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The following list is to document some of the sources used in the Hatfield family history research. The names for some of these references were given to me as part of provided files and may not be complete or entirely correct.

Some of the sources listed here have not been used in the current work. They are listed to document Hatfield affiliated research materials.

Be sure to check the growing list of Internet links at the bottom of this page. There is information in the Internet Hatfield Sources section on how to send a message to and how to subscribe to the Hatfield Roots mail list. If you have or are aware of an Internet site which includes Hatfields please let me know and I will be glad to add it to these Internet links.

My sincere thanks go to Leslie Collier for her substantial contributions to the information on this page.

Please e-mail any corrections or additions to "Jerry Hatfield" <hb at ghat.com>.




Albert, Ethel Evans, Southwestern Virginia Kin - Vol I and Vol II; Kingsport, TN

Aldridge, Bertha Bortie Beal (1888-); Reed Descendants: Thirteen Generations, Including the Ancestors and Descendants of Paul Reed, 1605-1955 ; 1955; 139 p.; index Weymouth, MA; FHL #1036056, item 3
- Hatfield allied;

Biographical and Portrait Cyclopedia of Fayette County PA; Editorially managed by John M. Gresham, Assisted in the compilation by Samuel T. Wiley A Citizen of the County. Compiled & Published by John M. Gresham & Co. Chicago 1889

Bowman, Lois Trattles (1893-); Ancestors and Descendants of the Daniel Stanard Family and Affiliated Lines from 1620 to 1960 ; ca 1960; 38 p.; FHL #1465993, item 2
- index Roxbury, MA; Hatfield allied;

Carey, Virginia Miller (1920-); Alley Highlights: Yesterday for Tomorrow ; ca 1983; 373 p; FHL fiche 6075679 (5 fiche)
- index Henrico, VA to NC, WV, KY, OK; Hatfield allied;

Christner Endeavors: An Exchange of Christner and Allied Family Information ; quarterly, vols 102, no. 102; editor Dora L. Gilliam; FHL fiche 6055149 (7 fiche)
- Hatfield allied;

Clark, Flora S. Descendants of John Spencer, Samuel Spencer & Timothy Spencer, Sons of Gerard Spencer of Haddam, CT ; ca 1982; 18 p FHL #1206436, item 2
- Lynn, MA to Hartford to Haddam; Hatfield allied; some to WV;

Coffey, Walker Jackson (1906-); Journal of a Journey ; ca 1980; 145 p.; FHL #1035911, item 5
- index Ire. to SC 1767, to Mecklenberg NC, Union Co MS; Hatfield allied;

Corbin, Kenneth Emanuel, The James Corbin and Ale Hatfield Lineage, A History and Genealogy of the Descendants of James Corbin (1793-1875) and Ale Hatfield (1778-1841); Private printing, Whitewater, MO, 1977

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- Hatfield family of Perquimans, NC;

Craig, Judith Radke (1942-) The Cosby/Batch Family History ; 1985; 20 p.; FHL 1443523, item 3
- Geo. W. Cosby b. 1856 Crawford, IN; married Elizabeth Hatfield, d/o Henry & Mary Newton Hatfield

Donaldson, Alexander (1808-); A History of the Donaldson Family and Its Connections ; 1878 orig. (1955 reprint); 123 p.; FHL 0897338, item 2
- index Jas. Donaldson Ire. to PA abt 1730; to OH, IN; IL; Hatfield allied;

Donaldson, Warren A. (1893-); A History of the Donaldson Family and Its Connections ; 1972; 353 p.; FHL 0897338, item 2
- index Jacob Donaldson killed by Indians bef 1762; desc. PA, OH, IN, IL; Hatfield allied

Donnelly, Shirley, Rev., Post Herald; Sep. 1957

Edmondson, Eleanor Rogers; Descendants of Doswell Rogers: A Bicentenial Tribute ; 213 p.; index; ca 1976 FHL fiche 6075644 (3 fiche)
- 1767 Pittsylvania, VA; Hatfield allied;

Ely, The Big Sandy; 1887

Faris, David, Descendants of Edward Howell; � 1985

Farrand, Faye Lavinia Toemjes (1925-); My Kentucky Ancestors: Including Families of Hatfield, Brown, Hogland, Hubbs, Cornnell, Brooks, Bolin, Bennet, Williams ; ca 1991; 4 p.; FHL book 929.273 H284f (or t)
- Bullitt, KY to San Bernardino CA;

Fowler, Christina Cecilia; The History of the Fowlers ; ca 1950; 938 p. FHL book 929.273 F829F
- Hatfield allied;

The Gifford Informer ; Vol 1-10 (beg Feb 1966) FHL fiche 6047687 (16 fiche)
- Hatfield allied;

Glass: Family Genealogy, 1733-1977 ; 112 p.; FHL 1024036, item 3
- desc. Francis & James Glass; Hatfield allied;

Gossett, William Thomas (1936-); The Gossett Family: from 1818 to 1988 ; 1978; 112 p.; FHL book 929.273 A1, no. 5447
- Hatfield allied; Tillman R. Gossett 1818-1898) b Sommerset KY; md. Caroline M. Pleasants 1839; to TX 1853

The Handybook for Genealogists, US of America, 8th Edition; Everton Publishers, Inc.

Hargrett, Felix (1902-); The Slappeys of SC and GA: A Sketch: With a Glance at The Allied Family Hatfield ; ca 1974; 43 p.
- Hans George Schlappy Swithzeland to Orangeburg, SC; md. Magdalene Huber 1748; William H. Slappey b. Lexington, SC; to GA 1823; his w. Martha Hatfield (1816-1889)

Hartsfields of America ; 1972; 242 p.; FHL book 9292.273 H257
- several early AM. settlers Hartsfield/Hartfield/Hatfield--history & desc.

Hatfield, Abraham, The Descendants of Mathias Hatfield; 1954

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History of the Kip Family in America; � 1928
- Hatfield allied;
Hole, John P., Trans-Allegheney Pioneers

Johnson, David E., History of Middle New River Settlements; 1905

Johnson, Patricia Given, James Patton and the Appalachian Colonists

Jones, Virgil Carrington, The Hatfields and The McCoys; Chapel Hill, The Univ. of NC Press / R Bemis Publishing, Ltd. / Mockingbird Books, Inc, Post Office Box 71088, Marietta, Georgia, 30007. fourth printing, December 1992, � 1948.

Musick, Grover C., Genealogy of the Musick Family; 1971

Nelson, S.B., Biographical Dictionary and Historical Reference Book of Fayette Co. Pennsylvania

Odel, Ruth Winters, The Hatfield Research and Story -- prepared for Wilma Jean Johnson Odel; edited, typed and xeroxed by Cathy Odel McGrath, (Cabell Co.Pub. Lib. HRL, Class 929.2 o, Accession Cap. 844), Dec 1977

Official Roster of the Soldiers of the State of Ohio; War of the Rebellion; vol 3.

W. H. Perrin, H. Battle, and G. C. Kniffin, Kentucky, A History of the State ; Seventh Edition published by F. A. Battey and Company, Louisville, KY., Chicago, IL. 1887, p.813 under Biographical Sketches.

Raglands, History of Logan County; 1896

The Reference Book of Wyoming County History

Sellards, Harry Leon, Jr., Hatfield Family History; � 1995, #95-067720
- You can reach Harry via snail mail at Harry Leon Sellards, Jr.; 4031 Grand Ave.; Deland, FL 32720.

Sellards, Harry Leon, Jr., Hatfield and Phillips Families of Eastern Kentucky and Southwestern West Virginia; � 1993, #92-74026

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Weaver, Oliver Cornelius, (1914-0000); The Hartsfield Story With a Few Notes on Allied Hatfield Families ; FHL 929.273 H257w (not on m/f, 43 (24) leaves [?], ill., map)
- Birmingham, AL (1989)

The Williamson Daily News; Williamson W.V., Sept. 12, 1989.

Wilson, History of Smyth County Virginia

Worrell, Anne, Over the Mountain Men

Most of these are from the periodical index "PERSI." Also, many of them are historical society newsletters. This is another good reason to contact and perhaps join the historical societies in your areas of interest.

Alabama Historical Quarterly ;
Volume: 9 Number: 4 (Winter 1947) - Hatfield Family, Alabama

Allen County Lines ;
Volume: 5 Number: 4 (June 1981) - Hatfield Bible

American Monthly Magazine ;
Volume: 61 Number: 12 (December 1927) - Stephen Hatfield, B.1759, New Jersey
Volume: 109 Number: 1 (January 1975) - Sarah Hatfield Clark, New Jersey

Ancestree ;
Volume: 17 Number: 4 (Winter 1995) - Hatfields in Pike Co., West Virginia, 1820-1920

Appalachian Families ;
Volume: 1 Number: 4 (1989) - James Hatfield, Union Civil War Pension

Benton County Pioneer ;
Volume: 4 Number: 2 (January 1959) - C.H. Hatfield (Rev.) Memoirs, Arkansas
Volume: 9 Number: 3 (July 1964) - Charles H. Hatfield (Rev.), Arkansas, New Mexico

Bits and Pieces ;
Volume: 7 Number: 2 (March 1971) - John D. Hatfield (Capt.) Illinois, Nebraska, Wyoming

Boone Genealogical Quarterly ;
Volume: 9 Number: 4 (October 1986) - Hatfield-Barker Photos, Boone Co., West Virginia

Buried Treasures ;
Volume: 22 Number: 4 (October 1990) - Hatfield-Osborn-St. Clair Documents, South Carolina
Volume: 28 Number: 2 (April 1996) - Elder A. Hatfield, 1835-1920, West Virginia, Kentucky

Carroll County Genealogical Quarterly ;
Volume: 9 Number: 4 (Winter 1988) - John T. Hatfield Bible, 1842-1945
Volume: 9 Number: 4 (Winter 1988) - John F. Hatfield Bible

Catawba-Wateree Messenger ;
Volume: 6 Number: 2 (February 1993) - John Henry Hatfield Family

Coffey County Footprints ;
Volume: 8 Number: 1 (March 1990) - Hatfield-Mccoy Feud Overview, Kentucky, West Virginia

Connecticut Nutmegger ;
Volume: 14 Number: 4 (March 1982) - William Hatfield Bible, 1761-1886

Cornerstone Clues ;
Volume: 6 Number: 3 (August 1981) - Stephen Hatfield, Rev. Soldier, Pennsylvania

Douglas County Pioneer ;
Volume: 4 Number: 3 (September 1990) - Jessie Louetta Hatfield Wright, Oregon

East Kentuckian ;
Volume: 1 Number: 2 (September 1965) - Hatfield Family of Floyd Co.
Volume: 1 Number: 3 (December 1965) - Brief Hatfield Genealogy in Floyd Co.
Volume: 30 Number: 4 (March 1995) - Dora Belle Hatfield Scarberry, 1994, Kentucky

Families of Wyoming County West Virginia ;
Volume: 6 Number: 4 (May 1992) - Hatfield Families, West Virginia
Volume: 7 Number: 1 (August 1992) - Hatfield Families, West Virginia
Volume: 7 Number: 2 (November 1992) - Hatfield Families, West Virginia
Volume: 7 Number: 3 (February 1993) - Alexander Hatfield, B.1861, Fam., Virginia
Volume: 8 Number: 1 (August 1993) - Joseph Hatfield Fam., VA, TN, WV, KY
Volume: 10 Number: 1 (1995) - Henderson Huff-Mazey Hatfield Fam., West Virginia
Volume: 10 Number: 4 (1996) - Lester-Hatfield Fam., 19Th-20Th C., West Virginia

Fayette Families ;
Volume: 2 Number: 1 (January 1993) - Rebecca Hatfield & G.W. Hook, Pa-Il

Four Flags Tracer ;
Volume: Number: (December 1993) - Kelsey-Hatfield Fams., Niles, Michigan
Volume: Number: (March 1994) - Kelsey and Hatfield Families, Niles, Michigan

Fulton County Historical Society Quarterly ;
Volume: 17 Number: 1 (March 1981) - Ina Hatfield Memoir, Fulton Co., Indiana

Generations ;
Volume: Number: 58 (Winter 1993) - Mary Johnson Hatfield, Sweden; N.B.
Volume: Number: 60 (Summer 1994) - Hatfield Family, Ny; N.B.

Georgia Pioneers ;
Volume: 13 Number: 3 (August 1976) - Hatfield Bible, Wilkinson Co., Georgia

Goldenseal ;
Volume 9, Number 3 (Fall 1983) - Younger-James-Hatfield-Elkins, West Virginia
Volume: 10 Number: 3 (Fall 1984) - Hatfield-Mccoy Feud, West Virginia
Volume: 10 Number: 3 (Fall 1984) - Anse Hatfield & Dyke Garrett, West Virginia
Volume 13 Number: 2 (Summer 1987) - Sol White & Devil Anse Hatfield, 1889, West Virginia
Volume: 21 Number: 3 (Fall 1995) - Coleman Hatfield Re Hatfield-Mccoy Feud

Grundy Gleanings ;
Volume: 13 Number: 1 (Fall 1996) - Hatfields of North Missouri

Heritage of Mingo ;
Volume: 3 Number: 2 (Fall 1987) - Hatfield-Mccoy Feud Item, 1897
Volume: 5 Number: 2 (Fall 1989) - Hatfield Family, West Virginia
Volume: 10 Number: 2 (Fall 1994) - Epharim Hatfield Bible, 1847-59

Historic Kern ;
Volume: 41 Number: 4 (December 1991) - Charles Hatfield, California Rainmaker

Historical Magazine ;
Volume: 1 Number: 2 (February 1872) - John Hatfield, Match Maker, New York, 1836

Historical Wyoming ;
Volume: 37 Number: (October 1990) - Lucia Hatfield Fancher, B.1900, New York

Illinois Historical Journal ;
Volume: 12 Number: 4 (January 1920) - Robert Miller Hatfield's Civil War Diary

Journal of San Diego History ;
Volume: 16 Number: 1 (Winter 1970) - Charles Mallory Hatfield, Rainmaker, California

Kansas City Genealogist ;
Volume: 36 Number: 1 (Summer 1995) - Elsa Guerin Aka Charles Hatfield, Iowa

Kenton County Historical Society Bulletin ;
Volume: Number: (November 1992) - J.H. Hatfield Company, 1882-1950, Kentucky

Kentucky Explorer ;
Volume: 6 Number: 10 (April 1992) - Devil Anse Hatfield, 1839-1921, West Virginia
Volume: 9 Number: 7 (January 1995) - Hatfield-Mccoy Feud, Kentucky
Volume: 11 Number: 2 (June 1996) - Devil Anse Hatfield, 1902, Kentucky

Keyhole ;
Volume: 9 Number: 4 (October 1981) - Elias Hatfield Bible, 1848-1904
Volume: 9 Number: 4 (October 1981) - Samuel Hatfield Bible, 1761-1886, Pennsylvania

Kyowva Genealogical Society Newsletter ;
Volume: 4 Number: 2 (June 1981) - Hatfield-Mccoy Families, West Virginia
Volume: 4 Number: 2 (June 1981) - Hatfield Records, West Virginia, Kentucky

Leaves of Lineage ;
Volume: 2 Number: 4 (1978) - Hatfield-Dillon Marriage, 1908, Kansas

Life Magazine ;
"Life Visits the Hatfields and McCoys," May 22, 1944 - Photos of Hatfields and McCoys at the time of WWII. There are a number of debatable statements in the text associated with these photos but the overall article still has merit. The photos are well worth a "look-see."
  • Per the Reverend Shirley Donnelly, William Anderson Hatfield was a first lieutenant in the 45th Virginia Infantry Regiment of the Confederate Army. The title of "Captain" which frequently accompanies his name is as a result of being the leader of a company of guerrilla warriors, something like "Partisan Rangers", which he formed in West Virginia in 1863. This was after he resigned his commission in the Confederate Army. Some say this guerrilla band was the "Logan's Wildcats." Others say "Logan's Wildcats" was the nickname for his group while he was still in the Confederate Army.
  • Per Paul Curry Steele, the Carrara marble statue which marks "Devil Anse's" grave was ordered by his sons, Joe and Tennis Hatfield, carved in Italy, and commissioned through a monument company in Huntington, WV for $3500.
  • It is said that "Devil Anse" killed Harmon McCoy. This has never been proved. There is a story that "Devil Anse" was confined to his bed at the time that this killing occurred. It is possible that Jim Vance or "Wheeler" Wilson did the actual killing although I do not have proof of that either.
  • Evidence supports a birthdate of 9 Sep 1839 for "Devil Anse" and supports Paul Curry Steele's contention that he was 81 at the time of his death not 83 as is frequently reported.

Lines-And-By-Lines ;
Volume: 10 Number: 3 (Fall 1995) - Eliz. Wise To Isaac Hatfield 1937 Ltr., Kentucky

Logan County Genealogical Society Ancestree ;
Volume: 8 Number: 2 (Summer 1985) - Nancy Vance Hatfield Photo, West Virginia

Logan County Genealogical Society News ;
Volume: 7 Number: 2 (April 1988) - Francis M. Hatfield, Oklahoma

Looking Glass ;
Volume: 19 Number: (October 1993) - Tandy Hatfield, Murder Charge, 1884, Arkansas

Loyalist Gazette ;
Volume: 12 Number: 2 (Autumn 1974) - Richard Hatfield, New Brunswick

Marshall County Roots and Branches ;
Volume: 1 Number: 1 (March 1980) - William Hatfield, Marshall Co., Indiana
Volume: 9 Number: 3 (July 1988) - Harrison Hatfield, 1857-1927 Marsh. Co,Indiana

Mason Memories ;
Volume: 12 Number: 2 (Summer 1984) - Hatfield-Caswell Marr., Mason Co.,Michigan,N.D.

Miami Meanderings ;
Volume: 4 Number: 5 (1990) - Henry Hatfield Family, Ohio

Michiana Searcher ;
Volume: 9 Number: 1 (Spring 1977) - Hatfield, Rev. War

New Jersey Historical Society Proceedings ;
Volume: 6 Number: 2 (April 1921) - Daniel Hatfield, Rev. War Record, New Jersey
Volume: 11 Number: 3 (July 1926) - Cornelius Hatfield, Jr. (Capt.), Loyalist
Volume: 11 Number: 3 (July 1926) - Barnes Hatfield, Loyalist, New Jersey

New York Genealogical and Biographical Record ;
Volume: 48 Number: 4 (October 1917) - Hatfield Family, New York, New Jersey
Volume: 49 Number: 2 (April 1918) - Hatfield Family, Holland, New York
Volume: 54 Number: 3 (July 1923) - Griffin-Angevine-Hatfield Family
Volume: 69 Number: 1 (January 1938) - Hatfield Notes
Volume: 70 Number: 1 (January 1939) - Matthias Hatfield Origin
Volume: 70 Number: 2 (April 1939) - Matthias Hatfield Note
Volume: 88 Number: 2 (April 1957) - Abraham Hatfield Biography, Florida

Ohio Records and Pioneer Families ;
Volume: 29 Number: 3 (1988) - Rufus Hatfied Bible 1855-1923 Musk. Co,Ohio

Our Heritage ;
Volume: 4 Number: 3 (January 1992) - Hatfield-Mccoy Feud, West Virginia

Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography ;
Volume: 57 Number: 4 (October 1933) - John Hatfield, Husbandman, Dauphin Co.,Pennsylvania

Perry County Genealogical Society Newsletter ;
Volume: 6 Number: (1987) - Hatfield Family, Virginia and Kentucky

Pioneer Heritance ;
Volume: 5 Number: 2 (Winter 1968) - Joshua Hatfield Lbible, 1746-1820

Record, The ;
Volume: 2 Number: 5 (May 1996) - Mark Hatfield, Champion For History

Reflections ;
Volume: 6 Number: 3 (Summer 1988) - Hatfield Families, Claiborne Co., Tennessee
Volume: 6 Number: 4 (Fall 1988) - Hatfield Families, Claiborne Co., Tennessee
Volume: 7 Number: 1 (Winter 1989) - Hatfield Families, Claiborne Co., Tennessee
Volume: 7 Number: 2 (Spring 1989) - Hatfield Families, Claiborne Co., Tennessee
Volume: 7 Number: 3 (Summer 1989) - Hatfield Families of Tennessee
Volume: 7 Number: 4 (Fall 1989) - Hatfield Families of Tennessee
Volume: 8 Number: 1 (Winter 1990) - Hatfield Fams.,Claiborne & Hancock Co.,Tennessee
Volume: 8 Number: 2 (Spring 1990) - Hatfields fams., Claiborne & Han. Cos., Tennessee
Volume: 8 Number: 3 (Summer 1990) - Hatfield Families of Sw Virginia and Kentucky

Register of the Kentucky Historical Society ;
Volume: 87 Number: 4 (Autumn 1989) - Hatfields & Mccoys, Kentucky

S & D Reflector ;
Volume: 30 Number: 1 (March 1993) - Virginia T. Hatfield Obit., D.1992, Ohio

Sandy Valley Heritage ;
Volume: Number: 1 (Autumn 1983) - Ephraim Hatfield Family, Kentucky
Volume: Number: 9 (Autumn 1985) - Hatfield Family, Floyd Co., Kentucky
Volume: 13 Number: 2 (June 1996) - Hatfield Families of Sw Virginia and Kentucky

Searcher (The) ;
Volume: 1 Number: 3 (December 1989) - James Hatfield, CW Pension Applic., Tennessee
Volume: 3 Number: 3 (Winter 1991) - Jonathan Hatfield, War of 1812, Tennessee

Silent Footsteps ;
Volume: 10 Number: 4 (October 1989) - Hart and Hatfield With Related Fams, Kentucky
Volume: 11 Number: 1 (January 1990) - Hart-Hatfield and Related Fams., Kentucky
Volume: 11 Number: 4 (October 1990) - Hatfield Family, Kentucky
Volume: Number: (1991) - Thomas Hatfield Family, Kentucky
Volume: 13 Number: 1 (January 1992) - John Hatfield-Eliza Bratcher Fam., Kentucky
Volume: 13 Number: 2 (April 1992) - Eliza Bratcher Hatfield, Kentucky

South Bend Area Genealogical Society Quarterly ;
Volume: 9 Number: 1 (Spring 1984) - Harriett Barrett Hatfield, 1904-83, Indiana

Southern Genealogists Exchange Quarterly ;
Volume: 9 Number: 45 (Spring 1968) - Hatfield-Smith Record, Roane Co., Tennessee

Southern Roots & Shoots ;
Volume: 1 Number: 1 (July 1985) - Sarah E. Hatfield Funeral Card

Tennessee Ancestors ;
Volume: 9 Number: 1 (April 1993) - Hatfield-Louthan Bible, 1844-92
Volume: 9 Number: 1 (April 1993) - Davis-Hatfield-Ramsey Bible, 1806-83

Timeline ;
Volume: 13 Number: 2 (April 1996) - Hatfield & Mccoy Fams., Wwii Guilt of

Tree Shaker ;
Volume: 18 Number: 1 (January 1994) - Anse Hatfield Obit., 1921, West Virginia

Tuscarawas Pioneer Footprints ;
Volume: 6 Number: 4 (November 1978) - Hatfield Family Births, 1856-79

Vandalia Journal ;
Volume: Number: (January 1996) - H.D. Hatfield To H.W. Bayer Ltr., 1915,West Virginia

Versailles Area Genealogical & Historical Society Newsletter ;
Volume: 9 Number: 2 (June 1991) - James Johnson-Delila Hatfield Fam., Illinois

West Virginia History ;
Volume: 22 Number: 1 (October 1960) - Hatfield-Mccoy Feud and Education, West Virginia
Volume: 28 Number: 1 (October 1966) - Henry Hatfield Bio., Logan Co., West Virginia
Volume: 28 Number: 2 (January 1967) - Henry Hatfield Bio., Logan Co., West Virginia
Volume: 43 Number: 4 (Summer 1982) - Wm. A. Hatfield Letter To Gov., 1889, West Virginia
Volume: 46 Number: 1-4 (1986) - Hatfield-Mccoy Feud, West Virginia

Yell County Historical and Genealogical Association Bulletin ;
Volume: 7 Number: 2 (May 1982) - Hatfield-Cope Families, Arkansas

Some of these have been greyed to indicate that the links no longer work. They are being retained just in case they "come back" or can be found at a new location.



- Bill Tufts' e-mail, Gloucester, Ontario

- National Archives and Records Administration
- The Civil War home page
- Library of Congress
- Bureau of Land Management - Eastern States Home - [online federal land patents]
- U.S. Census Bureau Home Page
Kansas, USA
- Harriette Jensen's USGenweb Sumner Co., KS home page
Kentucky, USA

- Ryan Hardesty's Facebook Group on Blackberry Creek (Ransom), Kentucky History - [with hundreds of members and images]

Michigan, USA

- Michigan County Histories and Atlases - [The Michigan County Histories and Atlases Digitization Project is comprised of 428 digitized titles (many composed of multiple volumes) published before 1923.]

Ohio, USA
- Ohio Historical Society
- Cleveland Public Library
- United States Resources: Ohio
Oklahoma, USA

- USGenweb Logan Co., OK home page
Virginia, USA
- A chronology of Virginia county formation


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- Norma Lugar's page [A story of the events of the feud. Two items of relevance to this story: 1) Norma Lugar says that it was Johnse McCoy who was pardoned from prison. This should be Johnse Hatfield. There was no Johnse McCoy that I am aware of. 2) The Reverend Shirley Donnelly said that it was the prison warden who's life Johnse saved while in prison, whereas Norma Lugar says that it was the Lt. Governor. I do not know which is correct. - gh_at_]

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- Lyrics to "The Love of Rosanna McCoy" - This is an anonymous ballad that I found in the 1960's concerning the romance between Rosanna McCoy and Johnse Hatfield.



I am frequently haunted by the closing lines from the "Anse on Island Creek" poem by Paul Curry Steele where he talks about the Hatfield cemetery by saying:
"...Vandals or souvenir hunters have hacked a chunk From the statue's backside, have unscrewed and stolen The draped classical urns that formerly topped The pillarlike twin monuments of Troy and Elias, The sons killed in a gunfight at Boomer in 1911. Once in a great while the statue is sandblasted To remove dark stains brought about by weather And secretions from the indigenous trees around. A State historical marker by the highway below Prompts tourists to climb the steep, rock road Up to the cemetery. They photograph Anse's monument And leave behind on the path in front of the graves Paper and plastic waste from their camera film. Dog mess quickly decays and disappears, But their plastic droppings remain indefinitely. It is probably better to rest in unvisited tombs. "

Even though the feud is of historical significance, it is only a ripple in the bigger picture of the lives of the local Hatfield and McCoy families.

By all means, enjoy the flavor and beauty of the country but please be very respectful of these people, their privacy, and their property. - Jerry Hatfield
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- "Grandpa" Jim McCoy Obituaries - Jim McCoy was the man who shook hands with "Devil Anse's" son, Willis Hatfield, in May 1976 to officially end the feud.


- Family Tree Maker Online - [A bunch of services besides the to-be-expected promotion of their software. - gh_at_]
- The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - [You know, the other name for the Mormon church. The LDS church has been responsible for collecting records and maintaining what is probably the world's largest repository for offline genealogy records. These records are gradually being brought online. There is also information at this link on the Family History Centers located throughout the U.S. where indexes may be viewed and records may be requested for temporary transfer from the LDS repository in Salt Lake City UT. - gh_at_]
- The I Found It! Surname search engine - [A search engine specifically for surnames - gh_at_]
- Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet - [Another very comprehensive genealogy "link to links" site - gh_at_]
- Making of America - [Actual online images of books and journals of American social history from the antebellum period through reconstruction. I have not had a lot of time to research this site, but it looks very promising. Using the supplied search engine I was able to view the actual information from over 90 sources containing the word Hatfield in the text - gh_at_.]
- Online Index to Archives - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections (NUCMC)
- The Virtual Cemetery - The Virtual Cemetery is an electronic memorial to our ancestors and an invaluable source of genealogical information.
- ROOTSWEB GENEALOGICAL DATA COOPERATIVE - P.O. Box 6798, Frazier Park, CA 93222-6798 - [Anyone who has done research on the Internet has probably run across these folks. They supply a large number of services on-line to genealogists - mostly through donations and volunteerism. Too many to mention here. Go check them out.]


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Heredity: A Genealogy Poem by Grandpa Tucker
I saw a duck the other day.
It had the feet of my Aunt Faye.
Then it walked, was heading South.
It waddled like my Uncle Ralph.
And when it turned, I must propose,
Its bill was formed like Aunt Jane's nose.
I thought, "Oh, no! It's just my luck,
Someday I'll look just like a duck!"
I sobbed to Mom about my fears,
And she said, "Honey, dry your tears.
You look like me, so walk with pride.
Those folks are all from Daddy's side."
Thanks to Carma M. Brown
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