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John Hatfield [A1268] b.1809 09 Jan - Russell Co, Va d.1864 Bef. 04 Jul - ----- Parents ----- Valentine Hatfield [A1017] Martha "Mattie" Weddington [A1018] ----- Siblings ----- Joseph B "Joe" Hatfield [A1019] Aly Hatfield [A1141] Andrew Hatfield [A1202] John Hatfield [A1268] Ephriam "Big Eaf" Hatfield [A1432] Virginia Jane "Jennie" Hatfield [A1945] Thomas Whitfield Hatfield [A2003] Jacob "Jake" Hatfield [A2090] James G "Old Slater" Hatfield [A2169] Phoebe Hatfield [A2265] Valentine Hatfield, Jr [A2270] Celia "Sena" Hatfield [A2271] ----- Marriages ----- m01. 1837 ca - Logan, VA + Isabelle Vance (8 Children) m02. 1850 Aft. - + Tabitha Vance (2 Children) ----- Children ----- John Wesley Hatfield [A1270] Celia "Selah" Hatfield [A1299] Harriet Hatfield [A1301][A1786] Malinda "Linda" Hatfield [A1316] Floyd Hatfield [A1327] Mary Hatfield [A1385] Melvina Hatfield [A1386] Phoebe Hatfield [A1387] Ephraim S Hatfield [A1412] Hannah Hatfield [A1423]
------------------------------------------------ I hope some one can help me wade thru this information about the above named. I have John Hatfield that married 2 Vance Women based on the following sources:   1. Logan County Census for 1850 District # 32 Roll#956 Book 1 572 households counted in County.   Fam # 319/319 Hatfield, John 37 Isabel 35 John W.H. 11 Sina 9 Harriet 7 Malinda 5 Floyd 3 In 1860 Logan County:   Fam # 529/527 Hatfield, John 40 Tabitha 35 Harriet 17 Malinda 15 Floyd 13 Hannah 11 Ephriam 9   From Wyoming County Births Records:Various Wyoming County Births   Ephriam Hatfield Born on March 24 1854 Parents John Hatfield and Tabitha Vance Hatfield The oldest children of John Hatfield and Isabel, John W.H. and Sina would have left the household by 1860 The youngest children have age progressed properly between the 1850 and the 1860 census while John has not. (only 3 yrs?)What was the youngest children in the 1850 census for this family ,now have become the oldest and in sequence in 1860. What would be the relationship between Tabitha Vance and Isabel Vance? Merely Coincidental even with the childrens names and ages?   1880 Logan District In County Of West Logan State of W.V 74th Enumeration District Tabitha Vance b.1821/22 dau of John Vance and Hannah Rader is now the wife of William Grimmett.   Fam # 283/283 Grimmett, Wm 69 Tabitha 59 * Phebe 35 George 21 Lydia 12 Floyd 9 There is no Phebe listed as a child of Tabitha and John Hatfield. Is this William Grimmett the same as the one who married Levicy Toler with dau Phebe who would be about 30+ now in 1880. Wm and Levicy Toler Grimmett are listed in the 1850 census of Logan County Virginia Family 312/312 as such: 1850 Logan County Family 312/312 Grimmett, William 41 * Levicy 28 Delila 18 Rachel 8 Lucinda 6 James P. 3 Phebe 0 Delilah 65 Elizabeth 43 Nicholas 30 Who is the mother of Delila age 18, Certainly while possible I do not think probable that Levicy is Delila's mother at the age of 10 yrs old with the father being 31 with a potential girl at 9/10 yrs of age. I would appreciate any and all input as the line I am researching descends from the Grimmett/Vance/Varney/Hatfield/Browning /Toler lines Thank You For your time, Carol Reed ----------------------------------------- Name: John Hatfield Event Type: Census Event Date: 1850 Event Place: Logan county, part of, Logan, Virginia, United States Gender: Male Age: 37 Marital Status: Race (Original): Race: White Birthplace: Virginia Birth Year (Estimated): 1813 House Number: 319 Family Number: 319 Line Number: 34 Affiliate Publication Number: M432 Affiliate Film Number: 956 GS Film number: 444946 Digital Folder Number: 004206378 Image Number: 00288 Household Gender Age Birthplace John Hatfield M 37 Virginia Isabel Hatfield F 35 Virginia John W H Hatfield M 11 Virginia Sena Hatfield F 9 Virginia Harriet Hatfield F 7 Virginia Malinda Hatfield F 5 Virginia Floyd Hatfield M 3 Virginia "United States Census, 1850," index and images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 22 Apr 2013), John Hatfield, 1850. -------------------------------- Logan County Deed Book   This indenture made into this 29th July 1858 between Valentine Hatfield and Martha his wife and John Hatfield and Tabitha his wife of the County of Wyoming of the first part and William Browning of the second part of the County of Logan, both of the State of Virginia witness that the said Valentine Hatfield and John Hatfield for the consideration of the sum of three hundred dollars to them in hand paid by the said William Browning at or before the sealing and deliver of these present and by these present do hereby grant bargain sell and convey unto the said William Browning a certain tract or parcel of land being and lying on the Browning Fork of Horse pen Creek containing 65 acres more or less being part of a tract of land that the said William Browning deed to the said Valentine Hatfield beginning at a cross fence below Jacob Hatfield and running down the creek to the corner of the survey also including a new survey made in the name of Valentine Hatfield and also including a survey made in the name of John Hatfield binding on the said survey to have and to hold the above described tract of parcel of land with all its appurtenances unto him the said William Browning his heirs and assigns forever free from the claim or claims of him the said Valentine Hatfield and John Hatfield and his heirs and assigns and again any person or persons claiming by or thence them the said Valentine Hatfield and John Hatfield will warrant and defend the title to the above tract or parcel of land in witness whereof the said Valentine Hatfield and John Hatfield have herein to set their hand and affix their hands and seal this day and date above written. Valentine Hatfield, John Hatfield   Witness Humphrey Trent, Madison Ellis, and Thomas Hatfield   Barbara Vance Cherep racking=%7B%22tn%22%3A%22R%22%7D --------------------------------------- Name: John Hatfield Event Type: Event Year: Event Place: Logan, VA Minor Civil Division: [Blank] Age (Expanded): 40 years Birth Year (Estimated): Birthplace: Gender: Page: 83 Household ID: Affiliate Publication Number: M653 GS Film number: 805358 Digital Folder Number: 4297387 Image Number: 00291 John Hatfield Age (Expanded): 40 years Tabby Hatfield Age (Expanded): 35 years Harriet Hatfield Age (Expanded): 17 years Melinda Hatfield Age (Expanded): 15 years Floyd Hatfield Age (Expanded): 13 years Hannah Hatfield Age (Expanded): 11 years Ephraim Hatfield Age (Expanded): 9 years   "United States Census, 1860," index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 01 Jul 2013), John Hatfield, 1860. --------------------------- I've come to the conclusion that Abner Vance and Susannah Howard didn't have a youngest daughter named Isabel, born 1815. I know that some folks think that John Hatfield (son of Valentine Hatfield and Martha Weddington) first married Isabel Vance (daughter of Abner and Susannah) before 1840, then he married Tabitha Vance (daughter of John Vance and Hannah Rader) sometime later, but I think that John Hatfield only married once and his wife was the daughter of John Vance and Hannah Rader. I've wondered if it would be helpful to post the notes I've taken on this subject on the Logan message board under the family of John Hatfield (Dwelling #319 on the 1850 census). See what you think--   After looking at the records I found so far, I've come to t he conclusion that John Hatfield's wife was Isabel Tabitha "Tabby" Vance, daughter of John Vance and Hannah Rader, and she was born about 1815. I don't think that there was a youngest daughter of Abner Vance Sr. and Susannah Howard who was born about 1815 and named Isabel.   In the 1820 census, Susannah (Howard) Vance did have two females in her household who were born between 1810 and 1820, but there was also another grown woman living in her household. So it's not clear if those young girls were the daughters of Susannah or the other woman.   In the 1830 Logan County, VA census, Susannah (Howard) Vance was in her 60's. She didn't have any daughters in the household who were born between 1810 and 1820. There was a female in the household in her 20's (born 1800-1810), but none in their teens. Also a male in his 20's, and some little children, presumably children of the female who was in her 20's.   In 1830, John Vance had two daughters who were born between 1810 and 1820, and also had daughters who were born in the 1820's.   By the 1840 census, John Hatfield had married one of the Vance girls; he and his wife were in their 20's (born 1810-1820), with one son age less than 5.   In 1840, John Vance's only daughter left in the household was age 10-15, which would be the daughter Sena who was still in the household in 1850, age 22. Both families - John Hatfield and John Vance - were on p. 73A of the 1840 Logan County census.   In the 1850 census, p. 142, Dwelling #319: John Hatfield 37 Isabel 35 John W. H. 11 Sena 9 [Celia?] Harriet 7 Malinda 5 Floyd 3   1850 census, p. 125, #99: John Vance 70 Hannah 56 Levi 25 Sena 22   In 1860, p. 281, #529: John Hatfield 40 Tabby 35 Harriet 17 Melinda 15 Floyd 13 Hannah 11 [wasn't born yet in 1850 census] Ephraim 9 [b. 3/24/1854 Wyoming Co]   Notice that John Hatfield was listed as age 37 in 1850 and his wife was 35. In 1860, John Hatfield had hardly aged at all; John was listed as age 40 and his wife was still 35.   In the 1850 census, John Hatfield's wife was listed as Isabel, and all of his children except Hannah and Ephraim had been born (so the wife who was listed as Isabel was the mother of all of the children born before 1850).   Here's son Ephraim's birth record: Births of Wyoming Co, WV, transcribed by Pauline Haga, Year 1854. Ephrem Hatfield was born on 24 Mar 1854 to John and Tabby Hatfield.   It looks like the daughter listed in 1850 as Sena (born 1840 or 41) must have been the same as Celia. Look at this marriage record:   Marriage Records of Wyoming Co, WV, Vol 1, Haga, page 87. William C. Walls, age 24/28?, born in Tazewell Co, VA, son of Joseph and Hopy Walls, married Selah Hatfield, age 22, daughter of John and Tabethy Hatfield, on 12 Dec 1861 or 21 Dec 1862.   In the 1860 census, Celia had been living in Wyoming County with the Valentine Hatfield family.   According to her marriage record, Celia was born about 1840, and she was the daughter of John and Tabitha Hatfield. In the 1880 census, Celia was age 39 - born 1840 or 1841. [This daughter of John and Tabitha Hatfield was 9 in 1850 and 39 in 1880.] Her husband William C. Walls was age 15 in 1850 and age 45 in 1880 - born 1815. 1880 Wyo Co census, Clear Fork, p. 514D.   The records for this daughter Celia is what convinced me that John Hatfield only had one wife. Celia was clearly born before 1850. The 1850 census listed John Hatfield's wife as Isabel, and Celia's marriage record listed her mother as Tabitha. Doesn't it appear that Isabel and Tabitha were the same person?   John Hatfield died before July 1864-- Marriage Records Wyoming Co, WV..., Vol 1, Haga, page 40. William Grimmett, age 54, widowed, born in Franklin Co., VA, son of John and Deliah Grimmett, married on 2 Jul 1864 Tabitha Vance Hatfield, age 49, a widow, born in Logan Co., WV, daughter of Jake and Hannah Vance.   The above marriage record in 1864 listed her name as Tabith a Vance Hatfield, a widow, daughter of Jake and Hannah Vance (so John Vance was also known as Jake?). She was liste d as age 49, which would put her birth date at 1815.   Unfortunately, Tabby's birth date wasn't consistently represented in the censuses even after she remarried. In 1870 , in Magnolia District, she was listed as Tabbith Grimmett age 60 and her husband William Grimmett as age 62 (some of his children - grown or almost grown - were also in the household, so they may have given the information). In 1880, in Logan District, she was listed as Tabitha Grimmett age 59 and her husband William age 69.   In 1880, Tabby's sons Floyd and Ephraim were still in Magnolia District (which is where she was in 1870).   It shore does look to me like there was only one wife of John Hatfield who was named either Tabitha "Tabby" Vance or Isabel Tabitha "Tabby" Vance, and she was the daughter of John Vance and Hannah Rader.   (As always, thanks to Larry Smith and his CoalExchange site for the Wyoming County records!)   Does anyone else have any other records which might clear up this question a little more?   Thanks Vanessa Allen  

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