William Anderson Hatfield Notes

Grayback Mountaineers: The Confederate Face of West(ern) Virginia -----  Harlan H Henkle

page 59:

5th Division, 27th Brigade—B/Gen. Alfred Beckley
The 27th Brigade consisted of seven regiments, all of which were from West(ern) Virginia except one, which contained some men from Bland County, Va.

129th Regiment (Nicholas & Logan Counties)—Col. John De Jernatt
At least six companies of the l29th Regiment, those of Captains Lorenzo Dow Chambers, George Avis, David Wilkinson, William Baisden, Thomas Buchanan, and Barnett Carter, were in service at various dates in 1861. Post war testimony states that William Anderson "Devil Anse" Hatfield was Captain of a company in this regiment and that his feud nemesis, Randolph McCoy, was a member of the same company.

page 72:

William Anderson "Devil Anse" Hatfield's Company of Logan County.
    Hatfield led a company of the 129th Militia, which became Co. G, 2nd VSL of Capt. James R. Cook. Devil Anse served as 1st Lt. in Capt. John Buchanan’s Company, which became Co. B of the 45th Battalion Virginia Infantry. He commanded the company at Saltville but left that unit to return to Logan County where he Formed a Home Guard unit that cooperated with other guerrillas in the area such as “Rebel Bill” Smith, Ezekiel Counts, “Clawhammer" Witcher and others.

page 231:

Hatfield, William Anderson "Devil Anse"—He was a member of the 129th Militia Regiment of Logan County and a 1st Lt. in Co. G[sic] of the 45th Infantry Battalion, He left that battalion in 1864 and returned to Logan County after learning that Union soldiers or sympathizers had razed his property. He formed a guerrilla company that operated in the region until the end ofthe war and became the leader of the Hatfield faction in the world famous "Hatfield-McCoy Feud”.

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