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Joseph Hatfield [A2] b.1745 ca - Va d.1832 29 Aug - Campbell Co, Tn ----- Parents ----- George Hatfield [A1] ----- Siblings ----- Joseph Hatfield [A2] Jeremiah Hatfield [A4637] George Hatfield, Jr [A4844] John Hatfield [A5583] ----- Marriages ----- m01. 1767 ca - Russell Co., VA + Elizabeth ? (7 Children) m02. 1779 28 Oct - Washington [Russell] Co, Va + Rachel Smith (7 Children) ----- Children ----- Ephraim Hatfield [A4] Valentine Hatfield [A3123] Mary Hatfield [A3185] George Hatfield [A3186] Andrew Warren Hatfield [A3529] Joseph Hatfield, Jr [A3694] Ale Hatfield [A3801] Jeremiah Hatfield [A4058] John Hatfield [A4299] Nancy Hatfield [A4539] Joseph Hatfield, Jr [A4584] Rachel Phariba "Phoebe" Hatfield [A4591] William "Bill" Hatfield [A4622] Sarah Hatfield [A4636]
ARREST WARRANT: VA; Fincastle Co; warrant issued for Joseph Hatfield 11 Jun 1779 (warrant now found in Botetourt Co. courthouse)   George the Third, by the Grace of GOD, of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith, &c. To the Sheriff of Fincastle County greeting: We command you that you take Joseph Hatfield if he be found within your Bailiwick and him safely keep, so that you have his Body before the Justices of our said County Court, at the Courthouse on the said County on the first tuesday in next month to answer Isreal Christian of debt damage Twenty three pounds five shillings two pence damage forty shilling and have then there this Writ. Witness John Byrd Clerk of our said Court, at the Courthouse aforesaid, the 11 Day of June in the 14 Year of our Reign. John Byrd   Written on the outside: I. Christian vs. Hatfield (illeg letters: YCap) Exd and the prisoner Escaped (illeg initial) Thompson 1779 May C O Aug 1779 Jud'gmt   [To date, 1993, this is the earliest documentation on Joseph Hatfield, therefore he was born no later than 21 years before 1779, or no later than 1758--could have been earlier, but not any later. Legally Joseph could not be liable for debt until he was an adult.]   [This Fincastle Co. arrest warrant is important, for it does provide a geographic tie to George Hatfield Sr. and his 2 older sons George Jr. and Jeremiah. This group were Joseph Hatfield's closest Hatfield associates in his later life in Washington & Russell Cos., therefore those most likely his family. George Hatfield & George Jr. & Jeremiah were in Botetourt Co. in 1771 as seen on the tax list. Their property later was in Fincastle & Montgomery Cos. as Southwestern Virginia developed.]   [Taking this further, if Joseph were to be a son to George Sr. (who was the only Hatfield in Southwestern Virginia old enough to have mature sons by the 1770's), then he was not yet old enough to be on the 1771 tax list, so born no earlier than 1750. These 2 considerations limit Joseph's birth to 1750-58.]   [Sidebar: Who is Israel Christian to whom Joseph Hatfield owed a bundle of money? THE NEW RIVER EARLY SETTLEMENT (Patricia Givens Johnson, pp. 169-70): "The Moravians had told of a band of robbers operating on upper New River and now as Pontiac's War was ending a band of counterfeiters was discovered on Middle New River. Upper class families were involved. The activities of this group might never have come to light had there not been an election pending for a coveted Assembly seat. One of the contenders was William Preston hoping to unseat incumbent Israel Christian. Both had connections with the New River. Both were seeking the New River vote. William Preston as the nephew of James Patton had always enjoyed an influential position in the area while Israel Christian noted Merchant at Big Lick on Roanoke had long exerted an influence on New River affairs. Christian had been a merchant for years in Staunton and in the late 1760's had established a trading post at the crossroads of the "Trading Path" to Carolina near present Roanoke. He had bought the "Stone House" belonging to Cherokee trader Erwin Patterson and had supplied goods for Byrd's army on the Cherokee expeditions through the New River Valley. William Christian had led the militia through New River Valley during the recent Indian troubles. And it was William, Isreal's son, who was the most active person in spreading the counterfeiting story threatening to involve William Preston. Christain was reading law in Patrick Henry's office and would become Henry's brother-in-law. He wrote Henry telling athe counterfeiting story trying to implicate Preston through association with his relative William Thompson, planting and distilling on Back Creek." [Thompson did go to trial in 1765 in Williamsburg for counterfeiting . . . don't know the outcome.] ------------------------------------------------------------------- WASHINGTON CO, VA, LAND RECORDS: FHL #003437; VA; Washington Co; Land Survey Book 1; pp.71 & 334   p. 71 13 Dec 1782 Surveyed for Joseph Hatfield assignee of Elia Smith 50 ac. of land in Washington County by virtue of a Treasury Warrant and agreeble to an Act of the General Assembly of Virginia passed in May 1779 lying on the waters of Thompson Creek, a branch of Clinch River, and beginning at a white oak near the foot of a ridge of knobs a corner to John Neal's land and with his line S29E 60 poles to 2 white oaks & 2 Dogwoods on the north side of a hill. S 65W 123 poles leaving said Neal's line & running along sd. hill to a sugar tree & 2 Beeches by a branch: S80W 95 poles to a white walnut & 2 sugartrees on the side of sd. hill thence running near the foot of a ridge of large knobs N56E 210 poles to the Beginning. Benj. Sharp Agt Robert Preston SWC   [By VA law, land owners must be at least 21, so both Joseph Hatfield & Ali Smith were b. bef 1762. Also reaffirms marriage of Joseph Hatfield to Rachel Smith, sister of Ali Smith, by this date.]   p. 334 7 Jul 1785 Surveyed for Joseph Hatfield-50-acres of land in Washington County by virtue of a Virginia Land Office Treasury Warrant No. 1254 and dated the (illeg)th day of December 1780 and lying in the New Garden on the head waters of Lewis's Creek the waters of Clinch River beginning at 2 red oaks near the (illeg) spring thence S54W 56 poles to 2 white oaks N88W 40 poles to a white oak & poplar on a ridge N36W 22 poles to two white oaks on a ridge N22W 120 poles to two poplars on the (illeg) side of the ridge N25E 12 poles to a stake S54E 176 poles to the Beginning. James Moore Agt. Robert Preston SWC   [Note: very illegible survey, survey numbers guaranteed to have been misread by transcriber. Whose Treasury Warrant #1245 is this? Therefore, who settled on this property in 1780?]   Boy-oh-boy, is this property easy to spot today. The headwaters of Lewis Creek lie at the current boundary of Russell and Buchanan Counties off of Virginia 624, about 2 miles due north of Drill community, or 8 miles north of Honaker, VA. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------- TAX LIST: THE PERSONAL PROPERTY TAX LISTS FOR THE YEAR 1787 FOR RUSSELL COUNTY, VA; Schreiner-Yantis, Netti & Love, Florene Speakman; Gen. Books in Print; Springfield VA; 1987   Tax List "A" Hatfield, John self 0 males 16-21 0 blacks 5 horses " Joseph " 0 0 3 4 " George " 0 0 2 4 (several intervening names) Hatfield, Valentine " 0 0 2 0   George visited 4 Jun 1787 Joseph & John 14 Jun Valentine 23 Jun   [Whoa, Joseph and John are visited on the same day, while George and Valentine are seen on different days. This does indicate that Joseph and John live very close together; the others could have been close and just visited separately, but Joseph and John are neighbors.] ---------------------------------------------------- 1785 PETITION IN WASHINGTON CO, VA: RUSSELL CO, VA, RECORDS; pp, 19-30; Albert, Anne Roberts & Ethel Evans Albert; privately published; 1973;DalPubLib 929.3 V8RUA   9 Dec 1785 Petition to VA House of Delegates by sundry inhabitants of Clinch River, Mocason Creek, Powel's Valley & others requesting that the militia districts be redrawn such that these citizens will more easily perform militia duty without long travel away from their defenseless families: (Hatfields extracted) George Hatfield 4th page of signatures, column 2 (p.23 of book)   Joseph Hatfield 6th page of signatures, column 2 (p.25 of book) Ericus Smith " " Eli Smith " " (illeg) Hatfield " (Not 'Valentine') " Joseph Hatfield " " George Hatfield " " Ericus Smith Junr " " (this group appears in this order)   John Hatfield 7th page of signatures, column 2 (p.26 of book)   Ephraim Hatfield 8th page of signatures, column 1 (p.27 of book)   [There is a typescript of this petition & signature list also printed pp.7-13 in the same book, but the list of names seems to contain a number of errors and omissions...struggle with the original.]   The 1787 tax list of Russell Co does not match the names of the Hatfields on this petition. What's up? Is the 1787 tax list incomplete? Do these never-seen-again Hatfields die? Theoretically, each name on the 1785 petition should be a man 21+ who is eligible for militia service. Therefore, one of the Joseph's, one of the George's, our friend illegible Hatfield and Ephraim should have been on the 1787 tax list, but aren't. It's certainly possible that Ephraim was, as he left pretty continuous records there until after 1820. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- RUSSELL CO. COURT MINUTES: FHL# 0033844; VA; Russell Co; Book 1: pp. 61, 74, 78, 85, 152, 218, 219, 223, 229, 234, 235, 250; Book 2: pp. 3,6, 18, 23, 42, 45, 47, 48, 55, 58, 64, 81, 87, 91, 116, 124   Book 1 p. 61 Joseph Hatfield & George Hatfield (& others) 8 Sep 1787 ordered to court 3rd Tues. of Oct to show cause why they should not be fined and double taxed for failing to give Wm. Webb, Commissioner, a list of taxable property p. 74 Upon petition of Richard Poston against Ephraim Joseph Hatfield for a debt of 3 pounds due by note p. 78 Commonwealth against Joseph Hatfield, George Hatfield, William Mullet (on information of Wm. Webb), continued 17 Oct 1787 [Note that these 3 are grouped in one lawsuit by themselves as though there was a reason for this. Others against whom Wm. Webb brought charges are listed separately. Wonder if these 3 had a business together, lived together, etc?] p. 85 tax suit on George Hatfield, continued 22 Nov 1787 p.152 Valentine Hatfield allowed 12/6 for killing one old wolf p.218 motion of John Hatfield, an injunction to stay judgement obtained by Alexander Martin against sd. Hatfield Ericus Smith, jury Oct 1790 [Note that Ericus Smith is on a jury to try a case involving John Hatfield. Since both Joseph and Ephraim Hatfield are married to daughters of Ericus at this point, this may indicate that Joesph and Ephraim are not too closely related to John Hatfield, as that would raise a conflict of interest for Ericus Smith.] p.219 John Hatfield allowed 12/6 for killing one old wolf Nov 1790 p.223 Joseph Hatfield, 12/6 for one wolf Feb 1791 p.229 Jury: John Hatfield Apr 1791 p.234 John Hatfield to be summoned on information of Commissioner p.235 Brice against J. Hatfield, dismissed Jan 1791 Joseph Hatfield, 1 days attandance as witness for John Lewes against Wm. Brice [Could be a key suit, for Joseph Hatfield could be the J. Hatfield against whom Wm. Brice brought suit, or he could be a witness in this suit, which might tie him to another Hatfield.] p.250 Joseph Hatfield, 12/6 for 2 young wolves 25 Nov 1791   Book 2 p. 3 George Hatfield, 12/6 for killing 1 grown wolf 27 May 1792 John Anderson for same Joseph Hatfield the same p. 6 Hatfield against Marten, an Injunction: Defendant (Martin) has not filed his answer, so he loses; Plaintiff awarded his costs 25 Apr 1792 [Likely to be John Hatfield's suit, see p. 218 of Book 1, above.] p. 18 Brice against Lewis, to Joseph Hatfield, 1 days attendance p. 23 Summoned to court, Jeremiah Hatfield + others for not giving a list of their taxable property Aug 1792 p. 26 Elexius Musick & Anna Musick appt. Administrators on estate of David Musick, decd., Henry Smith to be their security for 1000 pounds Sep 1792 p. 42 Moses Smith, John Hatfield + others, jury service 21 Sep 1792 p. 45 John Hatfield, jury service Nov 1792 p. 47 Hatfield & wife vs. Hatfield, dismissed at Defdt's costs 28 Nov 1792 [The suit most likely to bring about some clarification of Hatfield relationships in SW VA --it's some type of family squabble. Must search for the loose papers. See next item as well.] p. 48 _____ Hatfield to pay Hannah Duncan, Fanny Bleekman, Polly Hatfield $1.06 each for 2 days attandance against Hatfield p. 55 Charles Cocke vs. Hatfield, continued Jan 1793 p. 58 Charles Cocke vs. George Hatfield, continued Feb 1793 p. 64 Charles Cocke vs. John Hatfield, continued 24 Apr 1793 [Cocke sues both John & George Hatfield --check both.] p. 81 Thomas Goff, Aaron Alderson, jury Jun 1793 [First appearance of name Goff in Russell County, raising doubt that Mary Smith could have first married any Goff; she had a minimum of 4 children by Ephraim Hatfield by this date.] p. 87 Charles Cocke vs. George Hatfield, continued Jul 1793 p. 91 Joseph Hatfield, 25/1 for 2 old wolves Valentine Hatfield, 12/6 for 2 old wolves p.116 Charles Cocke vs. George Hatfield, continued Oct 1793 p.124 Chas. Cocke vs. George Hatfield, continued Nov 1793 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------- TAX LISTS: RUSSELL COUNTY, VIRGINIA, PERSONAL PROPERTY & LAND TAX LISTS, 1787 THROUGH 1800, 1802, 1810; Albert, Anne Roberts & Albert, Ethel Evans; 1973; privately published; DalPubLib 929.3 V8RUa   A Joseph Hatfield, owning 30 acres of land, consistently appears on the tax lists of Russell County, Lower District: 1787-1799, not seen again.   DEEDS: VA; Russell Co; Deed Bk. 2, pp. 328+ (3 deeds in a row)   Granting of land to Ericus Smith: (see typed in full under Ericus Smith) 17 Sep 1787 Patent to Ericus Smith 82 ac. on Thompson's Creek, adjacent to Samuel Priest (government patent, no witnesses)   2 Oct 1787 Patent to Ericus Smith 200 ac. on Thompson's Creek, a branch of Clinch River (government patent, no witnesses)   Dispersal of land of Ericus Smith: Russell Co., Deed Book 2, p. 328 21 Aug 1797 Sale: Ericus & Rosanna Smith, Andrew & Rachel Smith, Ephraim & Mary Hatfield, Joseph & Rachel Hatfield sell to Aly Smith, 94 ac., part of an old 200 ac. tract (made & sworn in open court, no witnesses)   Russell Co., Deed Book 2, p. 329 22 Aug 1797 Sale: Aly Smith, Ericus Smith, and Andrew Smith sell to Joseph Hatfield, 82 ac. on Thompson's Creek, part of survey of 4 May 1784, adjacent to Samuel Priest (made & sworn in open court, no witnesses)   Russell Co., Deed Book 2, p. 330 22 Aug 1797 Sale: Aly & Jane Smith, Andrew & Rachel Smith, Ephraim & Mary Hatfield, Joseph & Rachel Hatfield-now of Lee Co., VA- sell to Ericus Smith, 106 ac. on Thompson's Creek, part of 200 ac. granted to Ericus Smith, decd. (made & sworn in open court, no witnesses)   Note that, by law, the property of a Virginian who died intestate must devolve only on his heirs and can only be sold by these heirs, unless there was a will making an exception. Ericus Smith died intestate in 1792-1793, so these listed above are his heirs.   TAX LISTS: LDS Film #0029301; VA; Lee Co; Tax lists 1795-1813   1795 Hatfield, John 1 white male 16+ 7 horses 1 stud horse " Jeremiah 2 " 2 " " John 1 " 1 " " George 1 " 1 " " Joseph 1 " 1 " " George Jr. 1 " 0 "   These are surviving tax lists; many years seem to have returns for only 1 district. Other Hatfields may possibly have been in Lee Co in any of these years. This is the only list on which is found the name Joseph Hatfield.   [Note: Since Russell Co. deed of Aug. 1797-see above-gives Lee Co. as place of residence for Joseph & Rachel Hatfield in Aug of 1797, then the Joseph shown in Lee Co.'s 1795 tax list may well be he.]   -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------- MARRIAGES: KY; Wayne Co; Marriage Book 1; as reprinted in A CENTURY OF WAYNE CO, KY 1800-1900; Johnson, Augusta; DalPubLib 976.964 J66c (indexed in 976.964 J66c, bound as a separate volume)   Hatfield, Sabine to Hugh Roberts 27 May 1805 ** " Nancy to Aaron Cotten (ie. Whitecotton) 30 Jun 1807 " John to Polly Crain 5 May 1808   The marriage bond of Nancy Hatfield to Aaron (White)Cotton contains permission from Joseph Hatfield for Nancy to marry, establishing that this is, indeed, the correct Joseph Hatfield, residing in Wayne Co, KY, in 1807. Aaron Whitecotton & family later lived in Campbell Co & Scott Co, TN, where Aaron served public office as tax collector for Joseph's district---also lived as neighbor to Joseph in census & tax lists.   TAX LISTS: KY; Wayne Co; Tax Lists 1801-1825; LDS film #0008269; Joseph Hatfield present on surviving tax lists 1802, 1806, 1807   1801 Hatfield, Valentine 0 ac. 1 male 21+ 1 mare 1802--visited 12 Aug Hatfield, Jeremiah 0 1 " 1 --visited 13 Aug Hatfield, Valtane 100 1 " 1 land described as on Otter Creek, entered in name John Henderson --visited 19 Aug Hatfield, Joseph 0 1 male 21+ 1 1803 Hatfield, Valentine 100 1 " 1 land on Otter Creek, in name Val Hatfield also listed: 1 male 16-20 1804 Hatfield, Valentine 100 1 male 21+ 0 land on Auter Creek 1 male 16-20 1805--lists illegible 1806--visited 20 Jun Hatfield, James 0 1 male 21+ 1 --visited 2 Jul Hatfield, Valentine 100 1 male 21+ 1 1 male 16-20 --visited 5 Aug Hatfield, Joseph 0 1 male 21+ 0 1807--visited 5 May Hatfield, Joseph 0 1 male 21+ 2 --visited 24 May Hatfield, Jeremiah (all spaces blank) 1808--visited 9 Jul Hatfield, Jeremiah 0 1 male 21+ 2 1809 Hatfield, John 0 1 " 1 Hatfield, Jeremiah 0 1 " 2 1810 No Hatfields 1811 No Hatfields 1812 Illegible 1813 No Hatfields 1814 No Hatfields 1815 Hatfield, John 0 1 male 21+ 1 this year only, listed by militia company 53rd Regt. KY Militia, Capt. William Hall's Co 1816 No Hatfields 1817 No Hatfields 1818 No surviving tax list 1819 No Hatfields 1820 No Hatfields 1821 No Hatfields 1822 Hatfield, Andrew 0 1 male 21+ 1 Hatfield, Joseph 0 1 " 2 1823 Hatfield, Joseph 0 1 " 2 males 16-20 Hatfield, Andrew 0 1 male 21+ 2 males 16-20 1824 Hatfield, Andrew 0 1 male 21+ 1825 Hatfield, Milly 1 male 21+ 2 Hatfield, Andrew 1 " 2   COURT RECORD: TN; Anderson Co; WPA transcription; County Court Minutes 1801-1809; p. 173   Sat., 16 Mar 1805 List of Anderson County tax delinquents for 1804: (among others) Hatfield, James Hatfield, John Jr. Hatfield, Joseph   [LESLIE's NOTE: Not positive these apply to the family of Rev. War Joseph Hatfield. He is too old to owe taxes, while his son Joseph is too young . . . plus there is no son named John nor James.]   LAND IN TN: FOURTH SURVEY DISTRICT OF TN 1806-1810; JOHN McCLELLAN, SURVEYOR; p. 43; Douthet, James L.; 1988; Signal Mtn., TN; Mountain Press; DalPubLib 929.37687 D741F   "p. 159(of original) Surveyed for Joseph Hatfield, 106 3/4 acres of land in Anderson Co on Brimstone, one of the branches of New River James Scott D.S. James Reed & William Smith S.C.C." Recorded 8 Sep 1808 [Followed by a plat map of the land, roughly rectangular, with a shave taken off the SW corner: from a stake N 75 E 80 S 5.5 E 200 S 15 E 28 S 75 W 90 N 49 W 215] [S.C.C. is an abbreviation for 'sworn chain carriers']   Should be this Joseph Hatfield, given the place and date & names of chain carriers. Check further. This property is today located in the lower section of Scott Co, TN, abut 5 mi. from the Scott/Morgan Co. line. It does NOT prove that Joseph ever lived in what is within the boundaries of today's Anderson Co, TN, as often mis-cited by Hatfield researchers.   CENSUS: 1830; TN; Campbell Co; p. 236   Hatfield, Joseph 00000000001/0000000001 1 male 80-90 1 female 70-80 Adjacent is Hatfield, Emanuel 20001/00001   Places birth 1740 to 1750 Is there any hard proof of his age anywhere else?   REV WAR PENSION FILE: National Archives; Rev War Pension #5.979; filed as 'Hatfield, Joseph'   1) Depostition of Rachel Hatfield "In order to obtain the benefit of the third section of the act of Congress of the 4th day of July 1836 and the joint resolution of July 7 1838 State of Tennessee Campbell County On this 21st day of October 1843 personally appeared before the subscriber a Justice of the peace for said County and State aforesaid Mrs Rachel Hatfield a resident of said County, aged eighty years who first being duly sworn according to law doth on her oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provision made by the act of Congress passed July 4th 1836 and the Joint Resolution of July 7th 1838 That she is the widow of Joseph Hatfield who was a private and an Indian spy in the Virginia Militia in the war of the Revolution That her husband the aforesaid Joseph Hatfield entered the service in the County of Russell in the state of Virginia under Col. Chrisman and served two campaigns of six months each the names of his captains she has forgotten this service took place before her marriage She was married to her Husband the said Joseph Hatfield on the 28th of October 1779 by L. Worley Esqr. After the marriage her husband was called out to defend the frontier and was marshalled in to service under Captain Thompson at a place called the New Gardain in Russell County Virginia and was in the service from March until November but the intermission in this Campaign he served as an Indian spy The next Campaign was under Captain Dickison and was mounted to Blackmorus fort was in the capasity a part of his time at the fort as an Indian spy the of the time her husband was in this service she is [illeg.] to say he was called under Captain Scott at different times and was considered one fo the best woodsman in the western frontier She further declares that taking into account cannot the year her husband Joseph Hatfield served before the marriage and the time after the marraige it [illeg.] three years and at least one half of the time as an Indian Spy She further declared that she has not kept a family record of the births of her children owing to her husband being no scribe adn she is a widow at this time and that her husband the aforesaid Joseph Hatfield departed this life August 26th 1832. Rachel, her X mark, Hatfield Sworn to and subscribed before me the and year before written. Allen McDonald J. Peace Declaration In order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress passed March 3th 1843 entitled an act granting one years pension to certain widows.   State of Tennessee| Campbell County | On this 21st day of October 1843 personally appeared before the subscriber a Justice of the peace Mrs. Rachal Hatfield a resident of the County and State aforesaid aged 80 years who being first duly sworn according to law doth on her oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provision made by the act of Congress passed March 3th 1843 entitled an act granting one years pay and pension to certain widows That she is the widow of Joseph Hatfield who was a private and Indian Spy in the Virginia Militia in the war of the Revolution for services she [illeg.] in the above declaration she further declares that she was married to the aforesaid Joseph Hatfield on the 28th of October 1779 prior to his leaving the service That her husband the aforesaid Joseph Hatfield died on the 27th of August 1832 and she is a widow at this time. Sworn to and and subscribed before me the day and year before written. Rachal, her X mark, Hatfield Allen McDonald J. Peace   2) Depostion of Ezekiel Newport State of Tennessee| County of Scott | Be it known that on this the 5th day of May A.D. 1852 personaly appeared before the subscriber an acting Justice of the peace in and for the county and State aforementioned, Mr. Ezekiel Newport, aged 75 years past, a resident of said county and being first duly qualified according to law doth upon his oath make the following affidavit. That he was well acquainted with Joseph Hatfield for the space of 50 years and had at that time frequent conversations with him in relation to the Revolutionary war. That at that time he heard Joseph Hatfield say that he had served as much as two years service in the war. That the aforesaid Joseph Hatfield often spoke to him of his hardships and sufferings. Affiant further declares taht he canot be mistaken as to what he heard the aforesaid Hatfield say in relation to the length of his service from his long and intimate acquaintance with him and that it has always been a neighborhood report that he had served two years in short tours. Ezekiel Newport   [Get a new copy of the Ezekiel Newport depostion, because the bottom is cut off & the J.P. was also deposing. Also, look at the children of this Ezekiel Newport to see if he might possibly be a son-in-law. He's surely known Joseph long and well enough be be related.]  

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