microfilm, you just need to go into their catalog section at http://www.familysearch.org and then into “Search Records” and then “Library Catalog” and search there. The originals are in archives, but all records are either on microfilm or are online. Eventually ALL their records will be online.

    I also checked my WARREN book and found none of the names. If you can try to give me any more names that might connect, I will check again. Names, dates, and locations would help.

    Elaine Powell

  • Stephanie Bridges Yount

    I have traced my geneology back to Col Joseph Bridger, a direct descendent he was my 12th generation grandfather. I am interested to know if I have the correct tracing. My line follows his son Joseph Bridger Jr who changed the name to Bridges. Do you have any information on this line? Also, I am currently researching documents so I can have what is required for membership in the Bridger Family Association and to gain membership in the Colonial Dames of the Seventeenth Century, under my direct ancestor, Joseph Bridger. My mother has the information needed for the Daughters of the American Revolution and has already obtained this membership. Any information you can help with would be appreciated.

  • Stephanie Bridges Yount

    My Father is William Edward Bridges.. this is what I have so far..

    Henry Bridger663
    Richard Bridger661
    Unknown Name Unknown664
    Lawrence Bridger659
    Margery Eliot662
    Samuel Bridger646
    Unknown Name Unknown660
    Col Joseph Esq. Bridger Sr.627
    Mary Neuce647
    Joseph Bridges Jr.613
    Col. Robert Pitt648
    Hester Pitt628
    William Bridges Sr.594
    Tristam Norsworthy649
    John Norsworthy629
    Elizabeth Norsworthy614
    Ms. Unknown630
    William Denton Bridges Jr.558
    Elizabeth Godwin595
    John Bridges518
    Unknown Name Unknown559
    Thomas Bridges474
    Elizabeth Hamrick519
    Thomas Bridges445
    Psbl John Stubbs520
    Rebecca Stubbs475
    Rebecca Connors521
    Peter Bridges415
    Sara K Roper446
    William Jefferson Bridges365
    Eliza Jane Brown416
    Peter Bridges315
    Ellen Stuart366
    James William Bridges217
    William P Kyle367
    Dora Kyle316
    Mary E. Unknown368
    William Edward Bridges115
    William Orlando Windham369
    Dave Cleveland Windham318
    Mary Rosetta Voorhees370
    Idabelle Windham218
    James Brockman417
    James Melvin Brockman371
    Marva Unknown418
    Elzada Brockman319
    Derissie Harvey372

    Okay that didn’t print like the page displayed it, but maybe u can make sense of it.. I hope. I think we are related somehow !

  • Stephanie,

    It is good to hear from you. Col. Joseph Bridger (1628-1686) is my 10th great grandfather. His son Joseph did not change his name to Bridges. He kept the spelling Bridger. However, Joseph Jr.’s son William Bridger DID change the spelling to Bridgers by 1718, after he moved to Bertie Co., NC. I have been told that some later generations did change the spelling of the surname to Bridges, but I also know there is an entirely different family associated with the Bridges surname. If you look at the Bridger DNA results webpage at http://small-stuff.com/BRIDGES/results.htm it shows that there are distinct Bridger/Bridgers/Bridges families that are NOT related. (The Col. Joseph line is called Group 2) Some people who DO believe they are descended from Colonel Joseph are, in fact NOT descended from him. The only way someone would know for sure is to get a male Bridger in your family tested. Otherwise, good source documents to prove your specific ancestral line is needed. And, the Bridger Family Association will require you to provide proof of each generation’s relationship before membership is approved. The group is always welcome to new members. To get the application, go to their website at http://www.bridgerfamilyassn.org/membersp.htm
    I am also applying for membership in Colonial Dames Seventeenth Century under Col. Bridger.
    I’m not sure if I understand the list you sent to me. If you could put your line in the format below, that would help a great deal. Here is my line of descent from Col. Bridger…

    1 Joseph Bridger 1628 – 1686
    …+Hester Pitt 1631 – 1711
    ….2 Joseph Bridger 1658 – 1713
    ….+Elizabeth Norsworthy 1663 – 1727
    ……3 William Bridgers 1675 – 1729
    ……+ Elizabeth Godwin
    ….. 4 William Bridgers 1703 – 1729
    …….+ Sarah Dew 1705 – 1754
    …….5 Patience Bridgers 1729 – 1762
    ……. + Thomas Cotton 1722 – 1787
    ……… 6 Talitha Cotton 1743 – 1846
    ……….+ Robert Hobday 1744 – 1797
    …………7 Thomas Cotton Hobdy 1780 – 1850
    …………+ Elizabeth Brackin 1780 – 1850
    ………….8 Alexander Hobdy 1818 – 1880
    …………..+ Sarah Ann “Sally” James 1825 – 1880
    …………..9 Evelyn Hobdy 1846 – 1938
    …………..+ Samuel Francis Warren 1834 – 1911
    ……………10 Alexander Arthur Warren 1868 – 1947
    …………….+ Martha A. Short 1874 – 1899
    ……………..11 Catherine Evelyn Warren 1895 – 1983
    …………….. + Ora Ezrah Hatfield 1897 – 1944
    …………….. 12 Edsel Arthur Hatfield 1919 – 2007
    ……………….+ Jessie Louise Whitelaw 1921 – 1991
    ……………….13 Elaine Marie Hatfield ME

    I have a lot of information on other descendants of Joseph Bridger. I have been to Isle of Wight County, Virginia many times and have copied many documents in the courthouse on this family. So if you tell me your exact line, perhaps I can help you. You can email me directly at [email protected].
    Elaine Powell



  • Charles Webber

    Elaine Powel,
    Hello! I hope all is well. Unless I missed your e-mail, I haven’t received your e-mail yet, and if if was sent could you resend it thanks.
    Best Wishes,
    Chuck (Charles Webber)

  • Fritz,

    I have no knowledge of our Warren family owning slaves. The family were Quakers in the 1700s, and the Quakers decided that slavery was immoral and therefore, they did not own slaves. Later on some of the family left Quakerism and became Baptists.
    There are slave census records for Gerrard County for 1850 and 1860. You can link to Ancestry.com at the website
    You will either need a subscription to Ancestry or you can go to any library and see those from any library computer.

    What more would you like to know about the Warrens of Garrard County?

  • Hi Chuck,

    Could you please send me your direct line with names, dates, and locations? The Michael I told you about submited his line (shown below) to me. It would be impossible for your grandfather to be the same Joseph Ferris Waring as his ancestor, because his Joseph was born in 1773! So we’ve got 200 years, or about 8 generations to “fill in.”

    1 Christopher Waring b: in Carlstock, Greenwich, Kent, England d: Oct 1626 in Ilsington, Devon, England
    …. +Alice Webb m: 15 Jun 1613 in Sydenham, Damerel, England
    2 Richard Waring b: Abt. 1615 in Greenwich, Kent, England d: Abt. 1670 in Brookhaven, Long Island, New York
    …… +Elizabeth Ivatt b: Abt. 1614 m: 1640 in England d: Bef. 1654 in England
    .. 3 Richard Waring b: 1650 in England d: Bet. 1696 – 1697 in Cold Springs, Long Island, New York
    …….. +Lydia Akerly m: 1671
    ….. 4 Edmund Waring b: 1674 in Brookhaven, Long Island, Suffolk Co., New York d: 05 Aug 1749 in Rowayton, CT
    ……….. +Elizabeth Boutin b: 1681 in Oyster Bay, Long Island, New York m: 06 Oct 1698 d: 07 Nov 1760 in Norwalk, CT
    ……. 5 Michael Waring b: 16 Jul 1715 in Queen’s Village, Oyster Bay, New York
    ………. 6 Henry Waring
    ………… 7 James Waring b: 1773 in Stamford, Connecticut
    …………… 8 Joseph Ferris Waring
    …………….. 9 Benjamin Page Waring
    ……………….. 10 Benjamin Page Waring b: in Bronx, New York
    …………………. 11 James Waring
    ……………………. 12 Michael Waring

    If you send me your line, I can see how you fit into his line.


  • Elaine, I think we may have the same book. My great great uncle earlis hudson gifted it to me and it was kept originaly by my uncle victor who lived with my grandmother hudson in Beaver Dam KY. My Grandfathers name is Jerrel Hudson. I am going to my sons class on tuesday to bring the book in to talk about our family line specificly the upside down tree and being a decsendant of Jesse James. Is there anything that you can add that I should know? I keep this book like a treasure and am very proud to have so much history, I would love to communicate with you about some of the things in this book. Thanks for the website it was so cool to see all of this. -Sarah

  • Christie Jacobson

    Hello…I am researching my father’s side of the Warren family. My grand-father was Sherman H. Warren of North Carolina. I know his father’s name to be Jonas Warren. Jonas was the son of Uriah Warren. I have been told that Jonas changed his name to James but not sure if that is correct.

    That is all I know and am hoping that someone can point me in the right direction to get more information on my ancestry. I want to put a book together with as much info and pictures as possible.

    Thanks in advance,

  • Was the Uriah Warren who was born in 1812 your ancestor? If so, then he spelled his surname Wearen. He was the son of John Wearen , whose name was sometimes spelled Waren. John was born in 1785 and was married to Sarah “Sally” Jones, daughter of George Jones. John was the son of Jacob Wearen/Waren (1755-1817) and unknown wife. Jacob was the son of Michael Waren (1711-1795) and Catherine Hinton. I have much more info but I will wait to make sure that is the Uriah you descend from.

    As you have read on on website, a very comprehensive book was written on the Warren family. The author’s children wish to update the book so perhaps you can submit your info to them as well.

    Cousin Elaine

  • Thank you for your kind comments. I try to document with source material everything I put on my website, but I’m not always good about that. I’ve got SO much documentation to add, it’s just finding the time…

  • Debbie

    Hello Elaine,

    John and Lucy Mosby James are also my 5th Great Grandparents. I am descended from their Son Samuel Mosby James. What I found to be interesting was that I am related to the Rogers family through the James line twice. Apparently the James and Rogers families liked each other.

  • Hi Elaine,

    I am interested in your research on Samuel Bridger b. 1584 Slimbridge, Gloucester, England. He is a 10th great grandfather to me. I see you have his wife as Mary Purchase as sourced from John A Brayton’s Vol 10. Other candidates for his wife seem to be Mary Newse, Mary Webb and Mary Pitt. I don’t know about the evidence for Mary Newse or Mary Pitt, but there does seem to be a possible record of marriage to Mary Webb b. 1601 Slimbridge, Gloucester, England d. aft 1683 Woodmancote, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England in US and International Marriage records 1560-1900 although the name in the record is Samuel Bridgers but the birth year matches. I have not see the record itself only the index information. There is also a will in the following record that may be him: UK, Extracted Probate Records
    about Bridger, Samuel
    Text: Bridger, Samuel, Slimbridge
    Book: Burialls 1604. (Burial)
    Collection: Gloucestershire: – Wills Proved in The Court of Bishop of Gloucester, 1660-1800

    I have the will of Samuel’s son, Col Joseph Bridger in Vol 7 of John A Brayton’s book on the Pitt family of Bristol, Gloucester, Charlestown, Massachusetts and Isle of Wight County, VA but his mother is only referred to as Mary. There seems to be a lot of confusion on Ancestry.com public trees as to exactly which Mary was the wife of Samuel Bridger, so I am hoping you can help me with the facts. Looking forward to hearing from you and please visit my website. Enjoyed your website by the way and your clever name for it. Cindy Furman

  • Hello Cindy,
    I took my info directly from John Brayton’s book which states on page 16-18 that Samuel Bridger married Mary Purchas(e). He also has the full transcript of the will in the book, on pgs. 18-22. I think that the thorough research that John Brayton did while in England is more believable than the US and International Marriage records 1560-1900. I’ve attached pages 16-18 of his book so you can come to your own conclusions.

    If you descend from the Bridger family I would recommend that you get Vol. 10. It has all his research and his conclusions. And it has a great family tree chart, just like the one in his Vol. 7, which I assume you own.

    What is your line of descent from Samuel? I am trying to create a database of all the Bridger family members in order to help other Bridgers. I don’t ever put info on living persons on my websites, so if you’d like to share your line, that would be great.


  • Leslie

    I am just up the way in Savannah Georgia, where I returned after studying and living in the UK. I have recently acquired and continued the task of compiling our family tree from my Uncle, who has done a fantastic job documenting our genealogy.

    I see that our families are connected through Dr John Woodson from Virginia. Where your family branches off through Robert’s and Elizabeth’s daughter Sara Woodson, our family branches off through Benjiman Woodson.

    I would love to talk with you about your research at Flowerdew Museum.


  • Elaine Powell

    Hi Leslie,

    It’s nice to meet another Woodson cousin. Please tell me what you’d like to know. I’m thrilled that I was able to visit Flowerdew before it closed. It was very exciting! You may email me directly at [email protected].

    Elaine Powell
    10th great granddaughter of John Woodson

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