Ephraim Hatfield [00028] & Anne McKinney [00029] grave markers

Location: 37.581521,-82.180266

Ephraim Hatfield
Born ca. 1760 in Old Virginia
Died 13 Oct 1847 in Pike County KY

Here lies Ephraim Hatfield. Born in Old Virginia
Before the War of Independence. Eph came to Kentucky
around 1820 from Russell County VA. All Hatfields
from the Tug Valley area are descendants of Ephraim.

His Children were:
Joseph Hatfield, Valentine Hatfield, Lydia Hatfield,
Mary (Emzy) Hatfield, George Hatfield,
Jeremiah Hatfield, Ake Hatfield and Margaret Hatfield.
Annie McKinney Musick Bundy Hatfield
Born ca 1755 in North Carolina
Died 21 Jan 1859 in Pike County, KY

Here lies Annie. Wife of Ephraim Hatfield and ancestor of
many of the Hatfield, Musick, and Roman families
in Pike and Mingo Counties. She was captured and
kidnapped by the Indians in 1792. Her husband,
David Musick, was massacred by the Indians, but Annie
and her children were rescued at Haysi, VA as the
Indians were taking them to Ohio. She later married
a Mr. Bundy and then married Ephraim Hatfield. Annie
was living with her son, Jeremiah, in the house at the
bottom of this hill when she died.

Her Children were:
Abraham, Samuel, Elijah, Elexious, and Phoebe Musick,
Nancy Bundy, Mary (Emzy) Hatfield,
George, Jeremiah, Ake, and Margaret Hatfield
Location: 37.581521,-82.180266

Courtesy of Ron Blackburn, a descendant through Rev Anderson "Preacher Anse" Hatfield.

The first image is the marker on Ephraim Hatfield's grave in the Anderson Hatfield Memorial Cemetery near the mouth of Blackberry Creek in Pike County KY. Although not marked, his second wife, nee Anna McKinney is buried beside him. The marker shows a date of death of 1855 although other evidence shows it as 1847. It was placed on the location in the 1930s.

The second image is a new marker for the graves of Ephraim and Anne McKinney Hatfield in the Anderson Hatfield Memorial Cemetery near the mouth of Hatfield Fork where it joins Blackberry Creek in Pike County Kentucky. It was added to the existing marker in 2008. The old marker was left in place.

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