Mary Hatfield [01962] Details

Mary Hatfield [A2976] b.1884 Jul - KY d.1985 - ----- Parents ----- George "Blue George" Hatfield [A2924] Causby "Cosby" Blackburn [A2925] ----- Siblings ----- Jeremiah Hatfield [A2926] Henry Hudson/Hutson "Hut" Hatfield [A2932] Allen Harkins "Hark" Hatfield [A2952] James Hatfield [A2956] Sarah Ann Hatfield [A2964] Bertram Hatfield [A2966] Mary Hatfield [A2976] George Oliver Hatfield [A2979] ----- Marriages ----- m01. - + Henry Blankenship m02. - + Riley Fields
My great grandmother: Mary Hatfield Fields. Born, 1884, Died, 1985. Father: George Hatfield, Mother: Causby Blackburn. Married: Blankenship, then Riley Fields. George Hatfield was a 1st cousin to Devil Anse: From what I was told. I haven't researched it out, myself. She had told me one time that when she was very little, they had to hide in a cave, up in the mountains when some shooting would start. She would call them "Them ole McCoy's" like it was a bad word. lol.   Angela Ferrell

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