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[45] Un-indexed From: Elaine Powell [Wed, 13 Apr 2011 10:29:03 -0400 (EDT)] Here's another one... John Hatfield and son by Florence H. Clark My grandmother, Rhoda Gifford, was born 28 April 1828, to Alpheus Gifford and Anna Nash at No Nine, Candango, New York. Her father, the first one of the family to join the Church, was baptized in 1830. They had a large family and grandmother worked for the Prophet Joseph Smith before she was married, doing his family sewing. She was a beautiful seamstress and did it all by hand. Her father, being a preacher, moved from place to place. Then she met Alvin Clements and was married to him in February 1846. They, like all the others, were driven out of Nauvoo, Illinois and went west to Winter Quarters, which is now Omaha, Nebraska. Their first child was born at Winter Quarters, 2 February 1847, but he only lived 22 days and was buried at Winter Quarters. Then Alvin, her husband, and her brother, Henry Dill Gifford, went away to find work so they could be able to go west with the Saints; and while they were gone, a man by the name of George Lyman told grandmother that her husband, Alvin and Henry Dill had drowned. Since they did not return and she had received no letter or word from them, she believed them dead. Then Mr. Lyman asked grandmother to marry him and the Church authorities gave her consent to marry him. He was a nephew of one of the first twelve apostles of the Church. They moved to Rottivatu, Iowa and she had baby girl, 13 January 1848, who was named Sarah. When Sarah was about five months old, grandmother received a letter from her husband, Alvin Clements, saying that he and Henry were coming home, so Mr. Lyman went away a was killed in a brawl. Then Alvin and grandmother were married again and in 1850, Henry Allen was born in Missouri. Then they got word that they had to leave. Henry was one year old when they started for Utah. It was a hard journey across the plains with a small child, but they arrived in Salt Lake in the fall of 1851. Grandmother's mother, Anna Gifford, and family were all in Manti, so they went right down to Manti. They worked very hard planting their crops and building houses to live in and also fighting the Indians and feeding them too. In the fall of 1853, Aunt Rhoda was born in Manti the 22 October 1853. When she was two years old, grandfather Clements passed away in September 1855, leaving grandmother with two children and expecting another. It was a time for mother and William Alvin was born in Manti the 22 January 1856. It was very hard for a woman to find work in those days, as there was only housework, washing or sewing, so on 17 October 1856, she married Albert Smith. She had only been married five days when William Alvin died. She sure had her trials. Then in 1858 she had a son, Albert Smith, born in Manti, 17 October 1858; and this child only lived a little over 11 months. He died the 6 October 1859 in Manti. She sure was having trouble being able to raise her children. In the fall of 1856, there were twenty teams and couple went to Salt Lake with their tithing wheat and to get their own endowments in the Endowment House. Grandmother received hers on 16 February 1856. While they were there, there was a woman who had come from Copenhagen with four small children, so grandmother's husband married her the 16 February 1857 and they were sealed to him. In the fall of 1858, they had a scare, because Johnson's army was coming with the intention of hanging a lot of the leaders, but they let them pass through and they built a fort at Rush Valley. This proved to be very helpful to a lot of the Saints, especially to grandmother's family, as there were 14 in the family and they didn't know where they were going to get cloth to clothe the family because they were destitute at that time. But the wives kept the clothes clean and had patch upon patch and they were able to go to Church and perform their obligations. The people were able to sell their wheat and oats and they were hired to help build the barracks and home, and they were able to buy clothing, wagons, plows, oxen, chains, and yokes. Grandmother's husband bought a number of yokes of oxen for 75 bushels of wheat, a log cabin for one dollar, and cloth for clothes. Grandmother's son, Albert, died in 1859. On the 3 September 1860, grandmother had another girl, which she named Deborah W. Smith. So in 1862, they built a large house and moved in before it was finished. Her mother, Anna Nash Gifford, was living with them and grandmother wanted a place of her own, so her husband rented a house for her. Then on the 13 January 1863, she had another baby girl, Anna Nash Smith. Then in March 1864, he bought a city lot and grandmother moved to it. She asked Mr. Smith for a divorce and he gave her one in 1865. She said she just couldn't live any longer in polygamy. Then in 1866, my grandmother married William K. Parshall, as his wife had died. My father, William K., was born 7 May 1867 in Manti. Grandmother used to have to go to the creek to do the washing (in those days, they had no washer) and she did lots of sewing. Then in 1869, my grandfather Parshall died and she was left alone with my father, who was only two years old and three others, the oldest being 17 years old. It was very hard to find work and make a living for her children. She was persuaded to go the journey to Springville, as some of her relatives said she could get more to do, so her oldest son, Henry, made a cart out of two wheels from an old wagon and hitched a steer to it. She, with all her possessions and her family, walked from Manti to Springville; and that would have been a hard journey in those days. She and her son worked to support her family. In May 1870, Mr. John Hatfield's wife died leaving five motherless children. He asked grandmother to come and work for him, and it was while she was working for him that he asked her to marry him. They were married on 24 July 1870. Then in 1870, her daughter was married to Mr. Hatfield's oldest son, William. Grandmother did a very good job of raising them four boys and one girl. Grandmother and grandfather Hatfield went to the temple in Salt Lake, Manti, and Logan, and did a lot of work for their relatives. They were sealed to each other on 3 December 1890, in Manti. She raised his sons, William, Jacob, Amos, Joseph, and Fred Hatfield, and a daughter, Elizabeth, who married an Edwards. My father, William K. Hatfield, was adopted and sealed to Mr. Hatfield and grandmother in the Manti temple, 3 December 1890. Grandmother's two girls by Smith, and Henry Clements by her first husband, were also sealed to them at that time. I often wonder if we would have been as strong and faithful as she was. She lived with my father and mother for a while, and then in 1901, she went to live with Aunt Deborah. She just went to bed one night and never woke up. That was 2 November 1904. She was buried in the Evergreen Cemetery in Springville. She has a lot of descendants in Manti, Springville, Provo, Salt Lake, Elmo, Idaho, etc; too many to mention. This was taken from Volume 3, Number 3, of the Gifford Informer. It was scanned, typed, edited and put on computer disk by Alva D. Mackay in December of 1999.
[44] Indexed From: Elaine Powell [Wed, 13 Apr 2011 10:27:46 -0400 (EDT)] Just passing along some Hatfield info in case you are interested. William Hatfield 1829-1913 23 Apr 1913 , Marion, Ohio Hatfield William, son of William R. and Elizabeth Hatfield, was born May 4, 1829 in Sussex County, Delaware and departed this life April 15, 1913 at his home at Meeker after an illness which was only a week in duration. At the date of his death, Mr. Hatfield was eighty three years, eleven months, and eleven days of age and although he had been quite feeble for some time, was able to be about the town until a sudden attack of pneumonia which came upon him Tuesday, April 8th. He suffered great physical agony and pain. He was of a ripe old age and death stole upon him when the torture of the disease had robbed him of consciousness and made him unaware of it's approach. The deceased had long been a resident of Marion County having moved from the state of Delaware with his parents to Big Island Township in 1844. The family settled in a pioneer cabin near what is now the home of Frank Wood. October 14, 1862 he was united in marriage with Mary Elizabeth Conklin, who died November 13, 1887. To this union were born five children, William E., James L., Emma Jane, of Meeker; Mrs. Luella Baker of Marion, and Mrs. Cora Moon of Mansfield. December 5, 1900 he was married to Mrs. Anna M. Briggs of Meeker, who with his five children, twelve grandchildren, one great-grandchild, and three step children, E.C. Briggs of Springfield, Illinios, Mrs. C.G. Davis of Akron and Miss Zelda Briggs of Meeker he leaves to mourn their loss. He also leaves a host of other relatives and friends, who will miss a friendly cheerful face and a kindly word. Mr. Hatfield was converted in 1867 and was one of the Charter members of the M. E. Church of Meeker in which he maintaimed his relationship until his death. He was the last of the founders of the noble work that has meant so much to this community, but may he be among the first in the richness of his reward which awaits those whom the Lord hath blessed. The funeral services were held in the Meeker M. E. Church at 2:30 P.M., April 17th and the remaines were interred in the Meeker Cemetery
[43] Un-indexed From: Elaine Powell [Wed, 13 Apr 2011 09:57:10 -0400 (EDT)] Hi Jerry, Would you happen to know which William Hatfield this article refers to? Rather gruesome. Thanks, Elaine Rock River Democrat Newspaper, May 15, 1860 Last Wednesday evening week Miss Katharine Sobilla Adams, aged 17 years, committed suicide at the residence of William Hatfield in Indiana opposite Uniontown, Ky. She took her brother's shot gun, went into the woods, took off a shoe, and with her toe pulled the trigger of the gun, the muzzle of which she held to her temple. Her skull was blown to atoms. She was a pure woman, but her love was unreciprocated by the object of her affections, and her end may be ascribed, it is said, to reading those romances of the Ledger which have such demoralizing effects.
[42] Un-indexed From: Elaine Powell [May 21, 2008] http://genforum.genealogy.com/hatfield/messages/5536.html

This information came from a bible dated 1887 that is not in my possession. A woman who knows the owner of the bible contacted me and asked me if I was interested in receiving this information. I said yes, so she went to where the bible is located and took photos of the bible and sent them to me, as her "genealogical act of kindness." I have transcribed the information contained in the bible and I am sharing the information and images in the hope that another researcher might find this HATFIELD family information helpful to their own research.

To see all the photos of the bible, go to http://family.webshots.com/album/557904584OEEAUT

Family information in the bible.


This is what the woman who sent me the bible images told me: "This Bible was given to David Olney by his father Henry Olney. I think the original owner may not have a direct descendent alive. I want to be sure that you know that neither I nor anyone that I know of has altered this information in any way. It is as found back in the 1950's from my husband's Aunt Margaret. This bible was given to her because she was married at that time to Dennis Mitchell of Fairdale, Jefferson Co. KY. They and He and his other wives had no children. So I do not know why an Olney / Hatfield bible was given to a Mitchell. I do know that Olney and Hatfield are names found in early KY and Indiana. I think Olney was spelled in different ways of old."

PLEASE NOTE: I believe that this bible information on the descendants of Mathias Hatfield is information that has never been shared before. I'm hoping that this information will shed some light on what might not have been previously documented. Jerry Hatfield has this line on his website at http://www.ghat.com/hatftreb.htm

THE BIBLE INFORMATION FOLLOWS. I have transcribed the info exactly as it appeared on the pages. I have not corrected any spelling. (Hatfield info is toward the bottom):

On the copyright page of the bible, it states the following:

Copyrights Secured. Entered, according to Act of Congress in the year 1872, in the Office of the Librarian on Congress, Washington, D. C. Subsequent years as follows: 1873, 1875, 1877, 1881, 1882, and 1883.

The following family information is written into the bible: (I have put information in parenthesis if it is my notation.)

On the 4th Page of the bible � Presented to David O. Olney By His Father Henry E. Olney Feb. 2, 1887

On the Family Record pages, there are several pages. The following names are written out on the BIRTHS page:

Henry E. Olney was born Nov. 17, 1832 (see his ancestors below)
(Frances) Fanny Rice or Olney was born Maryland Sept. 3, 1838
Louis Milton Olney July 1, 1857 Missouri
David Omen Olney � Feb. 10, 1859 � Missouri
Jessica Melvina Olney � April 23, 1861 � Dudby Iowa
John Hamilton Olney � June 26, 1866, Marysvill Kan.
Effie Rosealpha Olney � May 28, 1869 � Fairbury, Nebr
Cora Almeda Olney � July 11, 1870 � Near Fairbury, Nebr
Charles Freman Olney � Mar. 23, 1872 � Fairbury, Nebr.
Allen Elden Olney � Dec. 5, 1873 � Fairbury, Nebr.
Mable Ethaolia Olney � Jan. 3, 1876 � Fairbury, Nebr.
Cecil Uria Olney May 21, 1878, Fairbury, Nebr
(Henry E. Olney was the son of Oman Olney and Tryphena Cheadle. Oman was the son of Asa Olney and Edith Fordyce. Asa Olney was the son of John Olney and Catherine Jencks. John Olney was the son of William Olney and Alice Dexter. William was the son of John B. Olney and Rachel Coggeshall. John B. was the son of Epenetus Olney and Mary Whipple. Epenetus was the son of Thomas Olney and Marie Ashton. Thomas, born in England, was the first of this family to immigrate to the Colonies)

The next page is a page listing MARRIAGES

Oman Olney was married to Tryphena Cheadle
January 2, 1817

Henry E. Olney was married to (Frances) "Fanny" Rice
on August 23, 1856.

The next page is a decorative marriage page that says:

This certifies that David Olney of (City?), State of Iowa
And Emily Asay (or Alay) of Rock Island, State of Illinois
Were united by me, in Holy Matrimony At Rock Island, Ill.
On the 5 day of May in the year of our Lord 1903
In Presence of R. B. Williams Signed: Pastor First M. E. Church

The next page lists DEATHS:

Fanny Olney died June 7th 1878 Fairbury, Nebr
Henry E. Olney died July 31, 1918
Louis M. Olney died Oct. 18, 1919 buried at Salt Lake Utah
Louis died in Colorado Springs, Colorado
Cecil Uera Olney died Aug. 4, 1878
Charles F. Olney died Sept. 9, 1887 buried at Fairbury
The next page lists MEMORANDA
Asa Olney died about Sept 20th 1831
Eead Fordice Olney died about Sept. 20, 184?
(There are four (4) VERY OLD pieces of paper inside the bible with the following information on them:)

First Page:

Henry Olney 17 Nov. 1832
Fanny Rice 3 Sept. 1838
Lewis M. Olney July 1st 1857
David O. Olney Feb. 10th, 1859
Jessica M. Olney April 23, 1861

Births of E. C. & J. M. McCormac (J. M. is Jessica Melvina Olney)
This is coppied Dec. 12, 19??
(I assume that all persons below have last name of McCormac)
Fannie Ellen McCormac, Nov. 13, 1881
Lela Suligo June 2, 1884
Neal Ezekiel April 28, 1887
Mabel Blanch Sept. 25, 1888
Nara Gurtrude Aug. 12, 1890
Eva Lillian April 23, 1892
Mary Ruth June 4, 1894
Nellie Jessica Aug. 4, 1896
Milo G. June 26, 1899
Perry Oman Oct. 5, 1901

Neal E. McCormac died Aug. 4, 1887 Colorado Springs, Colorado
Second Page:
Allen E. Olney Dec. 5, 1873
Lewis Olney July 1, 1857
David Omar Olney Feb. 10, 1859
Jessica M. Olney April 23, 1861
John Hamilton Olney June 26, 1866
Effie R. Olney May 28, 1869
Cora A. Olney July 11, 1870
Charlie G. Olney March 23, 1872
Mabel E. Olney Jan. 3, 1876
Cecil U. Olney May 24, 1878
Third Page:
Great Grand Parents Born Died

William Hatfield Dec. 25, 1736 1794
Ann Wright Hatfield (First Wife) Not Known 1762
Sarah Kimball Hatfield (2nd wife) April, 1743 Sep 18, 1799


Abraham Hatfield Oct. 20, 1757 Died young
William Hatfield Jan. 6, 1759 Unknown
Elias Hatfield Mar 11, 1760 May 19, 1839
Samuel Hatfield July 20, 1761 Unknown
David Hatfield Mar. 2, 1765 Unknown
Sarah Ann Hatfield Oct 24, 1767 Unknown
Abraham Hatfield Mar 25, 1769 1840
John Hatfield Nov. 2nd, 1771 In childhood
Jacob Hatfield July 27, 1775 Unknown
Phebe Hatfield Nov. 10, 1779 Sep 9, 1834
Jessie Kimble Dec. 1st 1781 July 19, 1861

Mathias Hatfield was of Scotch Irish Descent and settled in Elizabethtown New Jersey in 1665. He died there on Dec. 1687 leaving their sons Isaac, Cornelius, and Abraham.

Abraham, from whom we are descendants, was born in the year 1670 -- Died July 1706 leaving four sons: Abraham, Mathias, Joseph, and Jacob. Abraham Jr. was born in 1695 and married his wife (Margaret is crossed out and Marie is written in) died in 1745. Their children were Abraham, John, Sarah, David, Samuel, Elias, Jacob, Phebe and William. William, our great grandfather, was born as I have given you Dec. 28, 1736.

Continued on Page 2

Fourth Page

New Market Ohio July 26th 1891

Dear Brother: Yours of recent date received this week. 
Was glad to hear from you once more.

First of all I will give you the Genealogy of our family as far as I have it..
it is as follows.

Grandfather and Grandmother and family
Born Died
Elias Hatfield May 11, 1760 May 19, 1839
Ann Lindsy Hatfield Feb. 18, 1767 Sept. 21, 1852


Ann Hatfield Feb. 1, 1790 Aug. 29, 1866
Christian Hatfield April 15, 1792 unknown
Elizabeth Hatfield April 15, 1794 Mar. 2, 1870
Sarah Hatfield Mar 23, 1796 Mar. 13, 1880
Samuel Hatfield Dec. 6th, 1797 Aug. 25, 1877
Fanny Hatfield Oct. 16, 1799 Aug. 10, 1889
James Hatfield Oct. 26, 1801 June 17, 1890
Timothy Hatfield Sep. 26, 1803 Dec. 13, 1848
Elias Hatfield Mar. 9, 1806 Sept. 1, 1875
Margaret Hatfield May 9, 1808 Unknown
Mahaly Hatfield May 9, 1811 Still living
Samuel Hatfield Dec. 6 1797 Aug. 25, 1877
This is the end of the information in the bible and the papers enclosed in the bible.

[41] Un-indexed From: Doyle Hatfield Date: Sun, 9 Sep 2007 I have been puzzled by the Jurian Hartsvelder origin for Hatfields since I first began my genealogy quest. As best I can determine (still a lot of incomplete areas or speculation in the data), his origin appears to possibly have been Wissingen, Nieder Sachsen (Lower Saxony), in northern Germany. Jurian as a German given name would most likely be quite unusual. A Dutch website that includes interesting data on Dutch names shows that the name Jurian has Frisian Dutch origins (translates as George in English). This would seem to complicate the picture a little. Also, if he was German, he likely would not have the Dutch form of the name (unless perhaps the Dutch originated a passenger list or other source of arrival/settler names on New World records). I did find reference to Hartveld/Harteveld in Dutch heraldry references (but no specific given names). If you look in the current on-line listing for the phone book in Germany, you can find the Hatfield surname (no Hartsvelder, Hartsveld or Hartsfeld/Hartfeld). Spelling with an "f" would more likely indicate German origin, but all are pronounced the same regardless. Some given names associated with these Hatfield phone numbers are obviously Germanic. Some are not. Oddly also, Jurian was appointed Undersheriff by the first English court at Newcastle. He was noted in records for the location named Uplaandt by the Swedes/changed to Upland by the English. Upland is now a portion of the area of Chester, PA. To make this even more puzzling, he received a land grant from Governor Andros (Andrews) in New York in 1676. The court records of the era that are in the Pennsylvania State archives include one that indicates the date and purpose of the resignation of Jurian (to move upriver to take up the grant). Now I don't know how to read the meaning of this exactly. Was he a Dutchman or an Englishman (by descent)? How much political drag did it require to get a grant for 200 acres in those days? His name appears on archive records along with the lawyer for William Penn (Daniel Francis Pastorius) as being involved in land transactions. Then to complicate it further, his name (badly misspelled) appears on a census of Swedish pioneers. That seems to date to 1693, and does show him in Chester County, PA. Recently I happened to pull out an old software CD set that was issued by Sierra Software some years back. I still use the software on one of my computers (too much data lost in trying to transfer to other formats). I finally figured out that some of the reference data included "Early Immigrants" to North America. John Hatfield is listed as arriving in "Maryland" in 1675. The next year it indicates the arrival of Elizabeth Hatfield. Now that may indicate something or possibly nothing. The source of the reference is given as an article in a North Carolina genealogy magazine, which I have not been able to find, mostly due to work load time demands. Until King James granted the Proprietary for Pennsylvania to William Penn around 1682 or so, Maryland had included the area that became Delaware, which was extracted by the King from Lord Baltimore to give Penn a place to settle some other religious dissenters (Swedes or others who were Mennonite or other denominations). Interestingly, John Hatfield, son of John and Elizabeth (maiden surname unknown) may be their offspring, who married Catherine Supplee. All of this recycling of names appears throughout my line and really makes distinctions complicated in some cases. I did find reference to a will filed for a man named Rennels, who lived in Horsham, PA, which is not really very far from Philadelphia. That has John Hatfield as executor, with Elizabeth a beneficiary in the estate, if I recall this correctly. (It will take a little time to locate the data on one of my computers). ...
[40] Indexed From: "Barry Chapman" To: [email protected] Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2006 09:48:50 +1100 Subject: [HATFIELD] Hatfield, Clay Co, TX Hatfields in two Clay Co cemeteries, Texas plus obituary for Mrs Mary M. Gilley Hatfield of White Hill, Jolly, Clay Co, TX 1) White Hill Cemetery (located 4 miles south of Jolly on FM (Farm to Market Road) 2393) Hatfield, James Arthur Dec 17, 1891 - Dec 15, 1917 Hatfield, James M.** May 7, 1850 - Feb. 2, 1926 (husb of Mary N.) Hatfield, Mary N. May 23, 1868 - Aug 16, 1956 ## Hatfield, Allcie H. Mar 4, 1890 - May 4, 1961 (son of Jas M Hatfield) Hatfield, Homer E. Jan 8, 1898 - Feb 20, 1972 (son of Jas M Hatfield) Parsons, Ollie Hatfield Apr 13, 1894 - Jan 25, 1978 (dau of Jas M Hatfield) (Above all members of the same family - **James Madison Hatfield, born AL, son of Hansford Hatfield) Hatfield, Ellen, dau. of M.L. & Emily Jun 20, 1874 - Nov 4, 1902 (family connection unknown) ## Mrs. Hatfield Dies At Jolly JOLLY, Tex., Aug 17 (Special) - Widow of one of the first settlers of Clay County, Texas, Mrs. Mary M. Hatfield, 88, died Thursday at her home south of Jolly. Mrs. Hatfield and her husband were among the first settlers in the Jolly area near the present Hatfield home at Jolly. Funeral services will be held at 10 a.m. Saturday in the First Christian Church in Henrietta, Tex., with Rev. Theodore McElroy, pastor of Highland heights Christian Church in Wichita Falls, officiating. Burial will be in White Hill Cemetery. Survivors include two sons, Allcie and Homer Hatfield of Jolly, Tex.; three daughters, Mrs. Vernie Chapman of Jolly; Mrs. J.G. Leonard of Wichita Falls; Mrs. Ollie Parsons of Montague and three granddaughters. (Wichita Falls Times, Friday, August 17, 1956) 2) Bellevue Cemetery Hatfield, James P. Apr 25, 1847 - Jan 31, 1917 (said to be a Civil War veteran) Hatfield, Lottie Mar 14, 1848 - blank (wife of James P.) Webb, Frankie Hatfield 1874-1915 Regards, Barry Australia
[39] Indexed Obituary of Permelia Frazier Anderson-Hatfield [courtesy of Lisa Rieger - 13 Apr 2002] From The Sheridan Enterprise, November 3, 1905 Montana Death of Mrs. Hatfield Miss Permelia Frazier Anderson was born in Shelby Co. Mo., May 10, 1844. Her people were Presbyterians and she was baptized in that church at the age of ten when in quite young she went to live with an aunt, her mother having died, and she attended the Baptist church. At the age of seventeen she was married to Mr. M. Hatfield at Edina, Mo., Aug. 21, 1861. Nine children were born to this union, eight of whom are living. They are - Hugh M. of Boise, Idaho, Ben O. of Josephine, Mont., J.E. of Sheridan; Rockey, of Red Lodge, Mont; Mrs. Mary Daly of Big Timber, Mont., Mrs. Ida Hammond of Twin Bridges; Mrs. Lizzie McIntyre of Stevensville, Mont., and Mrs. Maud Siprell of Sheridan. With the exception of Hugh and Mrs. McInt.... who were unable? to come, the children were with their mother during her last moments on earth. Besides her husband and children, she leaves one sister. Mrs. Elizabeth poor of Edina, MO. and one brother, John M. Anderson of Adair county, Mo., Mr. Anderson visited in Sheridan three years ago. Mrs. Hatfield crossed the plains with her husband and two little sons, the trip occupying four months and ten days, and notwithstanding the Indians and other incidents of a long move in an emigrant wagon, landed in Alder Gulch in 1864....Shorty after they moved to what is now Sheridan, where John e. Hatfield was born in 1865 being the first child born in the town. Sister Hatfield was a woman of strong character. One of the places to test a true Christian is in the home; she was never too weary to care for those of her household. She was an excellent housekeeper. .....to her often reading it when time permitted. Her life was so much wrapped up in her children that her one thought through life was that she might live to "make her husband and children happy." After a few days of sickness with pneumonia, she passed to her reward at her home on the ranch Oct. 27, 1905. The sorrowing family have the sympathy of the entire community in their bereavement. The funeral service was concluded in the M.E. church Oct. 29. The test selected by the pastor was from her own bible marked: Peter I, 3-4. Beautiful music was rendered by the choir. The funeral was very largely attended and the body was laid to rest in the Sheridan cemetery. "To patient faith the prize is sure, And all that to the end endure." J.A. Badcon, Pastor
[38] indexed This is from a photo copy of the pages of a Hatfield Bible. (Some of it is hard to read). FAMILY RECORD MARRIAGES Ephraim Hatfield and Anney Hatfield was maried 1850 August the 16 FENTRESS CO., TN BIRTHS James W. Hatfield was borned Jun the 15 1808 TN Ephraim Hatfield was borned April the 6th 1826 FENTRESS CO., TN Anny Hatfield was borned Febuary the 7th 1830 FENTRESS CO., TN Dudley G Hatfield was borned December the 9th 1851 FENTRESS CO., TN Joseph Hatfield was borned December the 25th 1853 FENTRESS CO., TN Ermon G Hatfield was borned febuary ? 1857 FENTRESS CO., TN Ransom Hatfield was borned January 12th 1859 CASEY CO., KY Scot Hatfield was borned January 28 1862 CASEY CO., KY James W Hatfield was borned October the 6th 1864 POSEY CO., IN Tine Hatfield was borned August the 5th 1867 CASEY CO., KY S.S. Hatfield was borned September the 7 1870 CASEY CO., KY NEXT PAGE BIRTHS Dora A. Hatfield was borned Febuary the 22 1873 CASEY CO., KY Eliza Hatfield was borned September the 7th 1875 HANCOCK CO., KY Marthie Morgan was borned December the 17th 1877 Eliza Morgan was borned November the 6th 1879 Willie Morgan was borned January the 9th 1873 HANCOCK CO., KY Marvin Hatfield was borned December the 31st 1887 HANCOCK CO., KY Welby Hatfield was borned November the 13 1886 HANCOCK CO., KY Paten Hatfield was borned July the 28th 1889 HANCOCK CO., KY Alma Hatfield was borned Jun(?) the 4th 1890 HANCOCK CO., KY ?ula Hatfield was borned ???? NEXT PAGE DEATHS James W. Hatfield Sr died Sunday September the 3 1893 HANCOCK CO., KY Tine Hatfield died July the 25 1906 HANCOCK CO., KY Mine Hatfield died July the 15 1906 and was borned the 10 of August 1900 Ephraim Hatfield died 16 November 1910 HANCOCK Co., KY Scott Hatfield died April 1 1914 PEORIA, PEORIA CO., IL Eliza Burnett died 24 feb 1915 HANCOCK CO., KY ANOTHER PAGE Orville St Clair Burnett died June 3, 1904 HANCOCK CO., KY James W. Hatfield Jr died Mar 1 1932 MUHLENBERG CO., KY
[37] From: Bev Julian Date: 7 Mar 2002 Following copy of manuscript received from Mrs. [striken] Calvin Reyburn, [address removed]. [replaced by handprinted] Vermont C. Hatfield, [address removed] HATFIELD FAMILY RECORD In this you have a succession of Family Records of Grand Parents, Uncles, Aunts, and Cousins of the Hatfield family though deficient in not having interesting facts, and all the successive dates of Births, marriages, removals and death. My gr. Grand Parents were of English descent. Their names were John and Catherine Hatfield my gr. Grandmother's maiden name was Catherine Supple. They had three sons and two daughters, their sons names were John Adam and Andrew, daughters names not known. Adam moved from what was called the Red Stone County to Cincinnati and died there also his eldest son after which his widow with her family returned to the old home. My Grand Father's name was Andrew Hatfield. He was born July 25, 1737 in Montgomery Co.,Pa. near Philadelphia where his parents first settled. Their religion was of the Episcopalean order he was married to Christiana Powel in 1759 after marriage they moved to Montgomery Co., Va. On a farm on big Stoney Creek near Christianburg where they lived over 20 years and raised a family of 10 children they afterwards moved to Cabel Co., Va. On a farm on the Guyandoth river near Barbersville where they lived a number of years and both died. Grandmother Christiana Hatfield departed this life Oct. 25, 1809. Grandfather Hatfield departed this life, Jan 15, 1813. Children of Andrew & Christiana Hatfield:- 1. Catherine Hatfield born Oct. 25, 1760; mar. John McComas of Va. They had nine children and lived in Cabell Co., Va. Near the falls of Guyandott river they both died between the years 1836 and 1838. 2. Isaac Hatfield born Aug 3, 1763 mar. Mary French they had 9 children lived in Cabell Co., Va. 3. John Hatfield born Dec. 19, 1765 mar. Mary McComas had 4 children They removed from Va. To Fayette Co., Ohio and from there to Indiana died Carroll Co. 4. William Hatfield born May 20, 1767 mar. Anna Brumfield they had 8 children lived in Fayette Co., O. afterwards moved to Delaware Co., Ind. 5. Andrew Hatfield b. Dec. 30, 1769; mar. Mary Mann had 4 children moved from Va to Miami Co., Ohio. 1808 and then to Carroll Co., Ind. killed by falling tree. [end of page one] 6. Jonas Hatfield b. Aug/18, 1772, mar. Nancy Williams had 7 children moved from Va. To Miami Co., Ohio in 1808 afterwards removed to Vigo Co., Ind. Then to St Joseph Co., Ind. Where they [sic] died. The widow then moved with her family to Faywell Co., Ill where part of the family now live. The mother and two sons moved to Wisconsin Oct 16, 1865 [sic] the eldest Moses Hatfield still lives in St. Joseph Co., Ind. Near Carlisle Hill P.O. 7. Adam Hatfield, b. Oct. 19, 1774 mar. Mary Williams. They had 12 children live near Barbersville Caleb Co., Va. Died June 18, 1855. 8. Thomas Hatfield b. Apr. 8, 1777 mar. Hannah Sample June 9, 1808 had 9 children removed from Lawrence Co., Ohio to Hancock Co., Ind. in 1834 died June 21, 1859 wife died Sept 4, 1860. 9. Moses Hatfield b. Oct. 12, 1780 mar. Catherine John, Nov 12 1815, had 12 children removed to Dayton in 1811 [sic] where they lived 24 yrs Moses died Feb. 11, 1835 Presbyterian. His wife died July 21, 1838 Member Presbyterian. 10. Sarah Hatfield born Feb. 13, 1783 mar. James Barrett had 9 children removed from Cabell Co., Va. to Hancock Co., Ind. in 1834. James died Aug. 1, 1840. Sarah June 25, 1863 Had 52 grand children and 17 gr. Children of Sarah & James Barrett. Andrew B. b. Dec 23, 1804 mar. Matilda Wells had 3 children. Andrew d. Sept 11, 1833. John B. b. July 1, 1807 mar. Elizabeth Smith, June 3, 1830 have 6 children lived in Cleveland, Ind. Margaretta B. b. Aug. 9, 1809 mar. Jonas Heath had 6 children live in Osage Warsaw Benton Co., Mo. William B. b. Dec 28, 1811, mar. Rebecca Hazzeltt moved to Ind. 1836. had 8 children live in Hancock, Ind. Near Eden. Died Dec. 14, 1859. Edward B. b. Nov. 26, 1814 mar. Mary Ann Reeves, June 17, 1851. had 2 sons. Isaac B. b. Feb. 17, 1817 mar. Sarah Ann Wilson, May 14, 1844 had 8 children live near Melon Branch, Ind. Isaac died Jan. 21, 1866. Joseph B. born Dec. 9, 1820 mar. Jane Moore, July 1, 1847 had 5 children live near Eden Hancock, Ind. Hiram B. b. Feb. 17, 1824 mar. Elizabeth Jarrett, Dec 1803 [sic] had 2 children live in Eden Hancock Co., Ind. Hiram died Jan 5, 1865. Eliza B. born Oct. 27, 1826 mar. Henry L. Moore. Had 5 children live near Eden Hancock Co., Ind. [end of page two] Children of Moses & Catherine Hatfield. 1. Christiana H. b. Oct 20, 1806 lived in Dayton, O. 2. George A.H. born Feb. 8, 1808 mar. Mary A. Licklider Dec 29, 1835 had 5 children. 3. Israel L. Hatfield b. Aug. 20, 1810 mar. Catherine Sill, had 6 children live in Lebanon, O. 4. Eliza H. b. July 27, 1814 mar. Samuel Glass, June 18, 1833 had 10 children Eliza died Aug. 30, 1852. Glass removed to Peru, Ind. And then to Harrisburg, Ill. 5. Emaline H. b. July 14, 1816, mar. Joseph Wagoner, Apr. 28, 1835 had 6 children. 6. William H. b. Apr. 10, 1818 mar. Ann Catherine Smith, June 12, 1845, had 6 children. William died Mar. 20, 1865. 7. Cynthia H. b. Mar 18, 1820 mar. Dr Moses Troyer Aug. 29, 1839 no children live in Peoria, Ill. 8. Charlotte H. b. June 5, 1823, mar. Benjamin James, Aug. 19, 1840 had 6 shildren, Charlotte died Jan. 30, 1854. 9. Catherine H. b. Oct. 26, 1825, d. 1840. 10. Moses H. b. Apr. 6, 1828;d. June 1852 11. Ambrose &/Franklin died in infancy. Children of Thomas & Hannah Hatfield. 1. Cynthia H. b. Apr. 10, 1809; d. Oct. 19, 1822 2. Deborah H. b. Dec. 18, 1810; m. Richard Earls, Nov. 5, 1832 had 5 children. For 2nd husband she mar. Richard Williams in 1846 had one son when R. Williams died in 1849. Third husband Edward Barrett 1858 live near Cleveland, Hancock County, Ind. 3. James S. Hatfield b. Jan. 10, 1813; d. Jan.15, 1840. 4. Andrew Hatfield b. 1815; d. 1822 5. George H. b. Nov. 9, 1817 m. Cynthia Barrett 1847 have 4 children. 6. Thomas H. b. Feb. 27, 1820; m. Ailselee Williams 1844 3 children live Cleveland, Ind. 7. Allen T. Hatfield b. Oct. 12 1823 mar. Elbina Commons 1855 have 2 sons. 8. Vinton S. Hatfield b. Dec. 8, 1825; d. 1865 9. John H. b. March 1828. Children of Adam & Mary Hatfield. 1. George H. mar. Jane C.Swan had 10 daughters when wife died mar. Eliza Beakle had 5 sons and 5 daughters live near Barbersville, Va [end of page three] 2. Thomas Hatfield b. 1802, mar. Amanda Pennell, July 30, 1829 Had 5 children wife died mar. Susan Wiley had 3 sons removed from Barbsville [sic] Caleb Co., Va. to Knighstown, Ind. 3. Catherine S. Hatfield ma.r Hesekiah Swan had 3 children live near Barbersville, Caleb Co., Va. 4. Nancy 5. Elizabeth mar. William Hinchman who was taken prisoner by the rebels and died in Libby prison had 4 children lived near Barbersville Caleb C., Va. 6. Henry S. Hatfield mar. Catherine Dile had 9 children live near Barbersville, Caleb Co., Va. 7. Margaret mar. Dingus Henderson had 3 children had 3 children when Margaret died he mar. Susan Hatfield, sister to first wife they have 3 children the [sic] live on Sims Creek, Lawrence Co., Ohio Russelville P.O. 8. Adam Hatfield mar. Mary Benton of Missouri had 2 daughters after which his wife died. Adam went to California and died there. 9. Andrew H. mar. Francis A. Pennell had 8 children live near Barbersville, Va. 10. Susan Hatfield mar. Dingus Henderson. 11. Moses Hatfield mar. Penina Becket children 8 12. Emily mar. Leu Becket children 2. Children of Jonas & Nancy Hatfield. 1. Moses mar. Nancy Christy live in St. Joseph Co.,Ind. nr. Carlilevill P.O. 2. Aaaron [sic] H. mar. Sarah Price children 8. 3. Abel H. mar. Miss Hernice children 7 4. Peter mar. Miss Hernice children 8 5. Edward single moved to Wisconsin with his mother. 6. Ruth died Dec. 1864. 7. Susan mar. Andrew S. Singlelove 2 children live in Fazwell County, Ill. Children of Isaac & Mary Hatfield. 1. Sarah H. mar. William Smith children 10 2. James mar. Sarelda Dunlap children 12 3. John mar. Susan Brumfield children 4 live in Clay Co., Mo. 4. Andrew H. b. Feb 1796 mar. Mary Denison in 1820 had 4 children 5. Isaac mar. Rachael Drake have 4 children live near Abington Nox Co., Ill. 6. Anna mar. George Rogers have 5 children Second husband - Bostwick. 7. Mary mar. Gabrel Plymel moved from Nox Co., Jeffers. [note at bottom of page] Andrew H d Nov 1851 [end of page four] 8. Rebecca mar. Hiran N Comas children 3 9. Elisha mar. Nancy Denison children 10 live near Galesburg, Nox Co., Ill. Children of John & Mary Hatfield. 1. William mar. and moved to Delphi Carroll County, Ind. 2. Mary mar. Nathaniel Mavrosson 3. Andrew mar. Rachael Clark 4. Christiana 5. Catherine mar. Hawkins Children of William and Anna Hatfield 1. Elizabeth mar. Perl Johnson live Cabel Co., Va. 2. Sarah mar. Henry Brummer live in Delaware Co., Ind. 3. Nancy mar. Edmund Brummer live near Muncy, Ind. 4. Eliza mar. Washington Sanderson 5. Isaac mar. Mary Clark Fayette Co., O. 6. James mar. Bridget Bedin Fayette Co. 7. Henly mar. Barbary Stover Fayette Co. 8. William mar. Nancy Buckner Fayette Co. 9. John Children of John & Catherine McCommus. 1. Catherine mar. Perl Johnson live Cabel Co., Va. 2. Nancy mar. Ransom Dile near Barbersville Va. children 7 3. Isaac mar. Nancy Adkin Caleb Co., Va. children 9 4. William mar. Elizabeth McCommus 5. John mar. Edna Johnson Gates Co., Ohio. 6. Christiana mar. Edward Franklin Caleb Co., Va. children 4 7. Andrew mar. Cinderella McCommus children 1. 8. David mar. Equilla mar. Mr. Drake, second husband Children of Anna Rogers dau. Of Isaac Hatfield: James M. mar. Lucinda Hamton 5 children Armelda mar. Harrison Walker had 5 children. Trowls Hill Co., Va. Physician. Green M. Rogers mar. Mary A. Murry 3 children. Mary Kane - Lena L. live in Centerville, Ind. Julia Ann mar. Chapman live on Mid river, Caleb Co., Va. second husband Brumfield 1st Margaret 2nd Francis 4th Rhoda. Children of George W. & Cynthia Hatfield. 1. John Thomas b. 1851. 2. Joseph Everett b. 1853. 3. William Jefferson and 4. Ada Bell b. 1865. Children of Thomas Jefferson Ailsille Hatfield 1. Theodore Hatfield 1845. 2. Mary Josephine 1848 3. James Allen 1852 [end of page five] [Bev says pages are missing - she and Mary are working on getting the last few pages]
[36] [Transcript courtesy of Alma Mason and Leslie Collier] FAMILY HISTORY MSS: "Hatfield History;" Hatfield, Larkin B.; ca 1930; as reprinted in HATFIELD CLAN NEWSLETTER (date of reprint cut off) Preface Having been as to write this little book on the genealogy of the Snows, Hatfields, and Smiths, I begin the only one now lving who can give this genealogy. I have done so with pleasure, hoping that it may be of some benefit and give some information to the younger generations. In this age of speed, and the rush of life, there is lost that knowledge and respect for our fathers that we had in former days. The facts here in related were given me by my parents in early days of and although I am now 84 years old, the events of past seem as fresh in my memory as if they had happened only a few weeks past. I hope this little book will refresh the memory of those older persons, and that the younger generations may read it and learn who their forefathers were and how they lived. I have faithfully sought to gather the statistics of these three families, but there are doubtless many facts that I have left out, and could not be written here because of lack of space. This book is dedicated as a memento of former generations, to the generations who may read it when the writer has gone to join the generations gone before. by Larkin B. Hatfield (son of Ericus Hatfield) Written about 1930 Three brothers, Joseph Hatfield, William Hatfield and Jerry Hatfield, of English descent emigrated from Virginia and stopped in Roane County and settled on a creek called Hurricane Fork. There they remained for some years, when Joseph Hatfield emigrated to Missouri, took up land and there reared his family. Some of his descendants still live in that state. Jerry Hatfield remained in Roane County for some years, but because of the abundance of game on the Cumberland mountains, he moved to Morgan county and settled on Obed's river near where it empties into Big Emery river not many miles from Mongomery, the first county site of Morgan county. There he lived and reared a family of four sons and two daughters. In his old age he was drowned while attempting to cross Emery river in a small canoe during a high tide of water. He was found lodged in the fork of a tree several days after the water subsided. The four sons of Jerry Hatfield were William Hatfield, Eric Hatfield, Joseph Hatfield, and David Hatfield. The girls were Celia and Fannie. Fannie Hatfield was drowned in almost the same way as their father had been drowned, while crossing the same stream of water in a canoe. Celia Hatfield married Brantley Golliher, an ex-soldier of the war of 1812. They reared one son, who married Miss Jane Lively. They too reared one son, Henry Golliher who now lives about ten miles north of Rockwood. William Hatfield, oldest son of Jerry Hatfield, married Lizzie Hayes, and to them were born four sons, Greelee, Emanuel, and Andrew, and Jerry Jr. Joseph Hatfield Nancy Summers and they reared three children, Samuel, James, and Caroline. Joseph Hatfield died in a rather unusual way. His brother William was subject to epileptic fits, which were very severe. He had told his wife that he could not bear to see his brother William have another fit. One night William stayed all night with Joseph. On awakeing next morning while they were lying in bed talking, William was seized with a convulsion. Joseph started across the room to his bed and suddenly dropped dead before reaching him. The widow of Joseph Hatfield lived on the home place until her sons grew up, then she moved to Kentucky and bought a farm near Morganfield where she lived the remainder of her life, and died about the year 1874. David Hatfield, youngest son of Jerry Hatfield, was almost a giant in size and strength. He was six foot two inches tall and weighed about two hundred pounds. His flesh was all muscle and sinew (sic). He was said to be the strongest man in Morgan County at the time he lived. He worked for awhile on a steamboat that plied the Mississippi and Ohio rivers, but occasionally visited his home county, and old Montgomery was his headquarters. He was a happy, jocular kind of fellow, but when he was drinking, as most men did in those days, he liked to fight. In those days there were no weapons used when men fought, they used their fists. A few years before the beginning of the Civil War, circuit court was in session at Old Montgomery. There were saloons there and Dave Hatfield had imbibed too freely and was in a state of mind to box with any of the best boxers in town. He took off his coat, tied his suspenders about his waist, and in a loud voice was issuing challenges to the crowd. The disturbance became so great that the presiding judge sent the sheriff whose name was Welch, and a deputy by the name of Langly to bring in the man who was raising such a disturbance. Officers in those days rarely carried weapons. The sheriff deputized two other men to aid him in addition to the one he already had. Hatfield backed up against the walls of the courthouse and knocked each of them down as fast as they approached. They went staggering back to the court houe to get further orders from the judge and gathering recruits, two of the Hatfields friends, Julian Scott and Sam Hall got him out of town. He slipped away and went to Kentucky. When the Civil War came up he joined the union army. After the war, he married a Miss Ellen Bell of Kentucky. They had one daugher Nancy. He died of pneumonia at his home in Kentucky. Jerry Hatfield, Jr., son of William Hatfield, married a Miss McPeters, and moved to Morgan County, Kentucky, reared a fmaily of several children, and died there. Eric Hatfield, son of Jerry Hatfield, Sr., was born in Roane county, Tennessee, 28 April 1811. At the age of 22 years, he married Miss Polly Snow who was born 9 Feb 1811. They settled on a small farm near Crab Orchard creek in the third district of Morgan county. They reared cattle, hogs, and sheep. All the sheep were brought home and lotted at night, for wolves were numerous and were certain to get the sheep if left on the range at night. To show how important the lotting of the sheep at night was considered to be, I will related a circumstance that occured while they had only two small children. Eric Hatfield went to Montgomery, intending to return the same day, but while there ws summoned on jury and could not come home. This left his wife and babies there alone. It was a dark, rainy evening, and when he did not come, his wife, knowing the sheep must be lotted, left the two little children in the house, the oldest two years old and the youngest less than a year old. It rained so hard, and darkness came so suddenly that she got lost in the mountains. Wolves, bear and panthers were quite plentiful then. She climbed a tree and began to scream as loud as she could. At first she received no answer, but finally she heard the voice of a man answer. She continued screaming until the man approached her on horse back. He was Major David Alley, an uncle of her husband, who hearing her screams had gone to her assistance. He took her on the horse to her home where she found her babies safe and sleeping soundly unconscious of the terrible experience of their mother. Eric and Polly Hatfield lived there in the third district until five children were born. They moved on the north side of Crab Orchard mountain and settled on Murphy's branch. Hee they settled in the woods, cleared the land, made a home. Eric Hatfield was a hunter and sportsman, and an excellent shot with a rifle. This new location suited him, for here he was surrounded with game of all kinds, such as deer, bear, wolves, panther, wild turkeys and smaller game. In those days the guns were muzzle loaders having flint locks which were fired by striking a small piece of steel. Gun caps were unknown. He always kept a flock of sheep and for this reason had to be constantly on the lookout for wolves. In all, he killed and scalped 49 wolves. At that time, and I think even to this day, there was a bounty of five dollars for the scalp of a wolf over six months old, and two and a half dollars for those under that age. This bounty was also an inducement to kill these animals. He lived on Murphy's Branch eleven years and added to his family two sons and a daughter. At the end of this period, he sold his farm and bought a farm on Crab Orchard Creek, about one and one-half miles from where he settled when first married. Soon after he moved to this place his youngest and tenth child was born. They lived here until all their children were grown and some of them gone, and some married. Soon after the Civil War, the Rockwood Iron Furnace was started by a company known as the Roane Iron Company, and the town of Rockwood began to be built. This was about the year 1866. Eric sold his farm on Crab Orchard creek to a man by the name of Stout, died at the age of 83 on 24 Apr 1894. His wife died within the same year, 21 Nov 1894. They had long been members of the Baptist Church, and died as they had lived, Christians. They were buried at Haley's Grove cemetery, near the present town of Crab Orchard in Cumberland County. Eric and Polly (Snow) Hatfield reared ten children, five boys and five girls. I will record them in the order of their birth. Eveline Hatfield lived with her parents until after she was forty years old, and then married James Melton of Clear Creek in Morgan County. They had one girl. They are buried in Clear Creek cemetery. Martha E. Hatifeld married Stanton Powell and lived in Morgan county for several years after marriage. Just before the Civil War, Stanton and Martha Powell in company with James and Susan McGuffy migrated to Newton County, Arkansas. Soon after the war began and they joined the Federal army and served through the war, beign located on what was then the frontier, that is what is now the state of Oklahoma. They were in a number of engagements with the Indians and Confederates. After the war they came back to Morgan county and bought a farm on Crab Orchard creek near Pine Orchard where they lived for many years and reared a family of two boys and several girls. The boys are, Calvin, who now lives at Wartburg. The girls are Susan, Mandy and Emma who is now dead. Joseph Hatfield, Sr., remained with his parents until he was twenty-one years old, then about the year 1858, he went to Texas county, Missouri, and there engaged in farming until the beginning of the Civil War. He enlisted in the Confederate army. When last heard of, he was commander of a wagon train near the White River in Missouri. He took sick of fever and had to be left there. It is supposed, he never recovered. William G. Hatfield was working in a shoe shop in Roane County, south of the Tennessee river just before the beginning of the Civil War. There he met and married Miss Sarah Grimsley. After the war began he remained in Roane County for about a year making boots for the soldiers, but finally he was drafted into the Confederate Army. He was in the battles of Cumberland Gap, Chicamauga, Missionary Ridge, besides other engagements in Virginia. When the Federal forces came to Tennessee in 1863, his regiment was stationed at Kingston. The Federal forces were so much superior in numbers to the Confederates that the latter were forced to retreat south into Georgia. There the Confederates made a stand, and the battle of Ringold was fought. During this battle he, with others was detailed to hold horses. The Confederates were forced to retreat before the superior numbers of the Federals, and those holding horses, were cut off from their comrades and forced to flee or surrender. They left the horses and fled. William Hatfield, with some of the others, by lying in the woods during the day and traveling at night, finally made their way into Tennessee, and to the Tennessee river in Meigs County. He got a friend to set him across the river by night, about where Pinhook landing now is. He finally reached his fathers house exhausted and found his wife and baby boy, Martin. The entire county was occupied by the Federal forces, and William Hatfield was sick for several months. He had neighbor boys and friends in the Federal army, some of them his relatives. These relatives sent him word that if the Federal Colonel Byrd learned of his being there he would send soldiers and take him to prison, or make him take the oath of alligance. Eric Hatfield, his father went to Kingston and arranged with Colonel Byrd to bring him to Kingston to take the oath as soon as he was able. This he did. In 1865, William Hatfield established a shoe and boot shop where the little hamlet now called Cardiff, is, and ran it for about one year. In 1866, William Hatfield mvoed to Jackson County (now Putman) and settled on the Livingston and Gainesboro road, about six miles east of Cummin's mill, established a shop and worked at his trade. The trade of shoe and boot making just after the war in the days of reconstruction was quite profitable. In 1868, his wife died leaving five small children, three little boys and a pair of twins, a boy and a girl who were infants. His wife predicted her death and requested that he marry the Widow Matheny, daughter of Martin Sims, and a widow with four children. Later he decided to sell his farm and move to Cumberland County. This he did, buying a tract of land and clearing a farm seven miles east of Crossville. By his last marriage he had one son, Noah Hatfield, and two daughters, Amelia and Irene. About 1890 he sold his farm in Cumberland County, and bought a small farm in White county wehre he lived until his death, 25 Apr 1926. His second wife died some three years before. His children by his first wife were, Martin, John and Joseph who lived in Harriman, Tennessee. James C., who lives at Sparta, and a twin sister of James, Mertie, who died several years ago. Susan E. Hatfield married James McGuffy. They first rented a farm on Emery River where the city of Harriman now is. Later he and his brother-in-law Stanton Powell moved to Arkansas, as has been before recorded. In that state he enlisted in the Federal army and served until the close of the war when he and Powell were honorable discharged. After the war they started back to Tennessee, but McGuffy stopped in Illinois until the next spring and then came to Tennessee and settled in the third district of Morgan county about three miles west of Pine Orchard church, on Crab Orchard Creek. He finally acquired several hundred acres of land there. Finally his health failed and after lingering an invalid for several years he died and was buried at Pine Orchard cemetery where his wife, Susan, and Stanton and Martha Powell all lie buried. His wife lived with her children after the burning of her house and barn, during the last sixteen years of her life with her daughter, Harriet Powell. She died 28 Nov 1929 at the age of 89. She was the mother of eleven children, eight living at the time of her death, five girls and three boys. The boys are Jack, who lives in California, Jesse who lives in Rockwood, and John who lives on a part of his fathers old farm in Morgan county. Two of the daughters live in Knoxville, one in Rockwood, and two in Morgan county. James McGuffy and his wife were members of the Baptist church at Pine Orchard. Noah M. Hatfield live and cared for his father and mother until their death. He never reared any family. His youngest sister lived with him and helped care for their father and mother while they lived. Soon after the death of his father and mother, Noah Hatfield moved to Oliver Springs, and there died and was buried at Haley's Grove cemetery. He was a great sportsman and the best deer killer on the Cumberland mountains. Larking B. Hatfield, the seventh child of Eric Hatfield and Polly Hatfield lived with his parents on the Crab Orchard creek farm until he was about twenty-one. In July 1866 he went to his brother, William Hatfield's in middle Tennessee to finish learning his trade of boot and shoe making. After he had finished hs trade he established a shop in the little village of Post Oak Springs in Roane county, near where the city of Rockwood now is. After the death of his brother William's wife, he went back to live with his brother, and remained with him until his second marriage. Then he went to White county, six miles south of Sparta, and manufactured boots and shoes for a man named Joe Taylor who ran a big tan yard. He next went to Cumberland county to look after some cattle which he had on the range there. In January 1871, he married Miss Lavina Smith, and they began housekeeping in Livingston, Tenn. Here he established a shop and worked at his trade, which at that time was quite profitable. From there he moved to a tan yard in Clay county on the head of Ashburns creek run by one David Hopkins. After living there one year, he bought a small farm near what is called Little Putnam, in the fifteenth district of Putnam county, and is still living in that county. Five children were born to L.B. and Lavina Hatfield. They are James Monroe, Mary Harriet (who died in infancy), Martin Sims, Anna Martha, and William Lafayette. Each of the four living children acquired sufficient education to teach in the Public Schools. In 1901, James Monroe married Miss Willie May Barnes who was also a teacher. They have followed the profession of teaching since their marriage. J.M. is a graduate of the University of Tennessee, was County Superintendent of schools for Putnam county 1911 to 1921, and has since that time been a member of the faculty of the Tennessee Polytechnic Institute. They have two sons, Cleburne and Gilbert both of who are graduates of the University of Tennessee. Cleburne is teaching in the Central High School of Chattanooga, and Gilbert is in service of the U.S. Government in the Department of Agricultural Economics. Martin Sims taught school for some years in Tennessee; then went to Georgia to teach, where he married Miss Lena Yarbrough. Since marriage he has taught some, was associate Bursar at the Tennessee Polytechnic Institute, and is now teaching in Putnam county. They have two children, Robbie Lee and Elbert. Anna Martha, the only daughter living, after teaching for two years, married John A. Lawbaugh. At first Lawbaugh worked the mills of different kinds. Then he moved to Missouri and engaged in farming. From thence he moved to Grayson county, Texas and engaged in cotton farming for several years. From there he moved to Missouri on account of the better school system and engaged in farming. They now live near Garden City, Missouri. They have five children, Alfred Stetson, John Willie, Harold Sims, Della May, and Nora Dean. Their children are now grown and have finished high school. William L., the youngest of L.B. and Lavina Hatfield, after teaching one school not not liking the profession, went west and located at San Angelo, Texas. He took the work of electrician and worked at the telephone business until the United States entered the World War. He volunteered his services, went overseas and served in the Signal Corps until the surrender of the German Army, 11 Nov 1918. He was discharged from service the next July, and after a short stay at home, he went back west and took up the work he had left off. In 1922, he married Miss Kathleen Badgett of Whitewright, Texas, who was a teacher. After working at his trade at different places in the west and south, he came back home and remained until the death of his mother which occurred 26 Apr 1926. Since then he has taken up the trade of Lathing and had worked in different cities in the south and west. His wife is a teacher in the Double Springs school in Putnam county, where they now live. They have one little girl, Billie. David V. Hatfield, Jr. lived with his father and mother until the age of twenty-two. Then he married Miss Harriet Haley, daughter of Dr. E.G. Haley near Crab Orchard, and settled on a farm near there. He had two daughters, Lizzie and Susan. He followed farming and stockraising, until his death which occurred 17 Nov 1902, caused by hemorrages from the nose and heart failure. He was buried at Haley's Grove cemetery. His wife has since died and his daughters moved to Lakeworth, Florida where they now live. Mary C. Hatfield married Alfred Hedghcoth of Cumberland county and lived on Daddy's creek. They had seven children, Noah, Betty, Blain, Hiram, Larking, Emma, and Mary. All the children live in Cumberland county except Emma, who lives in Orlanda, Florida and Mary who lives on a farm near Knoxville. Caroline Hatfield lived with her parents until their deaths, after which she lived with her brother, Noah at Oliver Springs until his death. Then she lived with her niece, Mary Hedghcoth Gray until her death. She too was buried at Haley's Grove Cemetery."
[35] From "Richard Lockhart" To "Jerry Hatfield" Date Sun, 18 Feb 2001 162049 -0500 Jerry, Lt. Anderson Hatfield, Co.B, 45th Va. Inf., Logan Co., is mentioned in a book titled, "Tattered Uniforms and Bright Bayonets," by Jack L. Dickinson,1995, pg. 95. Also mentioned in the book are {notice that "Devil Anse" in mentioned separate from Anderson} Pvt. Eli Hatfield, Co. B, 45th Bn.- Logan Co. Pvt. Elias Hatfield, Co. B, 45th Bn. - Logan Co. 2nd Lt. Elison Hatfield, Co. 45th Bn. - Logan Co. Pvt. Ephraim Hatfield, Co. B 45th Bn. - Logan Co. Pvt. Ferrell Hatfield, Co. B, 45th Bn, - Logan Co. Pvt. George Hatfield, Co. 45th Bn. - Logan Co. Pvt. Harrison Hatfield, Co. D, 45th Bn. - Logan Co. Pvt. Humphrey, Co. D, 46th Va. Inf. - Logan Co. Pvt. Jacob Hatfield, Co. D, 45th Bn. - Logan Co. Pvt. Jas. P. Hatfield, Co. B, 45th Bn. - Logan Co. Pvt. John W. Hatfield, Co. D, 45th Bn. - Logan Co. Pvt. Lorenzo Dow Hatfield, Co. C, 45th Bn. - Wyoming Co. Pvt. Loyd Hatfield, Co. E, 45th Bn. - Logan Co. Pvt. Thomas Hatfield, Co. B, 45th Bn. - Logan Co. 1st Lt. William "Devil Anse" Hatfield, Co. B, 45th Bn. - Logan Co. Let me know if you connect any of these. Would you be interested in starting a SCV Camp in Logan County? Richard D. Lockhart, Adjutant - "Sons of Confederate Veterans" "FLAT TOP COPPERHEADS" Camp No. 1694, P. O. Box 1846, Princeton, WV 24740 ...
[34] indexed Date Sat, 18 Nov 2000 142249 +0000 From eric hatfield To info2_at_ghat.com Subject Wirksworth Hatfield's Jerry, Some Hatfield's from Wirksworth, Derbyshire,England 1)James Hatfield Married Ann Wild 5 May 1700 2)John Hatfield M. Hannah Jowett 24 Oct. 1726 3)Joseph Hatfield son of Hannah (illegit.) Baptised 15 June 1743 4)William son of Joseph Baptised 1 December 1777 Married Mary wall 26 Jan. 1801 5)George son of William Bapt. 11 Sept 1808 Married Sarah Wint 3 March 1831( 14 Children born in Wirksworth) 6)William son of George Born 21 June 1851 married Sarah Standley (Stanley) date unknown. 7)James son of William born Liverpool 1886 married Gertrude Moses 26 Dec. 1908 8)James Eric Born Liverpool 1910 Married Edith Smith, Woolton, Liverpool 1941 9)Eric George Born, born, Woolton, Liverpool 1941 ... Regards Eric George Hatfield
[33] From (John Rich, Jr.) Date Thu, 20 Jan 2000 To info2_at_ghat.com (Jerry Hatfield) Subject Re George Hatfield Referance the Perquimans County, NC. This was Quaker area (Refered to as a Quaker stronghold and in 1672 was one of four which was divided an became Perguimans Precinct) mostly the same as Wilmington Delaware. The Holy Trinity Church was also there. Richard Hatfield was the one in this area and is thought to be the father of the Hatfields on the will. He left land and tax records I have starting in 1729 (First records to be found on anyone in area and Richard was on it) and was thought to have been there an extended time before. There was not a Joseph and Richard is thought to have been the one on the manifest. So strictly by association and proximinity and what few records there was in the area it was a general concensus that Richard is the next step back. Richard was also on first census of the United States. Having this what is your opinion ????????.
[32] From Carol Hatfield White Date Mon, 17 Jan 2000 221516 EST Subject Hatfield Faily Lines To info2_at_ghat.com ... I have been researching a Hatfield family line since 1984 which appears to begin with a Thomas and William Hatfield Line originating in Haversfordwest Wales about 1700. The first Wm came to the Welsh Baptist Tract area of DE in abouat 1731. He had a son Levi, a dau Elizabeth both b Wales and the first son born here was WM of Kent Co DE b 1733 Murderkill 100. Wm had several children who are listed in a will dated 1797 Levi, Elizabeth, William, Levin, Nathan, Wheatly, Jonathon, Owen Sr, Mary, and Sarah. Levi md Mary Muncy, another married a Nancy Allen, Nathan/iel md a Tshudy whose name later became Judy, Levin md a Davis as did Sarah, Mary possibly md a Gill. The first Hatfield in this line as in the Mattias Hatfield lines came to America as religious rebels. They settled in and aaround the land donated for Welsh Baptist Settlement by WM Penn in about 1680-90. It appears that this William 1702 may have had brothers named Samuel, Thomas, and John as I try to sort out various info I have come upon. Much of this is not in my direct lines and I would like to share it with others who have need of it. I have military records in some cases, historical excerpts from various sources on Samuel who was arrested for supporting the American side of the war. I have some info on John Smith Hatfield dubbed the "Desparado of Staten Island". I have info on Cornelious Hatfield son of Abraham son of Mattias 2, son of Mattias 1. I also have some info on a line derived from a Joseph Hatfield with bro Charles who left the upper areas of VA/DE in the 1700 and shop wrecked on the shoals of VA. One bro was killed and the other went up the Yadkin River of SC and founded a family which has relatives right here in Eddyville and the Lovilla Area of Iowa. I have some lines from the Hatfield Fowler lines in NY and various other and sundry items of interest to Hatfield searchers. ... Carol Hatfield White [address deleted]
[31]indexed From: John Rich, Jr. North Carolin Perquimans County Be it know unto all men by these presents that I George Hatfield being of Sound and disposing mind and Memory do make and ordain this my Last Will and Testament that as touching or relating to such worldly good as hath pleased the Lord to bless me with, firstly, my Will is that all my just debts be will and truly paid, Secondly my will is that my Brother William Hatfield have five shillings sterling money out of my estate, thirdly, I give unto my five remaining brothers, Viz, Richard, John, David, Jessee, and Benjamin Hatfield, the sum of five shillings sterling money of Great Britain to each of them and their heirs forever, fourthly I give unto my two loving friends, Martha Tom and Foster Toms heir all the remaining part of my Estate where ever to be found and Lastly I constitue denominal and appoint my loveing friends Foster Toms Senior Executors to this my Last Will and Testament, disannulling and Revoking all other will or will hire to fore before me made in Witness here of I have here unto Let my Hand and affixed my seal this 10th day of February 1774 Witnessed by Francis Newby, Jesse Toms AF, Martha Newby George Hatfield (Seal) Perquimans County, January Court Lord His Majesty This Certifies that within will was proved by the {?} of George Toms at same time appeared and other Toms and was Qualified as Exec {?} to {?} Test Miles Harvey County Court Clerk
[30]indexed From "sharon cornell" ... To Subject RE John & Martha Hatfield Date Mon, 3 Jan 2000 From the Annals of Floyd County KY 1800-1826 Page 48 County Court Book 1 John Hatfield, deceased, is exonerated from the payment of the levy of 1807 out of his estate. Oct. 25,1808. Page 58 Patsy Hatfield improperly listed her son Samual as a tithable for the levy of 1808. Ordered son exempted. County Court Book 1 Oct. 1809 term. Page 66 Thomas C. Brown, collector of the levy of 1808, reports that settlement on the levy of 1808 has been reached with Lewis Conway, Jesse Hilton,Peter Ford, Randall Salmons and Samual Hatfield. County Court Book 1 August 1810 term. Page 129 Bond dated 2 Jan., 1811 for Daniel Fryley and Samual Brown for a marriage shortly to be had between Daniel Fryley and Polly Hatfield. I hereby certify that I am willing for my daughter Polly to marry Daniel Fryley. Given under my hand this 2nd of Jan. 1811. (S) Palsey Hatfield, notice they forgot to cross the T. NOTE On the marriage bond Patsy Hatfield is listed as Martha Hatfield. I have a copy. Daniel & Polly were married on Jan 3rd 1811. Page 165 Samual Hatfield appointed administrator of the estate of John Hatfield, deceased. County Court Book 3 March 1818 term. Page 169 An amount of the sales of the estate of John Hatfield, deceased is received. County Court Book 3 Monday, August 17th 1818. ...
[29] Date Wed, 31 Jan 2001 191743 -0800 (PST) From Sandy Subject Samuel and Arian Hatfield To Jerry Hatfield Jerry, It's been quite awhile since I bothered you so I thought I would. I wanted to catch you up on the new information I have found. First off let me refresh your memory, I descend from Samuel and Arian (Ary Ann) Hatfield. You had sent me the census of Kosciusko Co., Indiana for 1860 with questions of why Jacob, John and Mary J. were living with Arelia when John and Jacob were supposed to be married. I still don't have any answers just more confusion. I do have a copy of John Hatfield's marriage record to Catherine Uplinger and they were married Sept 20, 1855, but what is really strange is that in the 1860 census I also find Catherine Uplinger living with her family and a child Mary J. Hatfield. In 1860 John and Catherine had 3 children Mary J., Elias, and William. I'm not sure if this family had a wicked sense of humor or just weren't very bright and thought they should be counted every time the census taker came around no matter where they were, and they only took Mary J. with them when they went to visit. I recently got some information from a man in Ohio that indicates Edward Hatfield and Mary Lee Hatfield had a son Samuel Hatfield b. ca 1785, but he has no other information on Samuel. I'm not really sure how to go about proving or disproving whether this is my Samuel or not. Do you have any advice on this? I was also contacted by a descendent of Jacob and Lydia Pheba Vanguilder Shook Hatfield and he has the Hatfield family bible that belonged to Samuel and Arian Hatfield. This is what is on the family pages Mary Hartfield died October the 2 - 1839 (Hartfield is not a typo) Samuel Hatfield Senior Departed this Life August the 11 - 1851 The ages of the Children of William & (illegible) Hatfield Emalin Hatfield was born March the 4th 1845 Rebecca Jane Hatfield was born December the 1, 1847 George W. Hatfield was born December the 2 (illegible) 1849 Mary Catherine Hatfield was born November the 30 1851 On the next page is Emieline Hatfield her Book Warsaw (illegible)
[28]indexed From "Ted and Bev julian" To "Jerry Hatfield" Subject More Hatfield stuff Date Fri, 29 Dec 2000 193547 -0800 Jerry, I found this while looking for information on the Labadist movement in America. Don't know if you have it. Bev Origin of Immigrant Amsterdam, Netherlands Immigrant's Date & Place of Birth 17 Sept 1600 Antwerp, Netherlands Immigrant's Date & Place of Death about 1663 in New Haven, Conn. Immigrant's Spouse Jannetje Adraiens Source of Information New York Historical & Biographical Record, Vol 67, April 1937, pp.132-146; July 1937, pp. 217- 231; Oct. 1937, pp 357-365; Vol. 68, April 1937,pp.132-146; July 1937,pp.217-231; Oct. 1937, pp.357-365 "Cornelis Melyn, Patroon of Staten Island, and some of His Descendants." Immigrant's Children Cornelia Melyn, baptized 27 Feb. 1628. Died 25 Feb. 1716/17. m.(1)Jacob Loper in 1647;(2)Jacob Schellinger in 1653. Joannes Melyn, bapt.17 April 1629. Possibly died in wreck of Princess 27 Sept 1647. Cornelis Melyn, bapt.06 Sept 1630; died before 11 Oct 1633. Cornelis Melyn, bapt. 11 Oct 1633; died in Staten Island massacre of Sept. 1655 Abraham Melyn, bapt.27 May 1635 Mariken/Maria Melyn, bapt. 29 March 1637; died between 1694 and 1699; m. (1)Claes Allertsen Paradijs in 1655 (2)Matthias Hitfield/Hatfield in 1664 Isaack Melyn, bapt.21 Nov 1638; died before 22 July 1646 Jacob Melyn, bapt.17 April 1640; died 13 Dec. 1706; m.Hannah Hubbard in 1662 These first 8 children were baptized in the Nieuwe Kerk, Amsterdam. Susanna Melyn, bapt.14 June 1643; died between 1687 and 1693; m. 25 Aug. 1664 John Winans Magdalen Melyn, bapt.03 March 1645. Isaac Melyn, bapt.22 July 1646; died 18 May 1693; m. (1)Dorothea Samson (2)1679 Temperance Loveridge Susanna, Magdalen and Isaac were baptized in the New York Dutch Reformed Church. Notes Cornelia and Jacob Schellinger lived on Staten Island with or near Cornelis Melyn. Jacob was taken into captivity by the Indians on the occasion of the Staten Island massacre of Sept. 1655. He escaped from his confinement in New Netherland and fled to New Haven, where Cornelis Melyn was living. In 1668 and 1669 he was one of a company at Southampton, L.I. associated for the purpose of whaling along the coast. Cornelia Melyn Schellinger died at East Hampton, L.I. Mariken/Maria Melyn came to New Netherlands in 1641 with her parents on the ship Den Eyckenboom "The Oak Tree". Her first husband Claes allertsen Paradys from Zutphen was killed in the Indian Massacre on Staten Islan in Sept 1655. Maria went to New Haven with her parents and the other members of the family in 1655/56 and there married Matthias Hitfield. It was a double wedding on 25 Aug. 1664, her sister Susanna Melyn married John Winans at the same time. Jacob Melyn came to New Netherland with his parents in "The Oak Tree" in 1641. After the Indian massacre in Sept. 1655 in which he "was much wounded,but recovered, not without great difficulty", went to New Haven with his parents and took the formal Oath of Fidelity to the English in 1657. Jacob and his brother Isaac accompanied their father to Holland, sailing from New England in 1658, and returned to New Netherland on De Liefde "The Love" arriving 05 March 1660. Jacob Melyn and his brothers-in-law Matthias Hatfield, Humphrey Spinning and John Winans were among those residents of New Haven who were the original "Associates who founded Elizabeth Town, New Jersey. Jacob purchased land in New York City in 1674. About 1700 he bought property in Boston. Susanna Melyn's husband John Winans was a weaver. After the death of Susannah, John Winans married about 1693 to Ann Robertson. Website http//www.abelink.com/personal/kathiel/ Website Description Brief paragraphs about me, my dau, and her 2 children; a listing of surnames I am researching.
[27] From ... Date Mon, 16 Oct 2000 235448 EDT Subject Melyn, Schellinx, Hatfield, etc. To ..., info2_at_ghat.com, ... ... Increasingly, Cornelius Melyn (1600-1674) and his wife Jannetje seem to be emerging as ubiquitous figures on several branches of my family tree. I seem to be descended from their daughter Cornelia through at least two different lineages and also from their daughter Mariken at least once-- but I'm fairly certain I'm descended through several additional lines, especially via Cornelia, but I can't find these suspected links right now. Clearly the East Hampton (NY) area and its Elizabeth (NJ) offshoot were rather inbred in olden days, and I'm descended in multiple ways from several other early settlers of those places, including twice from John McGhie (AFNP241-VV), 1659-1735, of Scotland + NJ-- and also via at least FOUR lines from Elizabeth cofounder John Ogden (AFN9CS9-4G), 1609-1682, and via apparently another TWO lines from his sister Mrs. Robert Bond. The following database printout involves an area that is not really central to the family research that my brother Bill and I have been working on & off (mostly the latter) since the 1960s. Maybe Cheska might want to add some of our info to her (his?) website at some future time, but FIRST I would want one or more Melyn researchers to check it over for errors and major omissions. ...John (in Chicago) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ First Generation 1. Cornelius MELYN #8952 b. 1600, Antwerp, Belgium, bapt. 09 17 1600, AFNG54M-M4, m. 04 22 1627, in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Jannetje Andriaens Van MYERT #8953, b. CIR 1604, NLD, AFNNVJ1-WW, d. 1663, New Haven Co., CT. He died 1674, New Haven Co., CT. Cornelius Melyn (or Cornelis Melijn) became one of the Dutch patroons of Staten Island, NY, and later moved to CT. Jannetje old Amsterdam records list her under her Dutch patronymic surname Andraiens or Adryiaens-- "child of Andrew (or Adrian?)." Children (among others) + 2. i Cornelia MELYN #8949 b. 02 27 1628. + 3. ii Meriken MELYN #9593 b. 1637 Second Generation 2. Cornelia MELYN #8949 b. 02 27 1628, Netherlands, AFGVT2-L7, m. 04 07 1653, in East Hampton, Suffolk, NY, Jacob SCHELLINX #8948, b. 10 16 1625, Amsterdam, NLD (son of Daniel SCHELLINX and Costantia Van RIJSSEN), AFNNVHS-TM, d. 06 17 1693, East Hampton, Suffolk, NY. Cornelia died 02 25 1717, East Hampton, Suffolk, NY. Children (among others) + 4. i Catherine SCHELLINX b. 04 19 1656. + 5. ii Abraham SCHELLINX b. 02 11 1659. 3. Meriken MELYN #9593 b. 1637, Netherlands, m. 1655, NY (1) Claes PARADIJS #9612, d. 1655, m. NJ m. (2) 08 26 1664, (2) Matthias HATFIELD #9592. Matthias settled at Staten Island, NY, under Patroon Cornelius Melyn and later married Cornelius' daughters Maria "Meriken" Melyn in or near Elizabeth, NJ. Matthias house built 1673 at Elizabeth, NJ, remained in the Hatfield family until 1880. Children by Matthias HATFIELD + 6. i Cornelius HATFIELD b. 1665. 7. ii Isaac HATFIELD b. CIR 1667, d. 1709. 8. iii Mary HATFIELD b. 1668, NJ, d. young. + 9. iv Abraham HATFIELD b. 06 08 1670. 10. v Rachel HATFIELD bapt. 10 03 1674. + 11. vi Mary HATFIELD b. CIR 1674. 12. vii Elizabeth HATFIELD b. 1675, NJ, m. Maxmilian LaLOUR. Elizabeth died [not 1725] 12 17 1742, bur. #1863, First Pres. Cem., Elizabeth, NJ. Third Generation 4. Catherine SCHELLINX #2136 b. 04 19 1656, New York, New York, NY, AFNSVQ1-5V, m. CIR 1678, in East Hampton, Suffolk, NY, Nathaniel BAKER #2135, b. 12 22 1655, East Hampton, Suffolk, NY, (son of Thomas BAKER and Alice DAYTON) AFNSVQK-R6, d. 02 27 1738, Amagansett, Suffolk, NY. Catherine died 05 14 1722, Suffolk Co., NY, bur. Amagansett, Suffolk, NY. Some records list Catherine as Catalyntje Schellinger. Children 13. i Mary BAKER #753 b. 11 21 1688, Suffolk Co., NY?, AFNSVPT-J0, m. 05 12 1709, in Elizabeth, Union, NJ, Timothy WOODRUFF Sr. #752, b. 1683, Elizabeth, Union, NJ, (son of John WOODRUFF and Sarah COOPER) AFNSVPS-TD, d. 11 15 1766, Elizabeth, Union, NJ, bur. #1942, First Pres. Cem., Elizabeth, NJ. Mary died CIR 1725, Elizabeth, Union, NJ. Timothy The extant house at 111 Conant St., Hillside, NJ, is believed to have been built circa 1735 as the farm home of Timothy Sr. Now located here is the Museum of the Hillside Historical Society, which purchased the house in 1978 from T. Winslow Woodruff. 5. Abraham SCHELLINX #2240 b. 02 11 1659, New York, New York, NY, AFNNVHT-30, m. 11 15 1688, in East Hampton, Suffolk, NY, Joanna HEDGES #2241, b. 1658, East Hampton, Suffolk, NY, (daughter of Isaac HEDGES and Joanna BARNES) AFNBJ89-W5, d. 11 01 1708, East Hampton, Suffolk, NY. Abraham died 01 12 1712, Amagansett, Suffolk, NY. Children 14. i Joanna SCHELLINX #757 b. 12 07 1689, East Hampton, Suffolk, NY, AFNNVHT-DJ, m. 09 10 1707, in Elizabeth, Union, NJ, Samuel OGDEN #756, b. 1678, Elizabeth, Union, NJ, (son of Jonathan OGDEN Sr. and Rebecca WOOD) AFN1XNF-4H, d. 02 10 1713, Elizabeth, Union, NJ, bur. FPCE?. Joanna died 09 13 1775. Joanna is also listed in the LDS/AF records as Hannah Schellinger AFN1XNF-5N. 6. Cornelius HATFIELD #9594 b. 1665, m. (1) Abigail *UNKNOWN? #9614, m. (2) Sarah *UNKNOWN #9599. Cornelius died 05 22 1718, bur. #1865, First Pres. Church [NOT St. Johns Episcopal] , Elizabeth, NJ. In 1690 he bought land at Elizabeth from Col. Richard Townley, adjoining property of his brother Isaac Hatfield. Children by Sarah *UNKNOWN 15. i Anna HATFIELD b. CIR 1694, m. Joseph LUDLUM, b. 1675? 16. ii Sarah HATFIELD b. CIR 1701, AFNNQ72-JX, m. 1724 John Peter SALNAVE, b. 1701, AFNNQ72-HR, d. 08 12 1743, bur. #62, St. John's Epis. Church, Elizabeth, NJ. Sarah died CIR 1764. 17. iii Rachel HATFIELD b. CIR 1703, m. George BADGLEY? [neither seem to be buried at FPCE]. 18. iv Mary HATFIELD b. 1703, m. Cornelius BADGLEY? 19. v Elizabeth HATFIELD b. CIR 1704, m. Aaron MILLER #9609. 20. vi Cornelius HATFIELD b. 1709, m. Abigail PRICE (daughter of Benjamin Price) b. CIR 1710, d. 04 27 1781, bur. #1455. He died 03 20 1795, bur. #1456, FPCE. 21. vii Joanna HATFIELD b. 11 00 1714, Elizabeth, Union, NJ, d. 04 13 1723, bur. #1865, FPCE. 9. Abraham HATFIELD #2248 b. 06 08 1670, New York, NY, NY, AFNC111-7V, m. CIR 1695, Phebe MARSH? #2249. Abraham died 07 17 1706, Trenton, Mercer, NJ. He was a cordwainer and also ran a tannery with his brother Cornelius. Wheeler's 1907 Ogden genealogy does not seem to list a possible "Phebe Ogden" for the above time period. Children 22. i Matthias HATFIELD #758 b. CIR 1698, New Jersey, AFNNQ71-PN, m. CIR 1720, Hannah MILLER #759, b. CIR 1699, (daughter of Samuel MILLER and Elizabeth RIGGS) AFNT9J0-QW, d. 06 13 1783, bur. #148, FPCE. Matthias died 12 10 1779, Elizabeth, Union, NJ, bur. #149, FPCE. Some sources say Isaac #9595 was the father of Matthias, b. CIR 1698. 11. Mary HATFIELD #9142 b. CIR 1674, m. Richard MILLER. Mary died 12 17 1742. Children 23. i Benjamin MILLER b. CIR 1717, AFN1J8M-LW8, m. Miss *UNKNOWN.
[26]indexed From "Bev Julian" To info2_at_ghat.com Subject Re More Hatfields Date Sun, 24 Sep 2000 155532 GMT ... Just received the 1st volume of the History of Giles Co., VA and have made a Snidow connection. It is one of those round about ones - John David McComas and his wife, Catherine Burke have children married into the Hatfield family. Catherine's brother, Thomas and his wife, Clara Frazier, have children married into the Snidow family. They also have children married to Williams who were siblings of Adam L. Hatfield's wife. Not the one we're looking for, but the more I read the more I believe Christiana had to have been a Snidow. Have you ever come across a reference to her as a Snowden? Here is something from the DAR Patriot Index Hatfield, Aaron b. 9-27-1739; d. 4-?-1797 m Phebe Terrill lLt NJ Abner bca. 1747; d. 8-17-1784 m Mary Boudinot Pvt NJ Daniel b. 10-13-1752; d 8-17-1830 m Mary Griffin Pvt NJ Elias b. 3-11-1760; d. 5-19-1839 m Ann Lindsey Pvt NJ John b. 5-5-1745; d. 8-4-1813 m 1)Sarah Patton 2)Nancy Berryhill 3)Elizabeth Cochran Pvt PA John bp. 1746; da. 3-29-1824 m Mar Magdalena George Pvt PA Joseph b. 6-19-1756; d.12-29-1815 m Anna Rannels Pvt NJ Joseph bc. 1735-40; d 8-29-1832 m 1)? 2)Rachael Smith Pvt Sct Spy VA Joshua b. 8-6-1746; d. 8-8-1820 m 1)Sarah Oakley 2)Hannah Oakley 3)Martha Loder Capt NY Morris b. 4-12-1757; d. 9-?-1820 m Abigail Clark Pvt NJ Moses b. 1750; d. 10-16-1809 m Hannah DeMoney Pvt NJ Nathan b. 3-17-1752; d. 5-9-1821 m Margaret Schrack Pvt PA Stephen b. 1759; d. 5-19-1824 m Elizabeth Freeborn Pvt Drm NJ Zopher b. 1760; d. 8-28-1837 m Mary Pvt NJ Pennsylvania Births - Philadelphia County 1644 - 1765 Hatfield George ca Aug 1740 George and Mary Mary 27Feb1745 George and Mary Thomas 18Nov1744 George and Mary Pennsylvania Births - Montgomery County 1682 -1800 Hatfield Henrich 5Mar1777 John and Maria Abstract of Gallia Co., Chancery Records 1835 -1852 (I believe this is OH) Nancy Calhoon vs. Calvary Hatfield CH.3 579-582. Mar. 20, 1852. Sec. 29-7-16 Which is Huntington Twp. Dower. Nancy is now wife of George Calhoon. She first married Calvary M. Hatfield. Then of Lawrence Co., Sept 1, 1840. He die Sept. 1843 in Gallia Co., Son, Calvary hatfiel, is a minor. Granted. Guess I got carried away. More later. Bev
[25] indexed From "Bev Julian" To info2_at_ghat.com Subject More Hatfields Date Thu, 21 Sep 2000 221047 GMT Jerry Here's another one. Bev Rensselaer Reed Hatfield b. Apr. 15, 1833 IN; d. Apr. 13, 1903 Wichita, Sedgwick Co., KS married May 28, 1854 Eliza Ann Coultas b. Mar 3, 1833 OH; d Nov 10, 1913 Wichita, Sedgwick Co., KS. Rensselaer's parents were Samuel (maybe) Hatfield and Lucy Reed. Eliza's parents were Samuel Coultas and Nancy Ann Hawkins. The children of Rensselaer and Eliza Ann Hatfield were 1)Rodolph b. Oct 6, 1854 London, Madison Co., OH 2)Oliver b. ca 1856/57 OH 3)Grace b. 1861 Lincoln, Logan Co., IL married J.T. Pottorf 4)Grant A. b. Sept 3, 1863 Lincoln, Logan Co., IL married Mattie R. Bradshaw 5)Estelle b. 1866 Lincoln, Logan Co., IL married ? Willis 6)Harry b. 1869 Lincoln, Logan Co., IL 7) Alfred b. 1871 Lincoln, Logan Co., IL 8)Lawrence b. 1874 Lincoln, Logan Co., IL; d. DEc. 17, 1881 Sedgwick Co., KS 9)Clarence Claude b. June 3, 1876 Lincoln, Logan Co., IL; d. Dec. 9, 1964 married June 5, 1896 Pearl E. Wood.
[24] From: "Bev Julian" To: info2_at_ghat.com Subject: Hatfields Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2000 00:10:15 GMT Thomas M. Hatfield b. Jan 1, 1851 Vernon, MO d. Apr. 6, 1929 married (looks like) June, 14, 187? Sarah F. Chaney b. Nov 4, 1851 MO; d. Nov 4, 1919 CO. Thomas's father is Joseph N. Hatfield. Children of Thomas M. and Sarah F. Chaney Hatfield: 1) Ada Belle May 4, 1872; d. Feb 23, 1913 KS married George Sutley. 2)Effie May b. Aug 3, 1878; d. Nov 15, 1950 KS married Calvin Wright 3)William A. b. July 20, 1881; d. May 18, 1955 married Georgia Ireland 4)Alfred S. b. Nov 29, 1883; d 1951 OR married Esther McClain 5)Albert J. b. Nov 29, 1883; d. Feb 19, 1950 married Emma Auerbach 6)Jennie M. b. Mar 9, 1885; d Sept 3, 1962 KS married Jesse Fulton 7)Fred L. b. Jul 2, 1890; d. Oct 16, 1956 married Anna Uretta Bogue 8)Minnie L b. May 18, 1895; d. 1908
[23] From: "Terry and Linda Hatfield" To: Subject: Pennsylvannia Hatfield line Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2000 17:23:39 -0500 Here are some additions for The Pennsylvania Hatfield line beginning with Charles William Hatfield b. 1798, son of John Hatfield and Hannah Sarah Wilt. Descendants of Charles William Hatfield 1 Charles William Hatfield 1798 - 1847 b: 1798 in Warren Co., Kentucky d: January 20, 1847 in Macon Co., Missouri Sex: Male .. +Sarah S. "Sally" Dale 1800 - 1842 b: 1800 in Kentucky d: June 5, 1842 in Missouri Sex: Female ...... 2 Kitty Ann "Caty Hatfield 1821 - b: 1821 in Kentucky Sex: Female .......... +Allen Fletcher Sex: Male m: August 17, 1837 in Macon Co., Missouri .............. 3 Charles M. Fletcher Sex: Male .............. 3 Sarah Fletcher Sex: Female .............. 3 John Fletcher Sex: Male .............. 3 Enoch Fletcher Sex: Male .................. +(First Name?) Schutchfield Sex: Female .............. 3 Martha Fletcher Sex: Female .............. 3 Rachel Fletcher Sex: Female .............. 3 Mariah Fletcher Sex: Female ...... 2 Arrena Ann "Irene" Hatfield 1822 - 1903 b: 1822 d: December 5, 1903 in Richland Twp., Macon Co., Missouri Sex: Female .......... +William Gross 1822 - 1906 b: January 12, 1822 in Randolph County, Missouri d: August 11, 1906 in LaPlata, Macon Co., Missouri Sex: Male m: June 19, 1841 in Macon Co., Missouri .............. 3 Sarah K. Gross Sex: Female .............. 3 Abraham Gross Sex: Male .............. 3 Charles Martin Gross Sex: Male .............. 3 John Walker Gross Sex: Male .............. 3 Thomas Gross Sex: Male .............. 3 Isaac T Gross Sex: Male ...... 2 Margaret Jane Hatfield 1824 - b: 1824 Sex: Female .......... +Mort Murray Sex: Male .............. 3 Charles D. Murray Sex: Male .............. 3 Mary Jane Murray Sex: Female .............. 3 Daniel Murray Sex: Male .............. 3 John W. Murray Sex: Male .............. 3 Eke Murray Sex: Male .............. 3 Sarah Murray Sex: Female ...... 2 Thomas H. Hatfield 1825 - b: 1825 in Missouri Sex: Male .......... +Nancy (Shane) Shain 1830 - 1908 b: March 28, 1830 d: 1908 Sex: Female m: January 3, 1847 in Macon Co., Missouri .............. 3 Sarah C. Hatfield 1847 - 1847 b: September 20, 1847 d: November 20, 1847 Sex: Female .............. 3 John Hatfield 1848 - 1849 b: December 23, 1848 d: January 15, 1849 Sex: Male .............. 3 Nancy E. Hatfield 1850 - b: Abt. 1850 Sex: Female .............. 3 James W. Hatfield 1854 - 1854 b: January 16, 1854 d: February 18, 1854 Sex: Male ...... 2 Elizabeth E. "Eliza" Hatfield 1827 - b: 1827 Sex: Female .......... +John Shain Sex: Male m: December 28, 1848 in Macon Co., Missouri .............. 3 William Shain Sex: Male .............. 3 Norma Shain Sex: Female .............. 3 Irene Shain Sex: Female .............. 3 Nann Shain Sex: Female ...... 2 John Jackson Hatfield 1829 - 1907 b: March 16, 1829 in Howard Co., Missouri d: October 22, 1907 in Roberts Creek, Douglas Co., Oregon Sex: Male .......... +Jemima Skaggs 1832 - 1865 b: 1832 in Kentucky d: June 20, 1865 in Healdsburg, Sonoma Co., California Sex: Female m: October 24, 1849 in Macon Co., Missouri .............. 3 Sarah M. Hatfield 1850 - b: August 7, 1850 in Missouri Sex: Female .................. +George W. Mills Sex: Male m: October 4, 1866 ...................... 4 Nettie Mills Sex: Female .......................... +(First Name?) Cody Sex: Male ...................... 4 Fred Mills Sex: Female ...................... 4 Burt Mills Sex: Male .............. 3 Charles William Hatfield 1853 - 1938 b: September 24, 1853 in Howard Co., Missouri d: April 29, 1938 in Oregon Sex: Male .................. +Lydia J. Hughes 1860 - 1891 b: December 21, 1860 in California d: July 22, 1891 in Melrose, Oregon Sex: Female m: November 9, 1879 in Douglas Co., Oregon ...................... 4 Sadie Hatfield Sex: Female .......................... +Albert Newby Sex: Male .............................. 5 Paul Newby Sex: Male .............................. 5 Albert Newby, Jr. Sex: Female ...................... 4 Charles Dolan Hatfield 1887 - b: July 25, 1887 in California Sex: Male .......................... +Dovie E. Odom Sex: Female m: January 23, 1919 [information removed for privacy reasons] .............. *2nd Wife of Charles William Hatfield: .................. +Minnie J. Tooley Sex: Female m: Aft. August 1891 ...................... 4 William James Hatfield 1893 - b: February 18, 1893 Sex: Male ...................... 4 Bertha Mae Hatfield 1897 - b: April 17, 1897 in Oregon Sex: Female ...................... 4 Flora Violet Hatfield 1902 - b: July 22, 1902 Sex: Female .............. 3 Elijah Edward Hatfield 1857 - 1943 b: March 18, 1857 in Macon Co., Missouri d: October 12, 1943 in Roseburg, Oregon Sex: Male .................. +Mar;y Leticia McKean 1858 - 1932 b: May 1858 in Roberts Creek, Oregon d: July 13, 1932 in Roseburg, Oregon Sex: Female m: October 26, 1879 in Roberts Creek, Oregon ...................... 4 Robert James Hatfield 1881 - b: July 1881 Sex: Male ...................... 4 Harry F. Hatfield 1883 - b: May 1883 Sex: Male ...................... 4 Bessie A. Hatfield 1885 - b: September 1, 1885 Sex: Female ...................... 4 John Edward Hatfield 1894 - b: July 25, 1894 Sex: Male ...................... 4 Dale W. Hatfield 1903 - b: 1903 Sex: Male .............. 3 Thomas Wadsworth Hatfield 1858 - 1941 b: December 11, 1858 in Macon Co., Missouri d: March 21, 1941 in South Deer Creek, Roseburg, Oregon Sex: Male .................. +Rachael Iona Pearce 1860 - 1892 b: May 26, 1860 in Deer Creek, Oregon d: February 27, 1892 in Healdsburg, Sonoma Co., California Sex: Female m: November 9, 1879 in Roseburg, Oregon ...................... 4 Nettie Estilla Hatfield 1880 - 1884 b: October 7, 1880 d: June 5, 1884 in South Deer Creek, Oregon Sex: Female ...................... 4 Colley Edmund Hatfield 1882 - 1883 b: August 26, 1882 d: November 4, 1883 in South Deer Creek, Oregon Sex: Male ...................... 4 Clyde Ellis Hatfield 1884 - 1963 b: December 17, 1884 in South Deer Creek, Oregon d: April 26, 1963 in Salem, Oregon Sex: Male ...................... 4 Roy Virgil Hatfield 1887 - 1974 b: August 9, 1887 in South Deer Creek, Oregon d: March 10, 1974 in Roseburg, Oregon Sex: Male .............. *2nd Wife of Thomas Wadsworth Hatfield: .................. +Minnie Lander Sex: Female m: Aft. March 1892 ...... *2nd Wife of John Jackson Hatfield: .......... +Marietta Hogland 1856 - 1924 b: May 5, 1856 in Pennsylvania d: March 9, 1924 Sex: Female m: October 24, 1868 in Healdsburg, Sonoma Co., California .............. 3 Fredrick Gardner Hatfield 1869 - 1935 b: July 11, 1869 in Healdsburg, Sonoma Co., California d: January 12, 1935 in Roberts Creek, Oregon Sex: Male .............. 3 Lillian Rebecca Hatfield 1872 - 1896 b: July 27, 1872 in Roseburg, Oregon d: June 15, 1896 Sex: Female .............. 3 Irene Etta Hatfield 1873 - 1884 b: May 11, 1873 d: July 9, 1884 Sex: Female .............. 3 Mary Mirriam Hatfield 1875 - 1917 b: July 27, 1875 in Roseburg, Oregon d: April 1917 Sex: Female .............. 3 John C. Hatfield 1878 - 1884 b: June 8, 1878 d: July 4, 1884 Sex: Male .............. 3 Alexander B. Hatfield 1885 - 1955 b: May 15, 1885 in Roseburg, Oregon d: January 7, 1955 Sex: Male ...... 2 William Abraham Hatfield 1830 - 1886 b: 1830 d: Bef. February 18, 1886 Sex: Male .......... +Sarah Frances Gross 1834 - 1886 b: 1834 in Missouri d: February 18, 1886 in Macon Co., Missouri Sex: Female m: September 17, 1851 in Macon Co., Missouri .............. 3 Cynthia (Synthia) Elizabeth Hatfield 1853 - 1938 b: January 16, 1853 in Macon Co., Missouri d: January 13, 1938 Sex: Female .................. +Asher Moxley 1829 - 1899 b: April 18, 1829 d: July 26, 1899 in Missouri Sex: Male m: February 16, 1898 .............. *2nd Husband of Cynthia (Synthia) Elizabeth Hatfield: .................. +Carmen Sex: Male m: Aft. 1899 .............. 3 Minnie Hatfield Sex: Female .................. +M. (Bill) Bealmer Sex: Male .............. 3 Margaret (Maggie) Hatfield Sex: Female .................. +John M. Griffin Sex: Male ...................... 4 Daloma Griffin Sex: Female ...................... 4 Carl Griffin Sex: Male ...................... 4 Charles Griffin Sex: Male .............. 3 Charles Isaac Hatfield 1855 - 1924 b: December 18, 1855 in Missouri d: June 8, 1924 in Kirksville, Adair Co., Missouri Sex: Male .................. +Cynthia Ann Fraker 1855 - 1935 b: November 25, 1855 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin d: August 1, 1935 in Atlanta, Macon Co., Missouri Sex: Female m: January 28, 1875 in Macon Co., Missouri ...................... 4 Nannie Mae Hatfield 1879 - 1963 b: May 13, 1879 in Independence Twp., Macon Co., Missouri d: Abt. 1963 in Macon, Macon Co, Missouri Sex: Female .......................... +Alma Nash Sex: Male m: February 24, 1897 .............................. 5 Herman Nash Sex: Male .............................. 5 Holland C. Nash 1902 - 1982 b: December 27, 1902 d: June 1982 Sex: Male ...................... 4 Lettie L. Hatfield 1881 - 1958 b: August 17, 1881 in Macon Co, Missouri d: September 13, 1958 in Macon Co, Missouri Sex: Female .......................... +James William Mathis 1877 - 1949 b: March 17, 1877 d: February 25, 1949 in Macon Co, Missouri Sex: Male m: September 18, 1901 .............................. 5 Orva Fern Mathis 1902 - 1971 b: December 22, 1902 in Atlanta, Macon Co., Missouri d: December 22, 1971 in Macon, Macon Co, Missouri Sex: Female .............................. 5 Famis Earnest Mathis 1908 - 1969 b: August 28, 1908 in Macon Co, Missouri d: November 21, 1969 in Rockford, Illinois Sex: Male .............................. 5 Anna Mae Mathis 1911 - 1994 b: June 30, 1911 in La Plata, Macon Co., Missouri d: December 23, 1994 in Macon, Macon Co, Missouri Sex: Female .............................. 5 Clarence Otto Mathis 1914 - 1984 b: December 11, 1914 in La Plata, Macon Co., Missouri d: May 18, 1984 in Dubuque, Iowa Sex: Male .............................. 5 William Junior Mathis 1921 - 1997 b: May 1, 1921 in Macon Co, Missouri d: March 18, 1997 in Kirksville, Adair Co., Missouri Sex: Male ...................... 4 Dea Hatfield Sex: Female .......................... +Finland Bealmer Sex: Male .............................. 5 Stanford Bealmer Sex: Male ...................... 4 Dora Stella Hatfield 1886 - 1973 b: March 6, 1886 in Macon, Macon Co, Missouri d: November 1973 in Kirksville, Adair Co., Missouri Sex: Female .......................... +Harvey Thurman 1877 - 1973 b: June 2, 1877 in Macon Co, Missouri d: January 21, 1973 in Atlanta, Macon Co., Missouri Sex: Male m: April 26, 1906 in Callao, Macon Co., Missouri .............................. 5 Adrian Thurman 1909 - b: August 10, 1909 Sex: Male ...................... 4 William (Willie) Hatfield 1889 - 1902 b: January 17, 1889 d: January 31, 1902 Sex: Male ...................... 4 Edward Hatfield 1891 - 1974 b: November 6, 1891 in Macon Co, Missouri d: January 1974 in Marceline, Missouri Sex: Male .......................... +(First Name?) Gintner Sex: Female .............................. 5 Charles Hatfield Sex: Female ...................... *2nd Wife of Edward Hatfield: .......................... +Verda Veal Sex: Female ...................... 4 Marie Hatfield Sex: Female .......................... +B. F. Mclvor Sex: Male .............................. 5 Robert Mclvor Sex: Male .............................. 5 Hugh Mclvor Sex: Male ...................... 4 Heridan (Herland) G. Hatfield 1898 - b: Abt. 1898 Sex: Male .......................... +(First Name?) Perkins Sex: Female ...................... *2nd Wife of Heridan (Herland) G. Hatfield: .......................... +Leveran C. Rightmier Sex: Female .............. 3 Jemina Hatfield 1858 - b: 1858 Sex: Female .............. 3 William Henry Hatfield 1862 - 1925 b: March 25, 1862 in Missouri d: February 9, 1925 in Atlanta, Macon Co., Missouri Sex: Male .................. +Cassander L. West 1858 - 1937 b: 1858 in Adair Co, Missouri d: December 31, 1937 in Atlanta, Macon Co., Missouri Sex: Female m: May 23, 1880 in Home of Brides Parents, Independence Township, Macon Co, Missouri ...................... 4 Lon Earl Hatfield 1889 - b: July 25, 1889 in Elmar, Missouri Sex: Male .......................... +Ethel 1892 - 1993 b: January 9, 1892 d: September 7, 1993 in Bellville, Texas Sex: Female ...................... *2nd Wife of Lon Earl Hatfield: .......................... +Eula Clara Atterberry 1887 - b: August 25, 1887 in Atlanta, Missouri Sex: Female .............................. 5 William Gale Hatfield 1911 - 1979 b: January 13, 1911 in Atlanta, Macon County, Missouri d: July 29, 1979 in Halstead, Harvey County, Kansas Sex: Male .................................. +Doris Ellen Terrell 1915 - 1967 b: January 6, 1915 in Everton, Dade Co., Missouri d: December 31, 1967 in Altamont, Labette Co., Kansas Sex: Female [information removed for privacy reasons] ...................... 4 William Orbert Hatfield 1881 - 1921 b: May 27, 1881 d: September 18, 1921 in Atlanta, Macon Co., Missouri Sex: Male ...................... 4 Dessie Hatfield Sex: Male ...................... 4 Emma Hatfield Sex: Female .......................... +Wallace Elsea Sex: Male ...................... 4 Ann D. Hatfield Sex: Female .......................... +Ernest D. Landree 1882 - b: December 29, 1882 in Lyda Township, Macon Co., Missouri Sex: Male ...................... *2nd Husband of Ann D. Hatfield: .......................... +First Name?) Crawford Sex: Male ...... 2 Malon Hatfield 1834 - 1913 b: September 6, 1834 in Macon Co, Missouri d: January 14, 1913 Sex: Male .......... +Sarah E. Cook Sex: Female m: February 27, 1854 in Macon Co., Missouri .............. 3 Robert E. Lee Hatfield 1865 - 1944 b: March 10, 1865 d: January 7, 1944 Sex: Male .............. 3 Frank Hatfield Sex: Female .............. 3 Grannison Hatfield Sex: Female ...... *2nd Wife of Malon Hatfield: .......... +Sarah L. Epperson Sex: Female m: 1872 .............. 3 Charles Hatfield Sex: Male .............. 3 Clara Hatfield Sex: Female ...... 2 Charles William Hatfield, Jr. 1836 - 1913 b: October 9, 1836 in Missouri d: April 10, 1913 Sex: Male .......... +Sarah Six 1829 - 1912 b: July 25, 1829 d: March 29, 1912 Sex: Female m: May 20, 1855 in Macon Co., Missouri .............. 3 Rena Hatfield Sex: Female .............. 3 Fannie Hatfield Sex: Female .............. 3 John Hatfield Sex: Male .............. 3 Lou Hatfield Sex: Male .............. 3 Kit Hatfield Sex: Male .............. 3 Jefferson Davis Hatfield 1861 - 1942 b: September 24, 1861 d: June 5, 1942 Sex: Male
[22] From: "Bev Julian" To: info2_at_ghat.com Subject: Hatfields Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2000 17:33:54 GMT Jerry, Here is another one. This information came from Donald G. Hatfield of Auburn, AL dated 1986 Bev George Hatfield, Jr. (son of George Hatfield and a Mohawk Indian)b. c1770 VA or NJ; d. c1817 Butler Co., OH married 4/10/1799 Hamilton Co., OH to Rachel Bell b. c1785 PA or NJ; d. 9/17/1860 Union Twp. Park Co., IN. Buried a Blake Graveyard. Rachel married #2 David Broadbury. Children: 1) John Martin Hatfield b.12/4/1800 Hamilton Co., OH; d. 12/9/1857 Benton Twp, Taylor Co., IA married Phebe Coddington b. 1806 OH; d. 1883 Taylor Co., IA 2)Jacob Hatfield b. c1803 Hamilton Co., OH; d. Wayne Co., IA? married Nancy Kesster b. c1805; d. Wayne Co., IA 3)Abel Hatfield b. c 1804 Butler Co., OH; d. 3/8/1894 Nodaway Co., MO? married Rebecca Summers b. 1818 OH; d. 1899 Collum, Livingston Co., IL 4)Mary Hatfield b. 1807 Butler Co., OH; d. 1875 Adams Twp, Parke Co., IN married 11/27/1829 Samuel Culver b. 1798 NJ; d. 1873 Parke Co., IN 5)Sarah Hatfield b. c1810 Butler co., OH married 8/13/1841 Dan Coddington 6)Elishu Hatfield b. c1812 Butler Co., OH; d. Nodaway Co., MO? married Janette b.1811 NY; d. Mar 1881 Hopkins Twp, Nodaway Co., MO 7)Nancy Hatfield b. 9/20/1813 Butler Co., OH; d. Union Twp, Parke Co., IN married 1832 William Norman b. 1809; d. 6/7/1866 Blake Graveyard, Parke Co., IN 8)George W. Hatfield b. 5/20/1814 Butler Co., OH; d. 11/4/1906 Adams Twp, Parke Co., IN married 4/2/1840 Nancy Glass b. 11/19/1817 OH; d. 2/18/1895 Adams Twp, Parke Co., IN 9)Elizabeth Hatfield b. c 1816 Butler Co., OH; married Jonathan Carmichael b. c1811 Orange Co., IN; d. Feb. 1844 Union Twp, Parke Co., IN. 2nd after 1844 James Straughan. Children of Jacob Hatfield and Nancy Kesster: 1)Rachel Hatfield b. 9/21/1827 IN; 4/21/1906 Topeka, KS married 1/20/1853 David Coddington b. 9/27/1826 OH; d. 10/17/1910 KS 2)Abel Hatfield b. 1831 IN married 2/27/1868 Rachel Kinworthy b. 1829 3)Clairissa Hatfield b. c1837 IN married 8/31/1855 James D. Coddington b. 1834 OH 4)Thomas W. Hatfield b. 1/5/1833 Parke Co., IN; d. 7/31/1886 Wayne Co., IA married 5/6/1860 Maryann Bomgardner b. 9/24/1842; d. 12/10/1920 5)George Hatfield b. 1838 IN 6) William Hatfield b. 1841 IN 7)Sarah E. Hatfield b. 1843 IA married 1/19/1865 John C. Bomgardner 8)Jacob Hatfield b. 7/9/1847 Henry Co., IA; d. bef 1911 married 2/13/1873 Martha Elbina Petit b. 2/9/1849 Morgan Co., OK; d. 10/7/1931 OR 9) Another person here, but I can't make it out. Children of Abel Hatfield and Rebecca Summers (Somers) 1)John D. Hatfield b. 7/4/1834 Parke Co., IN married 4/26/1866 Nellie M. Shepherd b. 2/12/1849 Warwick, MA; d. 5/9/1895 NE 2)Sarah J. Hatfield b. 1836 Parke Co., IN; 3)Phoebe Ann Hatfield b. 2/20/1840 Parke Co., IN; d. 1914 MO married 6/7/1855 Richard Marion Terrell b. 3/15/1831 Orange Co., VA; d. 1910 MO 4)Jesse S. Hatfield b. Aug 1841 Parke Co., IN; d. 11/26/1902 Collum, Livingston Co., IL married 1872 Sarah J. Cart b. 8/19/1851 Elkhart Co., IN; d. 5/22/1931 5)Margaret E. Hatfield b. 1846 Parke Co., IN; 6)George H. Hatfield b. 1849 Peoria Co., IL?; d. 1/9/1873 IL 7)Mary Hatfield b. 1852 Peoria Co., IL?; d. married 1869 John Cook b. 1845 OH 8)Jennette Hatfield b. 1855 Peoria Co., IL? 9)Harrison Hatfield b. 8/1/1860 Marshall Co., IL Children of Jesse S. Hatfield and Sarah J. Cart 1)George H. Hatfield b. 9/12/1875 Ford Co., IL; d. 4/20/1961 Peck, MI married 9/11/1901 Minnie C. Haag b. 9/18/1877 Cullom, IL; d. 8/29/1961 Peck, MI 2)Edward W. Hatfield b. Dec. 1878 Cullom, IL; d. Cullom, IL never married
[21] From "Ted and Bev julian" To "Jerry Hatfield" Subject Re Hatfield Date Tue, 12 Sep 2000 171014 -0700 Here's another one. Henry Hatfield b. ca 1751 Eng d. 16May1821 Marton Parish, Lincolnshire, Eng m. 25Oct1786 Gate Burton Par., Lincolnshire, Eng. Sarah Norwood, daughter of Edward & Elizabeth Booker Norwood. Sarah chr. 14Jun1762 Gate Burton Par. Lincolnshire, Eng.; d. 22Feb1832 Marton Parish, Lincolnshire, Eng. Children 1) Elizabeth Ann chr. 19Jun1787 Gate Burton Par. d. 2Feb1869 Marion Co., OH m. Matthew Fields 2)Henry chr. 9Mar1789 Gate Burton Par. d. 23Aug1849 Claridon Tws., Marion Co., OH m. 22Nov1807 Ann Liniker b. Aug 1788 Eng d. 28Jan1847 Claridon Tws., Marion Co., OH 3)Edward chr. 18Sep1790 Marton Par. d. 22Nov 1790 Marton Par. 4)Edward chr. 18Feb1792 5)William chr 2Oct1793 Marton Parish. d. 25Dec1874 Normany/Spital, Lincolnshire, Eng m. 24Feb1820 Ann Goulding Normany/Spital 6)Mary chr 7Apr1796 Marton Parish 7)John chr. 31Mar1801 Maton Parish 8)Christopher chr 21Aug1803 Gate Burton, Lincolnshire, Eng d. 17Apr1876 South Kelsey, Lincolnshire, Eng m. 7Jun1827 Glentha, Lincolnshire, Eng - Elizabeth Rawding 9)Thomas chr 27Oct1806 Marton Parish d. 30Jun1811 Marton Parish Children of Henry Hatfield and Ann Liniker 1) William chr. 19Mar1809 Marton Parish, Eng d. 15Nov1859 Marshall Co., IN m. 15Nov1832 Marion Co., IN - Mary Tharp 2)Edward b. 11Sept1810 chr. 13Sept1810 South Kelsey Par. Lincolnshire, Eng d. 28Jun 1879 Winamac, Pulaski Co., IN m. Lynis 3)Sarah chr16Aug1812 Gainsborough Par., Lincolnshire, Eng m. John Welborn - 27May1830 Marion Co., OH 4)Mary Ann b. 22Mar1816 Eng chr. 17Apr1816 Gainsborough Par., Lincolnshire, Eng. d. 29Jul1884 Pulaski Co., IN m. 20Aug1835 Marion Co., OH - Solomon Lidgard 5)John chr 8Feb1818 Welton/Lincoln, Lincolnshire, Eng d. 14Dec1862 Palestine, Kosciusko Co., IN m. 2Feb1842 Marion Co., OH - Mariah Winters 6)Henry chr14Nov1819 Welton/Lincoln, Lincolnshire, Eng d. 12May1848 Marion Co., OH 7)Thomas b. Marion Co., OH m. Henrietta Jones - 1Sept1842 Marion Co., OH 8)Betsey b. Marion Co., OH m. John Leeper - 26Jan1843 Marion Co., OH 9)Christoper b. 15Nov1823 Marion Co., OH d. 20Jul1857 Kosciusko Co., IN m. 17Aug1854 Koscuisko Co., IN - Sylvina Harland 10)James b. 1827 Marion Co., OH m. 22Dec1852 Hardin Co., OH - Anne Dysart b. 11Mar1830 OH d. 4Aug1913 North Judson, Starke Co., IN buried - Thornhope, Pulaski Co., IN Children of James and Anne Dysart Hatfield 1)Alonzo H b. Pulaski Co., IN d. 11Nov1952 Peru, Miami Co., IN m. 10Feb1878 White Co., IN - 1st Harriet Alice Clouse b. 1858 White Co., IN d. 8Mar1892 Logansport, Cass Co., IN Father - Ruben Clouse Mother - Mary 2nd Martha Mary Crawford b. 12Dec1858 Jay Co., IN d. 22Apr1928 Peru, Miami Co., IN Father - James L. Crawford Mother - Clarissa 2)Christopher b. 15Feb1859 Pulaski Co., IN d. 3Nov1927 Monroe, Adams Co., IN 3)Clara T b. 1860 IN 4)Hellena b. 1862 IN 5)Melissa b. 1864 IN 6)Charley b. 1866 IN 7)Solomon b. 1868 IN d. 20Jun1929 Pulaski Co., IN m. 23Aug1915 Pulaski Co., IN - Melinda Bucks 8)William Henry b. 27Aug1872 IN d. 8Apr1953 Winamac, Pulaski Co., IN 9)Elizabeth b. 1873 IN m. 30Apr1898 Pulaski Co., IN - Peter O;Neal 10)Truman b. Jan 1875 IN m. 1May1909 Pulaski Co., IN - Martha L Mund 11)James b. Sept1876 IN d. 14Aug1913 m. Minnie Koske 12)Peter Albert b. Oct 1881 IN d. 1969 Warsaw, Kosciusko Co., IN m. 20Jan1907 Pulaski Co., IN - Cora Della Rude Children of Alonzo and Harriet Clouse Hatfield 1)William A b. 1879 White Co., IN 2)Rosamond Pearl b. 20Apr1884 White Co., IN d. 1Dec1960 Wabash Co., IN m. 15Sept1900 Wabash, Wabash Co., IN - James Franklin Thompson Children of Alonzo and Martha Crawford Hatfield 1)Ralph James b. 22Mar1896 Redkey, Jay Co., IN d. 12Nov1966Muncie, Delaware Co., IN m. 28Apr1916 Logansport, Cass Co., IN - Helen Louise Stine
[20] From "Ted and Bev julian" To "Jerry Hatfield" Subject Re Hatfield Date Tue, 12 Sep 2000 153331 -0700 Jerry, I don't believe I sent you this one. Hatfield, Joseph b. ca 1740 d. 8-29-1832 M. 1st - Elizabeth Smith 2nd - Rachel Smith b. 1753 d. 5-19-1855 Joseph had a son, but I'm not sure which mother is his. Eli/Ely/Ail Hatfield m. Elizabeth Young b. ca 1785 d. 1850 Eli and Elizabeth's son William Riley Hatfield b. 14June1824 TN d. 16Feb1894 TN m. 1Mar1849 KY Elizabeth Burch b. 1831 KY d. 1909 OK Wm and Elizabeth's son Harmon Lafayette Hatfield b. 7Jan1863 TN d. 25Apr1953 OK m. 1886 TN Telitha Eliz. Blevins b. 10Jul1869 d. 31Aug1943 OK Harmon and Telitha's daughter Telitha Leeann Hatfield b. 5Mar1888TN d. 20Apr1972 m. 15Dec1904 James Patrick Luna b. 1Jan1883 d. 19Feb.1957 The oldest date on this was Aug 4, 1986 from a Wyldoyne Counts [address removed]
[19] From "Ted and Bev julian" To "Jerry Hatfield" Subject Re Hatfield Date Sun, 10 Sep 2000 154540 -0700 Jerry - I am going through a bunch of old family group sheets. Thought I check them against what you have. This is the first of the lot. I found a connection with the George Hatfield Family History section Samuel Jefferson Hatfield b. 15 Apr. 1850 Mercer, MO; d. 6 Jul 1913 married 12 Nov 1882 to Hannah Hatfield b. 10 Aug 1863 Grundy, MO; d. 22 Apr 1933 Reedsport, Douglas, OR, buried West Lawn Cem. Lane, OR. Hannah's parents were Joseph Hatfield and Mary (Polly) Heather. Joseph's father was Rueben Hatfield. (This is in your files)(I couldn't find anything for Samuel) Children 1) Ernest Hatfield b. 26Aug1883 Vernon, MO; d. 22Jan1911 Vernon, MO married Anna Sutton Jackson 12Nov1907 2) Lula Bell Hatfield b. 16Sept1885 Vernon, MO; d 3Aug1886 Vernon, MO 3) Stella Inez Hatfield b. 18Jun1887 Vernon, MO; d. 10Jul 1888 Vernon, MO 4) Henry Marcellis Hatfield b. 13Apr1889 Vernon, MO; d. 14Jul1956 Eugene, Lane, OR; buried 18Jul 1956 West Lawn Cem. married 16Jan1913 Bessie Alford 5) Bartley Windward Hatfield b. 7Jul1891 Grundy, MO; d. 29Jan1965 Springfield, Lane, OR; buried 1Feb1965 Myrtle Creek, Douglas, OR married 2Dec1912 Cora May England 6) Minnie Laura Hatfield b. 13Feb1893; d. 8Dec1967 Canyonville, Douglas, OR; buried 100FCem, Douglas, OR married Adolph Trankle 28Apr1925 7) Claude William Hatfield b. 8Jul1895 Douglas, MO; d. 21Aug1948 Eugene, Lane, OR; buried West Lawn Cem. Lane, OR married Mable 8) Corda Ethel Hatfield b. 14Nov1897 Douglas, MO; d. 14Feb1919 Eugene, Lane, OR; buried Pioneer Cem, Lane, OR married Austin Brines 28Aug1914 9) Addie Leola Hatfield b. 29Mar1900 Douglas, MO; d. 21Aug1985 Eugene, Lane, OR; buried West Lawn Cem, Lane, OR married Everett Alford 14Apr1917 10) Frankie Raymond Hatfield b. 7Mar1902 Indian Territory; d. 8Feb1903 More to come later. Bev
[18]indexed From "Ted and Bev julian" To "Jerry Hatfield" Subject Re Hatfield Date Sat, 9 Sep 2000 180655 -0700 Jerry, Just starting a new folder of stuff. This one is on Hatfields. The 1955 Year Book of the Pennsylvania Society Sons of the American Revolution - 1956 Page 297 - Jacob Hatfield b. 1788 d. 1874 married 1812 to Elanor Skeen, daughter of Samuel Skeen and Jerminah Newberry. Jacob and Elanor had a daughter, Rachel Hatfield b. 1814 d. 1902 married 1834 to Charles William Kuhnle. They had a daughter, Mary Anna Kuhnle b. 1837 d. 1904 married John Albert Boger Page359 - John Hatfield (Pvt. Lancaster Co. PA. Mil.) b. 5-5-1745 d. 8-4-1813 married 10-9-1794 Nancy Berryhill, daughter of Andrew Berryhill and Eleanor. John and Nancy had a daughter, Eleanor Maria Hatfield b. 1-31-1797 d. 1-18-1865 married 1818 Henry Maize Page 360 - Stephen hatfield (Pvt. N.J. Line) b. 1759 d. 5-19-1824 married 7-23-1796 Elizabeth Freeborn b. 4-3-1781 d. 7-19-1861. Daughter, Sceney Hatfield b. 2-11-1824 d. 12-30-1897 married 1841 to Simon Rinehart b. 3-3-1821 d. 10-24-1885. Simon and Sceney had a son, Arthur Inghram Rinehart b. 5-13-1856 d. 6-6-1903 married 10-10-1875 to Martha Buchanan. Arthur and Martha had a daughter, Sceney Rinehart b. 3-29-1880 married 6-8-1899 to H. Morris Hatfield b. 10-28-1875. Sceney and Morris had a son, Richard Rinehart Hatfield b. 3-20-1906 Cabell Co., WV Cemeteries Love Family Cem. Hatfield Thomas E. s/o AW & D Hatfield 9 Sept 1861 - 2 Dec 1864 Hatfield Alexander W. 20 Jul 1830 - 18 Jan 1866 Hatfield Alice C d/o AW & D Hatfield 6 May 1875 12y McComas Cem Hatfield, David 24 Dec. 1942 Hatfield, Rosa L. 19 Oct 1878 - 1 May 19? Hatfield, Vernal 10 Sept 1911 - 25 Dec 192? Hatfield, Fren 17 Jul 1904 - 9 Dec 1910 Hatfield, Gladys 19 Dec 1905 - 3 Nov 1906 Hatfield, Robert E. 10 Jan 1878 - 7 Oct 1? Hatfield, H.J. 1856 - 1939 Hatfield, J.A. 1897 - 1917 Hatfield, Audrey Lucille inf 1921 That's it for now. Bev
[17]indexed From "Ted and Bev julian" To "Jerry Hatfield" Subject Re Hatfield Date Fri, 11 Aug 2000 134429 -0700 Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents (537) Samuel Jones, 50 acres in the county of Charles River, adjoining the land of William Reynolds, and lying northeast on Queen's creek. Due for transportation of one servant, Thomas Hattfield. Granted by Harvey, Aug. 15, 1637. Bev
[16]indexed From "Ted and Bev julian" To "Jerry Hatfield" Subject Re Hatfield Date Thu, 10 Aug 2000 155355 -0700 Jerry, More. Index to Marriage Record Allen Co., IN 1824-1920 Hatfield, Ada Emily - William C. Diss Sept 2, 1900 W Dec 22, 1920 51 598 Albert A. - Jennie R. Frame Oct 9, 1883 15 366 B. May - J. William Tullis Nov 3, 1883 W Oct 29, 1905 28 353 Benjamin - Melinda Valentine Aug 14, 1845 1C 156 Carrie - Crayton W. Darling Nov 16, 1895 21 428 Clarence E - Daisy Guiff Oct 25, 1886 W Jan 10, 1920 49 558 Clarence N - Ethel E. Hewitt April 8, 1897 W Nov 24, 1920 51 514 Delilah - Lewis Ayres Dec 4, 1864 5 556 Edith - Clifford Reehlin Nov 25, 1898 W Jan 3, 1918 46 402 Eliza - Jonathan Byers Jan 24, 1850 2 202 Elmer J - Winifred Deutschmann Feb 15, 1893 W Nov 20, 1911 36 487 Elmer J - Minnie Speckman Feb 15, 1894 W June 10, 1920 50 452 Emily F - John Bechtel Jan 17, 1877 12 200 Ethel M - Nicholas G. Kaough Jul 6, 1890 W Apr 5, 1910 34 111 Florence L - Ralph F Hickmand Apr 26, 1895 WSept 6, 1916 44 182 Frank J - Melvia Dennis Mar 7, 1892 W Oct 23, 1918 47 425 Fred - Bertha Meranda Feb 22, 1896 W Jan 3, 1918 46 401 Frederick E. - Daisy L Kees Feb 6, 1897 22 236 Harry - Grace Heintzelman Jul 20, 1892 W Oct 8, 1914 41 290 Hattie - Lee A Tustison Jan 26, 1900 W Dec 25, 1918 47 543 Ira W - Mamie Branstrator Jan 11, 1896 W June 5, 1915 42 187 John - Matilda Irving Jan 30, 1865 6 16 John - Emma Meeks Jul 15, 1897 22 373 John N - Susanna Ambler Dec 24, 1874 11 166 John W - Mary J Kees Oct 14, 1883 15 367 Lincoln - Mary F France Dec 31, 1882 15 157 Lincoln V - Victoria F Parnin Oct 9, 1889 18 333 Lucy - Daniel Hirtz Aug 26, 1897 22 398 Mary E - Robert Sander Nov 23 1879 13 358 Mary E - Isaah Rhodes Oct 25, 1888 18 46 Mary M - Frank Flickinger Sept 27, 1885 16 387 Mattie - John R Liscum Nov 2, 1875 11 369 Milton - Martha Jane Bush Jan 23, 1879 13 135 Minnie - Mark Eby Dec 24, 1896 22 208 Myra - George W Pomeroy Oct 17, 1886 17 66 Nancy - Jacob Notestine Dec 4, 1838 1B 112 Nora M - Charles M Somers Oct 19, 1897 22 459 Pearl - Wayne Templar Apr 3, 1902 25 155 Rachel - Israel Luther Mar 31, 1870 8 51 Ruth Ann - Henry Clay Denius May 29, 1869 7 471 Samantha - John M Newhouse Dec 27, 1860 4 559 Sarah J - Samuel Gulp Apr 13, 1879 8 56 William - Caroline A Robinson Dec 24, 1873 10 194 William H - Ruby C Foote Nov 5, 1903 26 226 That is it for now. Bev
[15]indexed From "Ted and Bev julian" To "Jerry Hatfield" Subject Re Hatfield/Pawlings Date Thu, 3 Aug 2000 200209 -0700 Jerry, Here is somemore stuff Lawrence Co., IN Marriage Licenses Sept 1818 to Aug 1824 Hatfield, William - Bersheba Lee 8-21-1822 Louder Cem. Lawrence Co., IN Hatfield, Infant d 1903, child of Hiram Rush Co., IN Marriage Book II 1826-1829 Hatfield, John - Elizabeth Cook 4/16/1826 Scott Co., IN Marriage Records 1820-1830 Hatfield, Charles - Mary Lemaster 8/24/1822 Henry Co., IN Marriage Records 1823-1834 Hatfield, Rachel - Chapman, Joseph 4/7/1832 David - Cozbi Summers 3/1/1832 Nancy - Jacob Kelly 2/5/1832 Henry Co., IN Marriage Records 1834-1838 Hatfield, Elizabeth - Berger, Darius 3/16/1837 Lucretia - Chapman, Anderson 3/31/1835 Thomas L. - Phebe Lilley 7/15/1836 Davis Co., IN Marriage Records 1830-1840 Hatfield, Battle M. - Elizabeth McDonald 9/2/1830 Vigo Co., IN Marriage Records 1818-1830 Hatfield, Susan - Henry Christy 2/9/1826 Isaac - Betsey Meek 8/13/1826 Aaron - Sarah Price 3/22/1829 Isaac - Priscilla Wallen 9/7/1832 Wells Co., IN Marriage Records 1837-1861 Hatfield, Mary - Robert Baird 5/30/1848 Margaret - John T. Glass 12/7/1846 Elizabeth - Wiley, John 1/14/1846 Have a nice weekend. Bev
[14]indexed From "Ted and Bev julian" To "Jerry Hatfield" Subject Re Hatfield Date Wed, 26 Jul 2000 142920 -0700 Jerry, Here is some Snidow information that I received. "In the Giles County VA History published in 1982, they talk about Christian Snidow, the son of John/Jacob and Elizabeth Helm Snidow who was born 15 Mar 1760 in Lancaster Co., PA. He served in the VA militia as a Col. He was also a lieutenant in Capt. John Floyd's Co., of the VA Militia commanding Snidow's Fort and assisting at Barger's and Hatfield's Forts. He married Mary Burk on 24Aug1784 in Montgomery Co., VA. He was a Justice of the Peace of Giles Co., a sheriff and a representative to the VA House of Delegates. Mary died 5-5-1825 and he died 9-17-1836. They also have Jacob Snidow's family (b.Nov 15, 1763 died prior to July 5, 1847) and Philip Snidow's family (b. about 1756 in Lancaster PA) His grandparents came as immigrants from Germany in 1729 on board the Allen. They settled in East Earn Township near Holland PA. " "Page 2 of the Giles County VA History - Andrew Hatfield and James Brumfield came to Big Stoney Creek in 1776. Most of the early settlers came from PA. Pg. 4 from the book Middle New River Settlements, Andrew Hatfield settled near the mouth of the Big Stoney Creek about 1776. In Giles Deed Bk A dated march 20, 1812, 180 acres on Big Stoney Creek granted to Andrew Hatfield, Sr. by letter patent 11.25.1782, was purchased by Christian Snidow in 1802 and sold to his son Jacob Snidow. This area is still know as the Hatfield Voting Precinct. - I don't think any of these could be the father of Christiana. Brothers maybe? 1779 - Census Essex Co., NJ H314 Hatfield, Caleb Newark TWP 017FebTX H314 Hatfield, Cornelius Neward TWP 017FebTX 1696 Census Essex Co., NY H314 Hatfield, Mathias Quit Rent 378 See you later. Bev
[13] Indexed From "Ted and Bev julian" To "Jerry Hatfield" Subject Re Hatfield Date Wed, 19 Jul 2000 131138 -0700 Jerry, I'll just keep sending what I find is informative. Bev Hancock Co., IN Marriages Hatfield, Joseph E. - Vinnie G. Ross - W - Jan. 6/1876 C-6 419 Arthur A. - Myrtle M Oldham - W - Sep. 8/1904 C-11 25 Mary E. - Oliver W. Wilson - W - Mar. 23/1901 C-10 164 Walter C. - Lizzie A Low - W - Apr. 20/1908 C-11 404 Merl - Christian M. Wyse W - Mar. 30/1899 C-09 490 Alma C. - Joseph C. Williamson W May 2/1906 C-11 218 Bessie E. - Paul P. Truitt - W - Mar. 22/1906 C-11 206 Emma E. - Wm H. Marsh - W - Mar 31/1880 C-07 175 Elizabeth A. - Chas. E. Harding W - Nov 9/1879 C-07 133 Nellie - Chas. E. Vaughn W - Nov 12/1895 C-09 167 Mary A - Joseph Barrett W - Nov 12/1853 C-03 190 Eleanor E. - John C. Hazlet W - Mar 20/1851 C-03 38 Isaac J. - Ida L. White W - Apr 15/1880 C-07 177 Jas. A. - Alice Whorton W - Feb 19/1888 C-07 167 Geo. - Julia A. McCarty W - June 16/1855 C-03 292 Theodore W - Anna Kinder W - Dec 13/1870 C-05 428 Wm. E. - Mary J. Eakin W - Mar 25/1847 C-02 232 Geo. W. - Cynthianna Barrett W - Feb 16/1847 C-02 225 John T. - Amanda Grass W - Dec 10/1874 C-06 322 Elisha M. - Nancy C. Denison ------------------- C-01 80 Elisha M. - Nancy O. Denison W - July 18/1835 C-01 81 Thos. - Elsulee Williams W - Sep 21/1844 C-02 132
[12] From "Ted and Bev julian" To "Jerry Hatfield" Subject Re Hatfield Date Tue, 11 Jul 2000 145930 -0700 Jerry, Here's some more stuff. Evergreen Cem., Lee, Oneida Co., NY Hatfield, Alice C. (Laws) b. Jul 5, 1869; d. Feb. 22, 1949 dau of John & Lucinda Law & wife of Robert C. Hatfield Robert C. b. Oct 23, 1867; d. Feb 6, 1959 son of Robert & Mary Moore Hatfield Mt. Herman Baptist Cem. Arnwell Township, Washington Co., PA Hatfield, Charles H. b. 1890 d. 1916 George B. b. 1869 d. 1910 Hiram D. b. 1862 d. 1909 Mary L. Rose b. 1862 Sarah F. b. 1840 d. 1915 William b. 1836 Amity Methodist Cem. Arnwell Township, Washington Co., PA Hatfield, Lucy J. b. 1871 d. 1969 Nathan T. b. 1864 d. 1935 Amity Presbyterian Cem., Arnwell Township, Washington Co., PA Hatfield, A. Ross b. 1900 d. 1969 Albert b. 1881 d. 1957 Bessie A. b. 1881 d. 1966 Carl b. 2 Apr 1915; d. 21 Apr 1917, Parents - Albert Hatfield and Bessie A. (Hatfield) Cephas D. 12Jan1896, d. 4Jun1965 Demas M. b 15Feb1879 d. 20Feb1963 Edwin b. 12Dec1909 d. 10Apr 1914 Elias b. 1848, d. 1929 Elmer T. b. 1871 d. Florence M. b. 1902, d. 1903 dau of Elmer T. & Oliver (Hatfield) Frank L. b. 1898 d. 1973 George Maurice b. 1914 d.1955 Hanna b. 1846 d. 1941 Parents - William Hatfield and Unity (Hatfield) Ivan b. 21Jul1907 d. 2 Feb 1908 Jacob b. No Dates Jennie b. 1864 d. 1949 John b. 1858 d. 1931 Linnie M. 30Mar1911 d. 20Mar 1914 Lucy M. b. 1904 d. 1904 Parents - Elias Hatfield and Jennie (Hatfield) Martha b. 1860 d. 1923 Nathan T. b. 30Jun1864 d. 9Sep1935 Parents - William Hatfield & Rachel Zimmerman Oliver b. 1871 d. 1940 Priscilla b. 1847 d. 1888 Susan Evalyn b. 18Apr1879 d. 26Jun1962 Unity b. 14Mar1809 d. 1Mar1884 William b. 20 Jun 1801, d. 5 Jan 1872 Amity Cem. Arnwell Township, Washington Co., PA Hatfield, James b. 13Jul1860, d. 11 Nov 1918 son of Samuel Hatfield & Sarah Miller Lance Hill Cem. Lance Hill, Spokane Co., WA Hatfield, J.C. b. 10/8/1818, d. 3/8/1923 John Earl b. 1/24/1903, d. 5/28/1903 s/w Ray L c/o John & Mattie John N. b. 1860 d. 1918 s/w Mattie E. Joseph T. b. 1873, d. 1933 s/w Nettie Nettie Falk b. 1878 d. 1933 s/w/ Joseph Mattie E. b. 1867 d. 1949 s/w John N. Ray Loyed b. 9/19/1904, d 9/25/1904 s/w John E c/o John & Mattie William D. b. 1850, d. 1925 Sabetha Cem., Nemaha Co., KS Hatfield, Addie A. b. 1858, d. 1946 Anna K. b. 1867 d. 1940 Ebbert Corwin b. 9/1/1881, d. 9/13/1961 s/o Alice & William Christopher Hatfield Pauline (Senner)b. 2/11/1883, d. 5/15/1963 d/o Louis & Marie Senner w/o Ebbert Corwin Hatfield William b. 1846 d. 1932 Benningfield Chapel Cem. LaRue Co., KY Hatfield, Lucy A b. 2Jul1869 - 28Sept1890 (Newspaper gives 29th as death date) Stanford Cem., Annsville, Oneida Co., NY Hatfield, Mary b. Dec. 30, 1828, d. Jul 5, 1909 wife of Robert Robert b. Sept 18, 1828, d. Oct 26, 1902 Middle Creek Baptist Church Cem. LaRue Co., KY Hatfield, Mary Catherine (wife of Clarence) 20Dec1852 - 11Mar1912 Bev
[11] From "Ted and Bev julian" To "Jerry Hatfield" Subject Re Hatfield/Pawlings Date Sat, 8 Jul 2000 214345 -0700 Jerry, I was reading Montgomry Co., VA Tax Lists ---A, B & C for the year 1788 and on List C is listed Mar. 14 John Birk 0-0-2 Thomas Birk 0-2-10 (Wm Birk) Humphrey Brumfield 0-0-2 Joel Certain, Sr 1-0-? (Joel Certain, Jr.) John Certain 0-0-4 Isaac Chapman 0-0-6 Andrew Hatfield 1-0-4 (John Hatfield) James Johnson 0-0-3 Jane Johnson no tithe 0-0-1 Henry Lybrook 0-0-3 Paulser Lybrook 0-0-6 Abraham Rue 0-0-4 Hezekiah Philips 0-0-7 Christian Snido 1-3-14 (Jacob Snido Philip Snido 0-1-7 As you probably know the 1st row is for males between 16 & 21, 2nd slaves and third horses. I guess that tells us where women ranked. Isaac Hatfield comes a little later living near his soon to be father-in-law Matthew French. John it looks like is living with Andrew, over 21. Now Andrew should have had two son between the ages of 16 & 21, but they aren't noted ( Andrew & Jonas). William was 21 and may have moved. He isn't on the list. But what really interested me was that living near Andrew was Christian Snido (Snidow), Jacob Snido and Philip Snido. Could there be a connection between them and Christianna. I find it hard to believe that she was a widow at 19, if her birthdate is 1740, but back then you never knew. I checked the Montgomery Co. Tax List for 1789 and found recorded on Jun 23 (Big and Little Stoney Creek, Sinking Creek, S. Johns Creek Mt.) Andrew Hatfield, Isaac Hatfield, and John Hatfield, also there is Philip Snido. The next day Jun 24 (Little Stoney Creek, Sinking Hole, Doe Run, both sides of New Run) Christian & Jacob Snido are recorded. It is possible to make a connection with just about everyone that is recorded living in the same area as Andrew. Even the Certains are probably Sartians. So it makes sense that there has to be a connection between Andrew's family and the Snido family. Do you know if anyone has done any research on Snidows mentioned in the lists? I just don't recall their name showing up all that often. Do you think they might have been in PA? Thanks for letting me ramble. Bev >
[10]indexed From "Ted and Bev julian" To "Jerry Hatfield" Subject Re Hatfield/Pawlings Date Fri, 7 Jul 2000 212038 -0700 Jerry, Here we go again. Abstracts of New Jersey Commissions - May 8, 1748 A Dedimus Potestat to John Reading, James Hude, Joseph Warrel, Cornelus Van Horne, Uzal Ogden & Matthias Hatfield to administer the Oaths or Affirmations and take Secutitys Prescribed by the Act of Assembly Pennsylvania Gene Mag. Vol. IX - Book Review - Abraham Clark, Signer of the Declaration of Independence. Complied. edited and annotated by Ann Clark Hart (Mrs. Jerome Hart), San Francisco, CA, 1923. Many are the queries that come to the librarian and genealogist concerning the family of Abraham Clark of New Jersey, one of the fifty-six patriots, who, in 1776, made the present United States possible. To them in particular, as to the public in general, will Mrs. Hart's clear cut pen sketch of the signer and his family be invaluable. The son of Judge Thomas Clark of the borough of Elizabeth, New Jersey, by his first, probably Hannah, daughter of Samuel Winans, Abraham Clark was born 15 February, 1726; died 13 September, 1794 and was buried in the Presbyterian Church at Rahway, New Jersey, where an appropriate stone recounts some of his service to his country. By his wife, Sarah, daughter of Isaac and Elizabeth Hatfield, who he married in or about 1749, he had the following children Aaron, Thomas, Abraham (died young), Hannah, Andrew, Cavalier(died young), Sarah, Elizabeth(died in girlhood), Abigail, Abraham(1767-1854). Pennsylvania Gravestone Inscription - Dauphin Cemetery, Dauphin, Duphin Co. Sixth Row, north to south - In Memory of John Hatfield who died May 5t 1832 aged 39 yrs 5 months 12th Row, south to north - In Memory of Nancy Hatfield who departed this life August 29, 1850 aged 84 years. Register of the Chapel of St. John the Baptist - Record of Marriage 1795 April 25 - Stephen Paramore to Mary Hatfeild Abstracts of Administration of Westmoreland Co., PA - James Clark, yeoman July 26, 1782 to Adam Hatfield Hope you can use some of this stuff. Bev
[9] From "Ted and Bev julian" To "Jerry Hatfield" Subject Re Hatfield/Pawlings Date Thu, 6 Jul 2000 231223 -0700 Jerry, Here's alittle more. Hope you had a good 4th. Bev Pennsylvania Gene Mag. Vol 36 pg 75 - Information wanted Seek the marriage date of Abner Hetfield/Hatfield (1739-1784) to Mary Boudinot (1741-1801), sister of the Hon. Elias Boundinot, LLD. Also need the birthday of their daughter Abigail, who married 30Sept1791 Judge William Griffith (1766-1827) Vol. 35 pg 178 Gilbert. Seeking information on two Jacob Gilberts, residents of Roxborough Township, Philadelphia Co., in 1770s. Seek descendants of Jacob Gilbert who married Susanna Wagner at St. Michael's Church, Germantown in 1753. Also, of John Gilbert, a Philadelphia druggist who died in 1877, he married Catherine Hatfield. Their children were Clara Gilbert; Samuel Gilbert; Fannie Gilbert and Ida Gilbert. Can't remember if I already sent this Elopements and Other Miscreant Deeds of Women as Advertised in "The Pennsylvania Gazette" - Penn. Gene Mag. Vol 34 pg 295 19Apr1764 - Notice is hereby given, that Eve Hatfield, deceased, had two sons and a daughter, but as her relations do not know whether they are living, or where they reside. These are to desire them, if living, to apply to Paul Mosern, in Falconer's Swamp, in New Hanover Township,(Montgomery Co.) for their share of their mother's estate.N.B. One of the sons is named George, and the other John, and the daughter Barbara Mosern.
[8] From "Ted and Bev julian" To "Jerry Hatfield" Subject Re Hatfield/Pawlings Date Sun, 2 Jul 2000 171052 -0700 Jerry, Here's somemore. John Westley Earles born 13Jun1839 in Lawrence Co., OH; died 26Nov1930 in Webb City, Jasper Co., MO married Mary Josephine (the family bible say E.) Hatfield 14Feb1871 in Hancock Co., IN. Mary was the daughter of Thomas Jefferson Hatfield and Elsellee Williams. Mary was born 5May1848 in Cleveland, IN and died 3Feb1925 in Webb City, Jasper Co., MO. Mary was the great granddaughter of Andrew Supplee Hatfield and Christianna Powell. John Westley Earles parents were William Earles and Artametta M. Brammer. Artametta's father's brothers, Henry and Edmund Brammers, both married Hatfields. Henry married Sarah "Sally" Hatfield b. 1797 and Edmund married Nancy Hatfield b. 1799. They were the daughters of William L. Hatfield and Anna Brumfield. William L's parents were Andrew Supplee Hatfield and Christianna Powell. Isn't it interesting the way families weave together. Bev
[7] From "Ted and Bev julian" To "Jerry Hatfield" Subject Re Hatfield/Pawlings Date Sun, 2 Jul 2000 124532 -0700 Jerry, Hi. I finally got all my papers sorted and now have a stack about two feet deep sitting by my computer table to be worked on. Don't worry it isn't all Hatfield. Indiana Branch of Shipman Genealogy Contributed by Mrs. Sylvan L. Mouser Samuel Shipman, Sr. was b.c. 1787, Morris Co., NJ; r Clark to Floyd Co., IN., before 1820; m. Clark Co., IN 9/11/1818, Lavina Ann (Luan) Hatfield who came to Clark Co., IN, from VA with parents 1816, b.c. 1798 . VA. d.c. 1863, New Albany, buried Fairview Cem., sister of John B. Hatfield. Children were; John L., Samuel, Jr., Mary A., William Kelber, ? daughter - maybe named Martha. John L. Shipman s. of Samuel Shipman and Lavina Ann Hatfield m. Lucinda Evelyn Graham 1/11/1850 Bev
[6] From "Ted and Bev julian" To "Jerry Hatfield" Subject Re Hatfield/Pawlings Date Sat, 1 Jul 2000 194305 -0700 Jerry, Received this in '87 from Mrs. Wm. G. Childress (Bonnie) Copied from Harriet Hatfield's Bible - Bible in the possession of Mrs. Melvin Herring, [address removed] 1st page Judsonia, Ark. Mary 188? (Harriet Hatfield and her husband Joseph J. Miesen lived here after 18870 per Bonnie) Joseph John Miesen, born 1st of March in Prushez, 1841 (Prussia, Germany) Hatty Hatfield, his wife, born June 12, 1850, OH Married the 11th of October, 187? (indecipherable -think it may have been 1870) Delbert J. Miesen, born the 24th of February, 1875 Lula Belle Miesen, born August 23, 1877 Jennie May Miesen, born May 4, 1880 Cora Elizabeth Miesen, born May 18, 1883 Elma Mary Miesen, born June 26, 1886 2nd page Henry Hatfield, born November the 29th Alden Hatfield, born November 23, 1872 (Bonnie said that these were Reddick's children by his 2nd wife - Sara Jane Sutnam 3rd page Harriet Hatfield was born June the 12th, 1850 (died in 1889) Then (Anna) Maria Hatfield was born march 21st, 1852 Jesse D. Hatfield was born May the 9th, A.D. 1854 (Bonnie said that these were Reddick's children by his 1st wife, Mary) 4th page Son Riddick Hatfield and Mary, his wife, was born May 9 A.D. 1854 B.E.D. March 27, 1855 5th page Jesse D. Hatfield, son of Redick Hatfield, and Mary his wife, was born May 9, 1854, B.E.D. March 9, 1855 Bonnie included this information Mary and Riddick or Reddick Hatfield lived in Perry, Pike Co., IL. I wrote to the postmaster there and asked him to put me in touch with someone who might have known any of that family. An 88 year old woman answered my letter. She went to the Wilson Cemetery there and copied down the following from the tombstones; Alden Hatfield 1873-1956 Ellen, his wife, 1881-1958 Henry, 29 Nov. 1877 - 31st Dec. 1911 Norris, James P. 17 Feb. 1899, 23 years Jessie Hatfield, 2 Nov 1892, 38 yrs Jesse, Jimmy & Annie - no dates Perry, Pike Co., IL - Dec 9, 1874 Hardin H. Norris married Annie Hatfield Have a Happy 4th of July. Bev
[5]indexed From "Ted and Bev julian" To "Jerry Hatfield" Subject Re Hatfield/Pawlings Date Fri, 30 Jun 2000 202710 -0700 Jerry, Been gone for a few days. Here is something else. Abstracts of Wills of Washington County, PA Thomas Addomson, Sr., of Washington Co., yeoman, dated February 2, 1790, proved February 22, 1790; wife Mary; sons, John, Thomas, James and Joseph (oldest son) plantation whereon testator now lives on Maddy Creek Settlement adjoining land of William Shepherd, Abraham Scott and John Swan, land adjoining George Hoge; Aron Burson youngest son of daughter Rachell land purchased of Jesse Dickenson being part of tract deeded from office to Jesse Dickenson and George Hoge; granddaughter Samira Crichfield; daughters, Martha Hatfield, Sarah Blacklidge, Hannah Stroud, Ann, Deborah, Mary and Hester; Nathan Burson; executors, sons John and James; witnesses, Abraham Scott, Benjamin Liming and William Shepherd. 1, p 112 Arthur Crichfield, dated October 4, 1788, proved Feb. 23, 1789; wife Charity (land on Dunkard Creek purchased of Ralph Hunt), children, Phillip (oldest son), William, John, Henry, Arthur, Abigail, Rachel and Charity; executors, wife and sons Phillip and William; witnesses, Solomon Hoge, Thomas Hatfield, jr. and William Carmichael. 1, p. 92 You may already have this Register of St. Mary's Church for the year 1739 George Hatfield, and Mary Moses July 6th Landholders of Philadelphia Co., 1734 Norriton John Hatfield 100 Acres This came from the Notes, Queries and Corrections sections of one of the volumes of the Pennsylvania Gene. Mag. I can find which one if you need it. Hatfield.---- Nathan Hatfield, born about 1770, removed from Fayette County, Pennsylvania to Belmont County, Ohio; is said to have been a soldier in the War of 1812, entering the service from Hamilton County, Ohio, March 2, 1813. He later remove to Illinois when he died, August 22, 1843. In, or about 1792, he married, first Elizabeth Betts. Their children were William, Mary, John, Elizabeth, Smith, Sarah, born Dec. 20, 1810, Nathan and Susan. He married, second, in Belmont County, Ohio, September 1, 1814, Nancy Craig and by this marriage had, Joseph Craig, James Minton, Clark Scudder, Edward Robert, David De Camp, born November 13, 1823, Deborah, Clayton Webb, Martha Jane, Eliza Ann, the latter born November 6, 1833. Besides these children Nathan is known to have had brothers, Elias, Smith and Job. The first of these Elias Hatfield, born March 11, 1760, married Ann Lindsay, born 1767 and both died in Fayette County, she in 1839 and he in 1852, according to their gravestones. Adam Hatfield of Bullskin Township, Fayette County, owner of some three hundred acres in 1780, was possibly another brother. Who were the parents of these brothers, and what is their connection, if any with the New Jersey Hatfields, descendants of Matthias Hatfield, or Hetfield, who settled at Elizabethtown in 1664/5? H.H.J., Washington D.C. That is it for today. Happy Hunting Bev
[4]indexed From "Ted and Bev julian" To "Jerry Hatfield" Subject Re Hatfield/Pawlings Date Sun, 25 Jun 2000 180717 -0700 "Hancock County, IN Tombstone Inscriptions One Hundred Years, 1833 to 1933" Also have seen almost all of these Hatfields and have pictures of Tombstones Brown Township - Hays Cemetery Hatfield, Mary J. d. 4 Jan 1888; 60y 4m 5da (daughter of Robert Eakin) William E. d. 25 Jan 1887; 63y 10m (son of Andrew F. Hatfield - another source says he died Jan 8) Green Township - Cook Cemetery Hatfield, Andrew J. d. 7 Nov 1851; 54y 8m 10da (This should read Andrew F. He was the son of Isaac Hatfield and Mary French.) Guy D. s/o Andrew J. d. 27 Sept 1846; 20y 8m 15da Mary A. d. 7 Jul 1872; 74y 11m 8da (daughter of Thomas Dennison) Gilboa Cemetery, Blue River Township Hatfield, Allen T. h/o Elbina; d. 30 Nov 1890; 67y 1m 18d Charity d/o G. M. & C. R.; d. 1866; 3m 18da (Parents were George Washington Hatfield and Cynthianna Barrett) Cintha A. d. 28 Jan 1905; 78(3)y 4m 24da (wife of Geo. W. Hatfield) Elbina Commons w/o Allen T. ; no other data Elselee w/o T. J. ; d. 26 Nov 1872; 49y 9m 17da (wife of Thomas Jefferson Hatfield; had be a Williams Elsie O. 6 Jan 1883 - 10 Jan 1886 (daughter of Joseph Everett Hatfield and Lavina Ross George W. d. 30 Aug 1889; 71y 9m 21da Hannah H. d. 4 Sep 1860; 74y 9m 9da ( wife of Thomas Hatfield and daughter of George Sample) Infant s/o J.T. & A.M.; d. 13 Oct 1875 (parents John Thomas Hatfield and Amanda Grass John Q. s/o Thos & Hannah 12 Mar 1858(78) - 12 Nov 1891 (John Quincy Hatfield was born Mar 12, 1828 according to our Family Bible) Lucian G. s/o Geo. & Cintha; d. 13 Oct 1875 (this is the same date on the infant son of JT and AM, wonder if there is a typo) T.J. h/o Elselee ; no othe data (This is Thomas Jefferson Hatfield) T.W. Co K 132 Ind Inf (This is Theodore William Hatfield s/o Thomas Jefferson and Elselee Williams) Vinton S. d. 28 May 1865; (2)39y 5m 20day (Has to be 39y, as he was born in 1825; Son of Thomas Hatfield and Hannah Sample.) William s/o G.M. & C.R. ; d.18 Aug 1866 2m 26da (William was the twin of Charity)
[3]indexed Pawlings/Hatfield in PA Posted by: Bev Julian Date: June 19, 2000 at 16:09:47: I found this interesting information on the CD for the Pennsylvania Genealogical Mag. "By deed of April, 1829, the heirs of Lewis Truckenmiller joined in conveying land bequeathed to his wife Rachel by her father, Joseph Pawling. The deed recites that, the said Rachel had deceased leaving the following children: John T. Miller, Hannah T. Grimley, William T. Miller, and Elizabeth T. Hatfield - Montgomery County Deed Book 45, p. 129." Also, there was this. "Rachel d. 11 Oct. 1828; m. 10 Oct. 1771, Lewis Truckenmiller of Skippack, Revoluntary soldier, Pennsylvania miltia, 1778; d. Oct 1826. Issue: 1. John T. Miller. 2. Hannah T. Miller, m. Solomon Grimley. 3. William T. Miller. 4. Elizabeth T. Miller, m Adam Hatfield, Captain in Fifty-first Regiment, Penna. Militia in War of 1812, who died at Philadelphia, 8 Jan. 1846, in his sixty sixth year; buried in Trappe churchyard. These latter were the parents of Dr. Nathan L. Hatfield, b. 2 Aug., 1804; d. 29 Aug., 1887, an eminent physician and president of the Philadelphia Board of Health 1846/47, and father of the late Walter Hatfield, a prominent iron master of Phila., the late Dr. Nathan Hatfield, surgeon to the Philadelphia Hospital, and of Major Henry Reed Hatfield, a member of the Board of Managers of The Genealogical Soiety of Pennsylvania." http://genforum.genealogy.com/hatfield/messages/2064.html
[2] Comment from Jerry Hatfield (22 Jun 2000): Interesting how all the children of Lewis Truckenmiller have names anglicized to Miller with a middle initial of 'T'. I suspect that the middle names are all a variation of 'Trucken' (the remainder of the last name before the change). Joe T Crone, who originally supplied me with some of the information on Elizabeth T. Miller who married Adam Hatfield named her as Elizabeth Track Miller which sort of fits with this speculation. Descendants of Lewis Truckenmiller 0 Lewis Truckenmiller d: Oct 1826 Locations: Skippack Note: Revoluntary soldier, Pennsylvania miltia, 1778 +Rachel Pawling d: 11 Oct 1828 m: 10 Oct 1771 1 Elizabeth Track Miller b: 28 Mar 1783 d: 27 Sep 1860 +Adam Hatfield b: 08 Oct 1780 d: 08 Jan 1846 - Philadelphia, PA Events: buried in Trappe churchyard Note: Captain in Fifty-first Regiment, Penna. Militia in War of 1812 2 Nathan L. Hatfield b: 02 Aug 1804 Events: physician and president of the Philadelphia Board of Health 1846/47 3 Walter Hatfield Events: iron master of Phila. 3 Nathan Hatfield Events: surgeon to the Philadelphia Hospital 3 Henry Reed Hatfield Events: member of the Board of Managers of The Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania 1 John T. Miller 1 Hannah T. Miller +Solomon Grimley 1 William T. Miller
[1] From "Carol Hatfield" To JerryHatfieldatinfo2_at_ghat.com Subject Hatfield Geneaolgy Wm, Owen, Levi, etc Lines 1700-2000 Date Fri, 12 May 2000 150754 GMT ... My Hatfield's came to America in 1730 and settled near the Welsh Baptist Tract area donated by Wm Penn to Welsh settlers in about 1690. The first place they lived was called Johnny Cake Landing and later became known as Fredricka. All had addressess in the 1800 Census such as "Cow Marsh, Black Swamp Forest, Murderkill 100" or LIttle Creek MIllspillion 100, duck Creek, etc. Wm Hatfield came to america from Haversfordwest in 1731-32 bringing with him his wife and 2 children Levi and Elizabeth born 1727 and 1730 Wales. He appears to have possibly been either a brother or father to Thomas, Samuel, John as well as their names are intricately woven together in wills and estates. Wm Hatfield 1702 Haversfordwest, Pembroke, Cardiganshire Wales md Mary relative to WM White 1705 according to christening records; Children William, Levi and Elizabeth for sure. Possibly Thomas, Samuel and John as well as the history of MTY Co 1887 OH lists Nancy d/o of Levi of Wm line as marrying John son of Thomas "a distant cousin." Thomas' and WMs are found together frequently in the trek across the NW Territory. Wm 1702 son Wm 1733 Kent Co DE md Mary d/o Richard and Elizabeth Pallemore White in about 1753. WM d Sept 1797. Will lists My sons Levi, Wm, Levin, Jonathon, Nathan, Wheatly and Owen and my daus Elizabeth, Mary and Sary. (This has led to confusion for researchers because of name duplication. There is a Wheatly Hatfield who fought in the FR IN War who would have been b 1741 if he was 18 in 1759. Also there is a proliferation of John's who are listed as next of kin's to REv War records and a James who appears to be a son of Wm and Margaret.) Wm 1733's son Owen possibly had the second name of JOhn. He married Ann Lana d/o of Robert McBride of Kent Co Murderkill 100. They had several children including Levi b 1795 DE and Nancy 1797 who married Thomas Hatfield's son John. Owen John SR Hatfield md about 1793. Levi Hatfield md Rachel d/o Jonathon Watkins about 1814 and their first son was born about 1815 and Owen D. was born about 1819. Owen D md Telinda b. 1818 Wilkes Co NC d/o Joseph and Lydia Jeffreys Jackson about 1840 Rush Co IN and they settled in Allen Co Lafayette TWP where they had SAmantha (1841)md John McCrea Newhouse, William 1842 md Laura Louisa d/o WM M Sr and Clarinda Cummings, Franklin Elmer 1844 who md Samantha Iowa Dusenberry whose mother was Christiana Newhouse Dusenberry, Mary A who md Wm Reeves, Joseph 1852 who md Nancy Garis in IA 1870, and Lydia Rachel b 1854 d. 1870 age 16 Mahaska Co Iowa. Wm Albert was the father of Ulysess MIldon and Willard Clifton Hatfield. Ulyssess "Milt" Hatfield was the father of Lester Glenn 1896, Helen Huldah 1900 and Elliott Lynn Hatfield 1905. There is a strong strain of heart problems in the males of this family line which appears to start with Telinda Jackson Hatfield's death in 1880 of Dropsy which is now called pulmonary edema. Lester Glenn Hatfield was born in 1896 and md Grace Ione d/o WM Henry and Anne Laurie Willey Sells (1900) Mahaska co Iowa. Their children were Willard Glenn 1918-1988, June Ione 1925, Wilma Mae 1927, me Carol Lee 1943, and Richard Lynn 1947--all the same parents. This matter is important to me since I have a lot of research I am sure that others could use, including extraneous detail about the Mattias line such as his participation in th4e Robinson Movement which lead to his fleeing to Holland where he met" Maria, the widow of Valentine Cox (Kochs) and the histories of the Dutch Church of New Amsterdam. He also received patents from both Peter Minuet and Peter Stuyvesant, was a ship wright, and a pillar of Elizabethtown NJ and Aaron Burr was raised in the house of I think a grand daughter Phoebe who married Robert Ogden. He was a nephew I believe to Ogden through a sister. It is very interesting. He also arrived on a sister ship to the Mayflower. would love to participate in your collection. Please email me if you are interested. I can find less on my own line than yours so I am sure others have even less.
AND FROM THE "YOU THINK YOUR RESEARCH IS TOUGH DEPARTMENT" ... Many many years ago When I was twenty three, I got married to a widow Who was pretty as could be. This widow had a grown-up daughter Who had hair of red. My father fell in love with her, And soon the two were wed. This made my dad my son-in-law And changed my very life. My daughter was my mother, For she was my father's wife. To complicate the matters worse, Although it brought me joy. I soon became the father Of a bouncing baby boy. My little baby then became A brother-in-law to dad. And so became my uncle, Though it made me very sad. For if he was my uncle, Then that also made him brother To the widow's grown-up daughter Who, of course, was my step-mother. Father's wife then had a son, Who kept them on the run. And he became my grandson, For he was my daughter's son. My wife is now my mother's mother And it makes me blue. Because, although she is my wife, She's my grandma too. If my wife is my grandmother, Then I am her grandchild. And every time I think of it, It simply drives me wild. For now I have become The strangest case you ever saw. As the husband of my grandmother, I am my own grandpa!! - Thanks to Rita Jones -

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