Ellison "Cotton Top" Mounts [00017] Newspaper Articles

New York Times, November 3, 1888, Page 2

Rough-And-Tumble Battle.

Charleston, West Va., Nov. 2 Detectives and the West Virginia contingent of the Hatfield McCoy gang met Monday, and as a result the detectives arrested Ellison Mounts and a man named Chambers. Chambers was shot in the hand and escaped, but not until he shot one of the detectives in the area. Mounts was clubbed and frightfully beaten before subdued. He was taken to Pikeville, KY, and lodged in jail. The detective who was shot is named J. W. Napier.

Unknown Paper, Unknown date

The Hanging of Ellison Mounts, Feb 18, 1890

Otis K. Rice
The Hatfields and the McCoys

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