William N. "Billy" Hatfield [06812] Details

William N "Billy" Hatfield [A738] b.1886 Aug - Pike Co., KY d.1918 - Sand Siding, Mingo Co., WV ----- Parents ----- Alvin Hatfield [A699] Louise Chaney [A700] ----- Siblings ----- Arison Hatfield [A701] Laura Belle Hatfield [A704] Roxie Hatfield [A717] Margaret Ellen Hatfield [A727] William N "Billy" Hatfield [A738] Hester Hatfield [A760] Dora V Hatfield [A768] Asburn Hatfield [A776] ----- Marriages ----- m01. - + Vicey L Blankenship (6 Children) ----- Children ----- William N Hatfield, Jr [A740] Lottie Hatfield [A744] Nell Hatfield [A745] Grace Hatfield [A746] Asa "Acie" Hatfield [A749] Burl Hatfield [A750]
There are several somewhat conflicting stories about the death of William. The following is related by Ruth Hatfield as told to her by Vicy Blankenship Hatfield. He was involved in a gun battle with a Baldwin-Felts detective during the mine wars of West Virginia. Both men received mortal wounds during this battle. This incident occured about a year after the infamous massacre at Matwan and about the same time as the armed rebellion of over 10,000 coal miners in the area. This rebellion brought the US Army into West Virginia. Among the forces was Brigadier General Billy Mitchell with a flight of three olive-drab DeHavilland Bombers (DH-4B) from Bolling Field in the District of Columbia.

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