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John Taylor Hatfield [A2469] b.1900 27 Jan - Ransom, KY d.1955 06 Apr - Williamson, Mingo Co., WV ----- Parents ----- George Washington Hatfield [A563][A2427] Missouri Dotson [A2468] ----- Siblings ----- John Taylor Hatfield [A2469] Cassius "Cash" Hatfield [A2473] ----- Marriages ----- m01. - + Martha Jane Allen (1 Child) ----- Children ----- John Taylor Hatfield Jr [A2471]
name: Governor Taylor Hatfield event date: 06 Apr 1955 event place: Mingo, West Virginia gender: age (expanded): birth date: birthplace: marital status: spouse's name: father's name: George W. Hatfield father's birthplace: mother's name: Missouri Dotson mother's birthplace: occupation: address: residence place: cemetery: burial place: burial date: gs film number: 1984375 digital folder number: image number: 1936 affiliate repository type: County Records reference id: 4905   Citing this Record "West Virginia, Deaths, 1853-1970," index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 07 Mar 2013), George W. Hatfield in entry for Governor Taylor Hatfield, 06 Apr 1955. ------------------------------------------- Taylor Hatfield was a legendary lawman in Pike County, serving as Chief Deputy under several sheriffs, of both parties. His son, Howard, was an outstanding athlete at Belfry(class of '57), who was top security officer with the N&W railroad. The reason Howard was so tough was that when they came to Blackberry for family get-togethers, he'd have to whip 2 or 3 Dotsons at a time. He generally got the job done. omment_id=484800641597478&offset=0&total_comments=31 --------------------------------------------- Taylor and Cash both died of colon cancer, Cash in '53, at only 43, and Taylor in '55. Taylor and his nephew, my Uncle Ransom Dotson, were both born in 1900, and both died in 1955. Those two--both 200 pounds of muscle-- "kept the peace" in Uncle Ancie Hatfield's place in Matewan back during the mine wars. Next to losing my Dad in a mine accident, he saddest thing I remember from growing up was Uncle Taylor, at the old W'mson Memorial Hospital, holding Cash, who was down to about 110 pounds, in his arms and taking a shower with him. The big man cried. omment_id=484802428263966&offset=0&total_comments=32 ----------------------------------------------

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