Ephraim Ross Hatfield [06755] Details

Ephraim Ross Hatfield [A3064] b.1850 ca - d.1934 - ----- Parents ----- John Hatfield [A3055] Nancy Gray [A3056] ----- Siblings ----- Martha Hatfield [A3057] Francis M Hatfield [A3058] Hardy Hatfield [A3059] Sarah J Hatfield [A3060] Charlotte A Hatfield [A3061] William G Hatfield [A3062] Jenetta E Hatfield [A3063] Ephraim Ross Hatfield [A3064] John Henry Hatfield [A3071] Annie M Hatfield [A3072] Fannie J Hatfield [A3073] Eli N Hatfield [A3074] ----- Children ----- Gertrude Hatfield [A3065]
John Krakenberg Sr The daughter of Gertrud Hatfield was Leta Leota Barnett b 19 Jan 1900 in Thorp, Kittitas, Washington d 18 nov 1986 in Yakima, Yakima, Washington. She married Omar Bernard Werner on 24 May 1919 in Yakima My mother was Ardith "Artie" Lorraine...(Werner) Krakenberg b 30 Oct 1924 in Toppenish, Yakima, Washington d 23 Sep 2007 in Selah, Yakima, Washington. Ardith married my father on 14 Mar 1942 in Coeur d Alene, Kootenai, Idaho. My father's name was John Oakley Krakenberg b 22 Apr 1923 in Seattle, King, Washington and d 13 Jun 2010 in Yakima. I may ask for some info in the future once I get this Hatfield clan under control!!! 8/23/2012 John Krakenberg Sr Oops Omar's birth was 18 Jun 1887 in Lincoln, Nebraska d 29 Aug 1955 in Yakima, Wa. Omar, Leat, John and Ardith are all buried in Yakima in the Terrice Hieghts Cemetary, 8/23/2012

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