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Kentucky Hatfield [A321][A2793] b.1884 07 Sep - Pike Co, Ky d.1906 12 Dec - Ransom, Ky ----- Parents ----- Elias "Bad Lias" Hatfield [A2782] Eliza Jane "Jennie" Chafin [A2783] ----- Siblings ----- Floyd Hatfield [A606][A2784] Daniel Boone Hatfield [A2791] Walter Hatfield [A2792] Kentucky Hatfield [A321][A2793] Kenner Hatfield [A2797] Virginia "Jenny" Hatfield [A650][A2798] Claude "Cload" Hatfield [A2816] James Hatfield [A2817] Lydia M Hatfield [A2818] ----- Marriages ----- m01. 1903 06 Mar - Mingo Co, WV + Allen M "Creek" Hatfield (1 Child) ----- Children ----- Myrtle "Murtie" Hatfield [A322][A2795]
per Sissy Young on Facebook Sep 11, 2012: She was married to my grandpa, Allen McGinnis Hatfield. She was the d/o of Bad 'Lias & Eliza Jane (Jennie) Chafin. In July 1906, "Tuck" was happy, pregnant, living at Little Blue, a little aggravated at all the rain they were getting in early July, minding after her toddler Myrtle, called "Murtie". . . .(this info from a letter written by Aunt Fannie & Minnie (Grandpa's sisters) to Grandpa, who was somewhere working). . . . . .and in December 1906, actually two weeks after giving birth, she was dead at the age of 22.

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