Hi! I’m Elaine Hatfield Powell. I built tElaine 2013his website to share information about my genealogy research. My passion is family history research and sharing that history. I love “the hunt” and the detective work it entails. I’ve visited many large and small-town archives, libraries, and courthouses over the years, to try to document my family and their history. I’ve corresponded with a lot of new-found cousins along the way, and that is by far the most gratifying of all.

When I became a scrapbooking consultant in 1995 I started sharing my interest in genealogy and I created a family heritage album. All my customers liked it so much that they asked me to teach them. That evolved into heritage album classes and eventually a book. My customers started calling me “The Heritage Lady” and it stuck!

I have gathered the information on these pages over the last 30 years while researching my family. I still have stacks of documents and information to add. So if you see something missing, gimme a shout!

I also love teaching others how to research their family history and to document that history in their scrapbooks, website, and family stories. Check out my classes.


What I am Busy Doing

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