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Mary Hatfield [A564][A2429] b.1878 May - KY d. - ----- Parents ----- George Washington Hatfield [A563][A2427] Martha Hatfield [A562][A2428] ----- Siblings ----- Mary Hatfield [A564][A2429] Ira Hatfield [A576][A2441] Anderson "Little Ancie" Hatfield [A579][A2444] Boyd W Hatfield [A583][A2448] Ella Jane Hatfield [A585][A2450] William Jefferson Hatfield [A589][A2454] Polly Hatfield [A592][A2284][A2457] Pricy/Orbcy Hatfield [A436][A601][A2466][A2772] ----- Marriages ----- m01. 1899 29 Jun - Pike Co., KY + Archibald Perry Dotson (9 Children) ----- Children ----- Ransom Roosevelt Dotson [A566][A2431] Martha Dotson [A567][A2432] Kentucky Dotson [A568][A2433] Louisa Dotson [A569][A2434] George Walker Dotson [A570][A2435] Charles Monroe Dotson [A571][A2436] Ancie Edward Dotson [A573][A2438] William Jefferson Dotson [A574][A2439] James Thomas Dotson [A575][A2440]
Name: Mary Datson Titles & Terms: Event: Census Event Date: 1900 Event Place: ED 83 Magisterial District 5, (excl. Blackberry Precinct), Pike, Kentucky, United States Birth Date: May 1878 Birthplace: Ky Relationship to Head of Household: Wife Father's Birthplace: Va Mother's Birthplace: Ky Race or Color (Standardized): White Gender: Female Marital Status: Married Years Married: 1 Estimated Marriage Year: 1899 Mother How Many Children: 0 Number Living Children: 0 Immigration Year: Page: 1 Sheet Letter: A Family Number: 2 Reference Number: 6 Film Number: 1240548 Digital Folder Number: 004118935 Image Number: 00644 Household Gender Age Birthplace Head Perry Datson M 21 Ky Wife Mary Datson F 22 Ky   Source Citation "United States Census, 1900," index and images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 14 July 2012), Mary Datson in household of Perry Datson, ED 83 Magisterial District 5, (excl. Blackberry Precinct), Pike, Kentucky, United States. ---------------------------------------------------- Those old union men who fought in the mine wars held onto their loyalty to the end. My step-granddad, George Sullivan, who was involved in several shooting incidents, was black-balled from the mines. By the time the mines were organized under FDR, his heart condition wouldn't allow him to work, so he never worked after he went on strike in1919. When I was in college, not long before George died in '61, I took him to Matewan to see old Doctor Roy. On the way back, as we passed the Allburn tipple, he looked at the scale-house, where JC Chambers(partner with Hub Cline in the operation) was weighing coal, and asked me, "Is that JC Chambers?" I told him it was, and he went on a rant about how terrible it was that JC Chambers, who had stood beside him during the "Massacre" would end up running a "scab" operation. When he ran out of breath, I told him that JC and Hub were signatories to the contract, and paid the 40 cents a ton royalty to the welfare fund. That pacified him, but he was ready to punch his old comrade, JC in the nose until I told him that. Those old guys took it to the grave with them. omment_id=484813618262847&offset=0&total_comments=38 ---------------------------------------------------- Name: Mary Smith Event Type: Death Event Date: 20 Feb 1961 Event Place: Ransom, Pike, Kentucky, United States Gender: Female Age: 81 Race (Original): White Occupation: Housewife Birth Year (Estimated): 1880 Birthplace: Pike County Kentucky Burial Place: Ransom Kentucky Father's Name: George W Hatfield Mother's Name: Martha Hatfield GS Film Number: 001973398 , Digital Folder Number: 007552569 , Image Number: 01443   "Kentucky Death Records, 1911-1961", index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 17 December 2014), Martha Hatfield in entry for Mary Smith, 1961.  

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