William Anderson [00001] Hatfield family photo 1897

Hatfield Clan 1897
Standing: Rosada; Detroit; Betty (dau); Elias; Tom Chafin (nephew); Joe; Ock Damron (hired hand); Shephard (son of Cap); Coleman (son of Cap); Levicy (dau of Cap); Bill Borden (store clerk)
Middle Row: Mary (with child Vici Simpkins) ; William Anderson (Devil Anse); Levicy; Nancy (wife of Cap) with child Robert; Louise (dau of Cap); Cap;
Seated on ground: Tennyson; Vicy (dau of Johnse), Willis, and Yellow Watch (their coon dog)

Standing: (1) Ock Damron; (2) Elias Hatfield; (3) Detroit Hatfield; (5) Joe Hatfield; (6) Wm Anderson (Cap) Hatfield; (7) Bill Borden
Sitting: (8) Tennyson Hatfield; (9) William Anderson (Devil Anse) Hatfield; (11) Willis Hatfield
In Doorway: (4) Rosada Hatfield ( standing); (10) Levicy Chafin Hatfield

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