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Tandy Hatfield [A3088] b.1830 ca - Meigs Co., TN d.1864 19 Sep - [during CW] Rock Island, IL ----- Parents ----- Hardy Hatfield [A3080] Sarah ? [A3081] ----- Siblings ----- Hardy Hatfield [A3082] Henry Hatfield [A3083] Tandy Hatfield [A3088] ----- Marriages ----- m01. - + Mary R ? (3 Children) ----- Children ----- Thursdey M Hatfield [A3090] Emely E Hatfield [A3091] John O Hatfield [A3092]
Tandy Hatfield Pvt. Co. F, 8th AR Cavalry   Tandy Hatfield first enlisted on March 23, 1862 in Independence Co., AR in McCray's Battalion Co. I, 31st AR Infantry. He is listed as a First Lieutenant. The batallion relinquished organization on May 24, 1862 due to loss of 30% of their men to disease. Tandy's next tenure was as a Private in Newton's, Co. F, 8th AR Cavalry beginning on January 9, 1863. He was reported to have deserted on the road from Little Rock, AR to Rockport on Sept. 10, 1863, but apparently he wasn't repremanded. On March 19, 1864 he was captured in Independence Co, AR and sent on the ship "Celeste" to the Federal Military Prison in Little Rock arriving on April 8. Tandy chose not to be exchanged and was sent to Rock Island Prison on May 17, 1864. He arrived at Rock Island via St. Louis on May 27, 1864. (This date is exactly 100 years before I was born.) Tandy remained imprisoned there until his death from scurvy on September 19, 1864. He is buried in the Confederate Cemetary on Rock Island in grave #1536.   Tandy is described in his papers as having black eyes, black hair, a dark complexion, and standing 5'7" tall. His occupation is listed as a farmer.   Tandy Hatfield was born about 1830 in what is now Meigs Co., TN. He had three brothers, John, Henry,and Hardy. Hardy joined Tandy in the fight for the Confederacy, and died in the war in 1862.   Recently I was reading a book titled Red Cap by G. Clifton Wisler, and it made me remember the pain and suffering felt by our ancestors who were unfortunate enough to be held at a prison during the Civil War. In the book, a young drummer boy, Red Cap, is imprisoned in Andersonville. As his comrades are dying, they ask him to play Taps for them when they are buried. I was afraid no one played Taps when Tandy was buried, so here is Taps for Tandy.   ROCK ISLAND NATIONAL CEMETARY, ARSENAL, AND CONFEDERATE POW CAMPThis site has information on the Confederate Prison and lists those buried on Rock Island.   ROCK ISLAND COUNTY HISTORY At this site you will find the history of the Rock Island Prison.   ROCK ISLAND POW'S This site lists the Confederates Prisoners who died by state. It also includes the accounts of some prisoners at the prison.

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