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Madison "Matt" Hatfield [A2402] b.1827 09 May - Pike Co, Ky d.1895 30 Apr - ----- Parents ----- George Hatfield [A2399] Nancy Jane Whitt [A2400] ----- Siblings ----- Isham Hatfield [A2401] Madison "Matt" Hatfield [A2402] Mary "Polly" Hatfield [A2464] Ransom Hatfield [A2474] James "Redbrush Jim" Hatfield [A2566] Elexious "Leck" Hatfield [A2636] Anderson C "Preacher Anse" Hatfield, Rev [A2670] Johnson Hatfield [A2874] Basil B Hatfield [A2927][A4384] George Hatfield, Jr [A2972] Jeremiah "Jerry" Hatfield [A2975] Lydia "Lidda" Hatfield [A2976] Wallace H "Wallas" Hatfield [A357][A2977] Nancy Jane Hatfield [A3072] male Hatfield [A3073] Elias "Bad Lias" Hatfield [A3074] Floyd Hatfield [A3113] ----- Marriages ----- m01. 1847 ca - Pike, KY + Nancy Jane Ferrell (12 Children) m02. - + Angeline "Angela" Smith (3 Children) ----- Children ----- Matilda Hatfield [A2404] Harrison Hatfield [A2406] Fulton A J Hatfield [A2409] Anthony Hatfield [A2411] Floyd Hatfield [A2418] Lydia Jane Hatfield [A2419] America Hatfield [A1806][A2421] Robert E Lee Hatfield [A2438] Sarah Hatfield [A2440] Joseph Barrett Hatfield [A1331][A2441] David Crockett Hatfield [A2450] James Elva Hatfield [A2458] Molly Hatfield [A2461] Roland Hatfield [A2462] Grover Cleveland Hatfield [A2463]
  Madison Hatfield, "United States Census, 1850" Name: Madison Hatfield Event Type: Census Event Date: 1850 Event Place: Pike county, Pike, Kentucky, United States Gender: Male Age: 22 Marital Status: Race (Original): Race: Birthplace: Kentucky Birth Year (Estimated): 1828 House Number: 554 Family Number: 554 Line Number: 42 Affiliate Publication Number: M432 Affiliate Film Number: 217 GS Film number: 442985 Digital Folder Number: 004192507 Image Number: 00081 Household Gender Age Birthplace Madison Hatfield M 22 Kentucky Nancy Hatfield F 21 Virginia Harrison Hatfield M 2 Virginia Fulton A Hatfield M 0 Virginia   Citing this Record   "United States Census, 1850," index and images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 17 Apr 2013), Madison Hatfield, 1850 ------------------------------------- United States Census, 1860 residence: 1860 , Logan, Virginia   Madison Hatfield birth: 1827 Kentucky Nancy Hatfield birth: 1828 Virginia Harrison Hatfield birth: 1848 [Blank] Fulton Hatfield birth: 1850 [Blank] Anthony Hatfield birth: 1852 [Blank] Jane Hatfield birth: 1854 [Blank] America Hatfield birth: 1856 [Blank] Barrett Hatfield birth: 1859 [Blank] Humphrey Hatfield birth: 1834 [Blank] ------------------------------------- Name: Madison Hatfield Birth Year (Estimated): 1827 Gender: Male Age (Original): 43y Race: White Birthplace: Virginia Event Place: West Virginia, United States Household Gender Age Birthplace Madison Hatfield M 43y Virginia Nancy Hatfield F 41y Virginia Harrison Hatfield M 22y West Virginia Fulton Hatfield M 19y Kentucky Anthony Hatfield M 18y Kentucky Lydda Hatfield F 15y Kentucky America Hatfield F 13y Virginia Barrett Hatfield M 11y Virginia Robt L Hatfield M 9y Virginia Sarah Hatfield F 9y Virginia Crocket Hatfield M 5y West Virginia James Hatfield M 2y West Virginia Citing this Record   "United States Census, 1870," index and images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 17 Apr 2013), Madison Hatfield, West Virginia, United States; citing p. 14, family 108, NARA microfilm publication M593, FHL microfilm 553190 --------------------------------------- Name: Matison Hatfield Event Type: Census Event Date: 1880 Event Place: Magnolia, Logan, West Virginia, United States Gender: Male Age: 52 Marital Status: Married Occupation: Farmer Race (Original): Ethnicity: American Relationship to Head of Household: Self Birthplace: Kentucky, United States Birth Date: 1828 Spouse's Name: Nancy Hatfield Spouse's Birthplace: Virginia, United States Father's Name: Father's Birthplace: Virginia, United States Mother's Name: Mother's Birthplace: Virginia, United States Page: 300 Page Letter: D Entry Number: 266 Affiliate Film Number: T9-1406 GS Film number: 1255406 Digital Folder Number: 004244691 Image Number: 00702 Household Gender Age Birthplace Self Matison Hatfield M 52 Kentucky, United States Wife Nancy Hatfield F 49 Virginia, United States Son Fulton Hatfield M 28 Virginia, United States Daughter America Hatfield F 22 Virginia, United States Son Barrett Hatfield M 21 Virginia, United States Son R. E. Lee Hatfield M 18 Virginia, United States Son Crocket S. Hatfield M 14 Virginia, United States Son Jas. E. Hatfield M 12 Virginia, United States   "United States Census, 1880," index and images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 23 Apr 2013), Matison Hatfield, 1880 ------------------------------------- Name Madison Hatfield Event Type Burial Event Date 1895 Birth Date 09 May 1827 Death Date 30 Apr 1895 Affiliate Record Identifier 74707689 Citing this Record "Find A Grave Index," database, FamilySearch ( : accessed 3 September 2015), Madison Hatfield, 1895; Burial, , ; citing record ID 74707689, Find a Grave,  

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