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George Hatfield, Jr [A2686] b.1841 15 Jun - Pike Co, Ky d.1863 06 Apr - Peach Orchard, Ky ----- Parents ----- George Hatfield [A2148] Nancy Jane Whitt [A2149] ----- Siblings ----- Isham Hatfield [A2150] Madison "Matt" Hatfield [A2151] Mary "Polly" Hatfield [A2204] Ransom Hatfield [A2214] James "Redbrush Jim" Hatfield [A2306] Elexious "Leck" Hatfield [A2373] Anderson C "Preacher Anse" Hatfield, Rev [A2391] Johnson Hatfield [A2588] Basil B Hatfield [A2641][A4007] George Hatfield, Jr [A2686] Jeremiah "Jerry" Hatfield [A2689] Lydia "Lidda" Hatfield [A2690] Wallace H "Wallas" Hatfield [A356][A2691] Nancy Jane Hatfield [A2780] male Hatfield [A2781] Elias "Bad Lias" Hatfield [A2782] Floyd Hatfield [A2821] ----- Marriages ----- m01. - + Mary Ritchie (1 Child) ----- Children ----- Hiram Hatfield [A2688]
James and three of his brothers, Anderson, Johnson and George were all members of the 39th Kentucky Mounted Infantry. Anderson, (Preacher Anse) was captured after only about three months service, and paroled. The others served their enlistments. Johnson stayed in for the entire war, and became a Sergeant. The photo on the bottom is likely either Johnson or George.   I left out Jeremiah, who died and is buried in the New Albany, Indiana National Cemetery. Many men joined the army during the Civil War in their '30s. Asa Harmon and Randolph McCoy, for example, were both older than "Red Bush.". Ephraim Hatfield, father of Devil Anse, joined at the age of 51. The records are in the National Archives for both Kentucky and West Virginia soldiers in both armies. . John D. Preston's book, "The Civil War in the Big Sandy Valley of Kentujcky" also has a list of Pike County soldiers on both sides.   Thomas Dotson

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