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Ancie Edward Dotson [A573][A2438] b.1915 ca - d. - ----- Parents ----- Archibald Perry Dotson [A565][A2430] Mary Hatfield [A564][A2429] ----- Siblings ----- Ransom Roosevelt Dotson [A566][A2431] Martha Dotson [A567][A2432] Kentucky Dotson [A568][A2433] Louisa Dotson [A569][A2434] George Walker Dotson [A570][A2435] Charles Monroe Dotson [A571][A2436] Ancie Edward Dotson [A573][A2438] William Jefferson Dotson [A574][A2439] James Thomas Dotson [A575][A2440]
The mine wars were much more divisive of our people than any so-called "feud." It was as bad as the Civil War in that respect-or worse. Most of my ancestors were on the union side. Had I been there, I would have sided with the UMWA. Not the rotten organization of today-the old UMWA of 1020; but some of the best men of that generation were on the other side. They were patriots-grandsons of men who fought in Mr. Lincoln's army--who really thought that the union was a subversive organization that would overthrow the government. The shooting of Uncle Ancie while he dozed in a chair in the vestibule of his hotel-after he appeared before the grand jury and before the trial-shows that all the right was not on one side. His death is a continuing testimony that the whole truth never came out. omment_id=484808238263385&offset=0&total_comments=37 -------------------------------------------------------------------

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