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Melvina Hatfield [A355][A2968] b.1848 15 Nov - Pike Co, Ky d.1927 30 Aug - Milton, Grant Dist, Cabell Co, WV ----- Parents ----- John Hatfield [A353] Mary Ann Crabtree [A354] ----- Siblings ----- Melvina Hatfield [A355][A2968] Mary Hatfield [A451] Phoebe Hatfield [A456] ----- Marriages ----- m01. 1869 21 Jan - Pike County, KY + Wallace H "Wallas" Hatfield (14 Children) ----- Children ----- Emily Hatfield [A357][A2969] Lydia Hatfield [A358][A2970] Columbia Hatfield [A359][A2971] Leah Hatfield [A360][A2972] Celia L Hatfield [A361][A2973] Granville H Hatfield [A363][A2975] Ephraim Hatfield [A391][A3003] Epperson P "Epp" Hatfield [A393][A3005] America K Hatfield [A410][A3022] Hibbard Hatfield [A412][A3024] Margaret Victoria Hatfield [A426][A3038] Cumberland H "Cummings" Hatfield [A442][A611][A2740][A3054] James Everment Hatfield [A444][A3056] Howard Hatfield [A445][A3057]
Name: Melvin Hatfield Event Type: Census Event Year: 1860 Event Place: Dist No 1, Pike, Kentucky, United States Gender: Male Age: 10 Race: White Birth Year (Estimated): 1850 Birthplace: Ky Page: 137 Affiliate Name: The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) Affiliate Publication Number: M653 Household Role Gender Age Birthplace John Hatfield M 42 Ky Mary A Hatfield F 35 Va Melvin Hatfield M 10 Ky Mary Hatfield F 5 Ky Acy H Wilson M 30 N C Household ID: 693 , GS Film Number: 803392 , Digital Folder Number: 004231203 , Image Number: 00510 "United States Census, 1860," index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 11 Oct 2014), Melvin Hatfield in household of John Hatfield, Dist No 1, Pike, Kentucky, United States; citing "1860 U.S. Federal Census - Population,"; p. 137, household ID 693, NARA microfilm publication M653; FHL microfilm 803392 -------------------------------------------------------------------- Melvina Hatfield & her husband Wallace Hatfield Plaintiffs against Mary Farley and Lewis Farley Defendants} Petition in Equity The plaintiffs Melvina Hatfield and Wallace Hatfield state that they are husband and wife & have been for several years and that on the 20th day of July 1869 John Hatfield departed this life domiciled in Pike County, KY., and the plaintiff Melvina Hatfield & Defendant Mary Farley his only children heirs at law and at the time of his death he was the legal owner In possession of lands situated in Pike County KY., of the value of about two thousand dollars and also a considerable amount of property, the amount now unknown; a full & complete description of the lands entered all be filed in due time & where filed will be made part thereof. The Plaintiff before the death of said & he Hatfield he made executed acknowledged and had in his promise of will which was his last will and testament in which he disposed of his property as follows; he gave one third each of his real &personal estate to his two daughters, the female Plaintiff and Defendant - and to his sister Phoebe Hatfield during her natural life then to his two daughters; that he kept & had in his possession that will up to & about - the day of his death, which will is now destroyed. The Plaintiffs state that on the 29th day of July 1869 the said decedents while in the last hours of his life & in a law state of mind & while the ravages of discord, the long fear, had fastness the fangs of death upon him, he was induced and persuaded to make & sign what purports to be his last will & testament in which he revokes all former wills and fails to bequeath to this female Plaintiff - the property he had given them in his last will & testament or any other part of his property except one dollar but gave same to the Defendant Mary Farley, late Hatfield & to be his sister Phoebe Hatfield during her life who took possession of said property under said will. The said Phoebe Hatfield is now dead & all the property described & mentioned in said will fall into the hands of the Defendants who now has possession of the same & has for about twelve years. The Plaintiff say that at the time of the execution of the paper purporting to be his last will & testament on 29th July 1869, the said deceased was not capable of hand acting answers and did not know the legal as otherwise the effect of the instrument he was making and on the day of its execution on the day afterwards, the will that they had theretofore made was by Phoebe Hatfield destroyed. They say that this was done and caused to be done by Defendant Mary Farley late Hatfield & Phoebe Hatfield fraudulently & with the fraudulent intent & design to cheat the female Plaintiff out of his just rights & the property theretofore give her by the deceased. They say that at the time of his death John Hatfield & at the time the proper property to be the last will & testament of said Hatfield & for considerable then before & afterwards, they were no evidence of the state of Kentucky and did not ascertain and could not have ascertained thereof acts until less than three months ago, when it was that they first ascertained it - & discord the fraud practiced on their rights by Defendants & c. There at the date of the deceased John Hatfield the original and herein spoken of was destroyed and its contents as to devised was as - herein the same being destroyed consent be filed herewith, but a copy of the instrument none on record purporting & he his will is herewith filed as part hereof. Plaintiff now charges that the same is not the last will and testament of John Hatfield deceased, for the reason herein and hereof states. That the said John Hatfield was incapable at the time of the making of the instrument of transacting any (?) or of knowing what was done that he died in less than _ from (line missing) that then has been on administrator of the goods chattels and effects of the estate that defendants more have and have had for the past - twelve years the possession of the whole of the estate - hath real and personal that they have cut and removed from the lands quite an amount of valuable timber depreciating the value after same and counting the proceeds to their own use and benefit. Wherefore Plaintiff pray that he instrument of writing purporting to be that last will and testament of John Hatfield be canceled and held for naught - and that the Defendants be compelled to account for the property that came to be their hands belonging to the estate of the said John Hatfield deceased. They ask for a settlement of the estate and a division of the property of equitable terms, and for all other proper relief due. Due to them in same or equity - belong and they will ever pray. Melvina and Wallace Hatfield. April 13, 1885   Will of John Hatfield - Pike County Court August 23, 1869. This day the will of John Hatfield deceased was produced by the oath of Thompson Hatfield and Joseph Hatfield two of the subscribing witnesses who proves the signature of John Hatfield and the other witness and stated that the will was read to John Hatfield while he was in sound mind and memory and that he made his mark to said will and acknowledged it to be his last will and testament which is examined approved of by the Court and ordered of record in proper book which is as follows to wit; In the name of God amen, I, John Hatfield being of sound mind and memory and desirous of disposing of my property as come to me most just and proper do hereby ordain an publish this as my last will and testament being; First - I desire that so much of my perishable property be sold as will pay all my just debts and funeral expenses. Secondly - I will and bequeath to my daughter Melvina Hatfield one dollar. Thirdly - I will and bequeath to my daughter Phoebe Hatfield all of my property accept the payment of my debts and funeral expenses also all my furniture to my house. Fourthly - I will and bequeath to Mary Hatfield my daughter and Phoebe Hatfield my sister all my land in Pike County Kentucky during my sister's lifetime and after he death to go to my daughter Mary Hatfield. Fifthly - I desire that if my sister out lives my daughter Mary Hatfield at the death of my sister I desire that my land and property go to my brothers. Sixthly - I do hereby constitute and appoint my friends Richard Hatfield and James Hatfield executors of this my last will and testament hereby revoking all former wills. In witness whereof I have here unto set my hand and seal this 28th day of July 1869. John Hatfield (mark) Attest Thompson Hatfield, Jacob Hatfield, Joseph Hatfield. State of Kentucky County of Pike} I Hibbard Williamson Clerk of the Pike County Court do certify that the will of John Hatfield was on the 23rd day of August 1869 produced in open Court and proved examined whereupon the same will together & with the certificate has been duly recorded in my office. Given under my hand this 1 day September 1869. Attest Hibbard Williamson Clerk.   Barbara Vance Cherep omment_id=701947676549439&offset=0&total_comments=8 ------------------------------------------- Name: Melvina Hatfield Event Type: Census Event Year: 1880 Event Place: Blackberry, Pike, Kentucky, United States Gender: Female Age: 29 Marital Status: Married Race: White Race (Original): W Occupation: Keeping House Relationship to Head of Household: Wife Relationship to Head of Household (Original): Wife Birth Year (Estimated): 1851 Birthplace: Kentucky, United States Father's Birthplace: Kentucky, United States Mother's Birthplace: Virginia, United States Affiliate Name: The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) Affiliate Publication Number: T9 Affiliate Film Number: 0439 Household Role Gender Age Birthplace Wallace Hatfield Self M 24 Kentucky, United States Melvina Hatfield Wife F 29 Kentucky, United States Celey Hatfield Daughter F 9 Kentucky, United States Granville Hatfield Son M 6 Virginia, United States Columbus Hatfield Son M 12 Kentucky, United States America Hatfield Daughter F 0 Kentucky, United States Leo Hatfield Daughter F 10 Virginia, United States Epperson Hatfield Son M 3 Kentucky, United States District: 104 , Sheet Number and Letter: 711D , GS Film Number: 1254439 , Digital Folder Number: 004241276 , Image Number: 00281   "United States Census, 1880," index and images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 11 Oct 2014), Melvina Hatfield in household of Wallace Hatfield, Blackberry, Pike, Kentucky, United States; citing sheet 711D, NARA microfilm publication T9. -------------------------------- Name: John Hatfield Gender: Male Wife: Mary Crabtree Child: Melvina Hatfield Other information in the record of Melvina Hatfield from West Virginia Deaths Name: Melvina Hatfield Event Date: 30 Aug 1927 Event Place: Cabell, West Virginia Marital Status: Married Spouse's Name: Wallace Hatfield Father's Name: John Hatfield Mother's Name: Mary Crabtree Burial: 31 Aug 1927, Johnson Cemetery, Milton, Cabell Co., WV Affiliate Repository Type: County Records GS Film number: 1953433 , Digital Folder Number: 4256232 , Image Number: 688 , Reference ID: 9676 688 "West Virginia Deaths, 1804-1999", index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 13 Nov 2014), John Hatfield in entry for Melvina Hatfield, 30 Aug 1927. -------------------------------- Per Jack Hatfield ( "Ruth and I visited her gravesite this Spring. Actually, she has two tombstones, the older one with her name spelled "Malvine", possibly the way her name was once pronounced. The newer one has the spelling as Melvina (same as on her death certificate). From Cousin Michael Hatfield, I have been told that the Morris Mem. Hos. Cem. is now called Kilgore Cemetery, located in Milton, W.Va.." 7/?comment_id=10153365757548387&offset=0&total_comments=18&comment_trackin g=%7B%22tn%22%3A%22R0%22%7D

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