Ellison Hatfield (00014) Homeplace

The clearing here in the center of the pic, then, would be the Ellison Hatfield homeplace location. On the upper left you can see the clearing where the Chafin cemetery is located. You can't really see the road, but Double Camp road runs on the left side of that clearing that goes down to the bottom of the photo.
Location: 37.625194,-82.081583
Reference: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=665181166854146&set=gm.570445469699661&type=1&theater

The old Ellison Hatfield homeplace was about 8 miles from Matewan, WV along Mate Creek.

Markers are:
A: Ellison Hatfield Cemetery (N 37.63260 W 82.09115)
B: Chafin Cemetery (N 37.62586 W 82.08343)
C: Ellison Hatfield old homeplace (N 37.62477 W 82.08027)

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